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Amazon Inc. SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52113253 | Mar 2018


Business Sector : Retail

Operating Geography : North America, United States, Global

About Amazon Inc. : Amazon, is an American e-commerce and cloud computing company, founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 headquartered in Seattle, Washington. It is the largest Internet-based retailer in the world by total sales and market capitalization. In 2015, Amazon surpassed Walmart as the most valuable retailer in the United States by market capitalization. Their three different operating segments include North America, International, and Web Services. Its retail operations are spread across Amazon Retail where the company procures inventory which is stored in its distribution centres, Amazon Marketplace where third party sellers list and sell their products on Amazon website for a fee, and Amazon Web Services which offer cloud computing services. Amazon's unique selling proposition or USP lies in offering a huge spectrum of diverse products under one roof and in being the world's largest online retailer. As of 2018, it employs over 350,000 people globally.

Amazon Inc. Revenue : US $177.9 billion – FY ending Dec 2017

Competitive Analysis of Amazon Inc.

The SWOT analysis for Amazon is presented below:
1. Strong Brand offering huge selection of products
2. Customer centric business initiativesEfficient Delivery Networks
3. Efficient Delivery Networks
4. Low cost model
5. Leveraging IT and e-commerce
6. Strategic acquisitions paying rich dividends
7. Enjoys first mover's advantage in Cloud services
1. Near zero margins
2. Dwindling strategic advantages in core competencies
3. Tax avoidance and mounting debt
4. Unable to effectively deal with Chinese counterfeit products
5. History of product flops
1. Own brand selling
2. Capture emerging markets
3. Rolling out its own payment gateway
4. Investing in brick and mortar stores
1. Data security and scalability
2. Competition from local players
3. Lawsuits from rivals
4. Minimal entry barriers in the online retail space
5. Laws of the land not clear on multi brand retail

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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Amazon Inc.



1. Strong Brand offering huge selection of products: Starting off with selling books and slowly dabbling into newer areas like DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs, content streaming, audiobooks, software, children's video games, electronics, kindles,merchandise, apparel, kitchenware, food, toys and jewelry and finally cloud. Amazon has established itself as a strong brand in the market over the last two decades. It enjoys top-of-the-mind recall with customers and consumers globally have hailed it as the new age retail giant. This has been accomplished via the Company's three pronged business strategy on cost leadership, differentiation, and focus.In 2017, Amazon had approximately 405 million products featured compared to just 16 million products on offer at Walmart which is a huge difference. This could be primarily achieved through a low cost structure and wooing third party sellers who are offered high customer volumes.

2. Customer centric business initiatives: Amazon’s robust and easy-to-use Customer Relationship Management has generated customer centric processes whichcollectsinformation on consumer's shopping behavior online. With the help of this data analytics, Amazon can offer individual or accessorized items or a combo package, based upon inclinationsdisplayed through purchases or items visited. Big Data Analytics is employed to mine data behaviors of different customers and offer them products based on their specific interests. This has earned Amazon customer loyalty who come time and again to Amazon for their shopping needs. According to an analysis by Amazon, 55% of the buyers are repeat customers leading to low cost of acquisition for new buyers.

Amazon prime subscription perks include free 2-day shipping on more than 100 million items, unlimited streaming of music (Prime Music) without ads, movies and television shows (Prime Video), video/content-on-demand services and cloud storage for photos.In 2015, Amazon recorded phenomenal sales to 185 countries and roped in over 3 million customers for its Prime membership. According to a research by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, the Amazon Prime subscriber base has shown a phenomenal 26% growth in 2017 and is ball parked at over 85 million subscribers which speaks volumes about its growing popularity and the customer centric focus of the retail giant.

3. Efficient Delivery Networks: There Using superior logistics and distribution systems, the Company has been able to actualize better customer fulfilment and created a deep & structured network in order to make the product available even at remote locationswhich has resulted in Amazon deriving competitive advantage over its rivals.Amazon operates a variety of fulfillment and distribution centers which include small sortable, large sortable, large non-sortable, footwear, apparel, specialty parts, returns processing, 3PL outsourced facilities and it is continuingto invest in these centers to accelerate shipping of products which can be same day or within few hours of purchase for prime members.

4. Low cost model: Due to its online sales model, Amazon saves into high investments related to running physical stores. Online platforms permit itto sell more units without any increase in marginal costs. Amazon persistently invests in both additional fulfillment centers and existing centersto minimize order fulfillment periods and associated shipping expenditure. The most important strategic tie ups are with logistics providers who control costs and on economies of scale, Amazon is able to lower the inventory replenishment time.These savings in cost and time translate to discounted prices which are enticing to the consumers.

5. Leveraging IT and e-commerce: Amazon enjoys a great competitive advantage due to its state-of-the-art IT platform and use of e-commerce where other players are still lagging behind. This model is both sustainable and easily scalable. It is in and out a technology company which builds a bridge between sellers and buyers, getting products from people who make it and taking them to the people who need it. Amazon allows people all across the globe to set up their own virtual ecommerce business on Amazon and sell their products alongside its own in house wares. Amazon's third party marketplace accounts for 40% of all units sold on Amazon, where it enjoys a healthy commission off each item sold without bearing any risk of developing these products or stocking any inventory.

6. Strategic acquisitions paying rich dividends:, the movie website, one of Amazon's first acquisitions bought in 1998 has earned rich ROI through its over 190 million subscriber base and Box Office Mojo. It acquired Audible in early 2008 which is currently the world's biggest seller of downloadable audiobooks and other spoken word content, generating about 3.5K audio programs per year.Other acquisitions like,ComiXology, Twitch,,, and etc. have proven to be extremely successful and revenue generating steps for the E commerce giant. The latest in line was the acquisition of popular supermarket chain Whole Foods for $13.7 billion which is touted to be the priciest in Amazon's history.

7. Enjoys first mover's advantage in Cloud services: AWS or Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of providing a suite of remote computing services on cloud over the internet to individuals and corporations on a paid subscription basis. AWS's market share currently stands at 34%, followed by Microsoft Azure standing at 11%. Trailing miles away are IBM with 8% market share and Google Cloud platform at 5%. Research firm Synergy estimated that cloud infrastructure services market grows at 40% year-on-year, whereas AWS grew faster than the overall market at 42% year-on-year recording $4.1 billion in revenue for period ending June 2017. With On-the-go-pricing over a-la-carte offerings where consumers can pay for only what they need, the free tier on offer, unmatched performance and deployment speeds, tight security norms and flexibility, AWS has caught on the fancy of consumers and is the popular choice for many a top companies like Kellogg's,Suncorp Bank,Vodafone,Expedia,Dow Jones,NTT Docomo,Novartis.Launched in 2002 and later relaunched in 2006, AWS enjoys first mover's advantage while its competent rivals came into the scene later than 2010.


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1. Amazon Annual Report 2016:

2. Amazon Press Releases:

The PESTLE analysis for Amazon Inc. is presented below:
1. Political red tape and tightening data regulations1. Strong GDP growth in emerging markets
1. Shift in the retail and e-commerce landscape
2. Health consciousness and changing food habits
1. Big data analytics transforming retail
1. Regulations and legal challenges against the technology sector
2. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards in the EU
1. Limited disclosure on environmental initiatives and sustainability
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Detailed PESTLE Analysis of Amazon Inc.



1. Political red tape and tightening data regulations: Political red tape and tightening regulations due to political bureaucracy and processes increase the hurdles of doing business in several markets. Technology business such as e-commerce and cloud are even more under political and regulatory scrutiny in order to protect local businesses. In a recent instance which impacted Amazon, the company had to sell off its China cloud assets amidst tightening regulations over online data. News laws around surveillance measures and increasing scrutiny of cross-border data transfers forced Amazon to exit its cloud business and sell off its stake to its local partner, Sinnet.Further also in the e-commerce space, the Chinese government has brought out laws restricting foreign players to operate without using a platform controlled by a Chinese-owned and licensed entity.Similarly in many other markets, local restrictions appear to favor domestic players making business difficult for global players such as Amazon.


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This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.


1. Regulations and legal challenges against the technology sector: Governments globally are increasingly mounting legal challenges against the technology sector. Countries are playing politics in regulatory actions.Issues against technology players are arising in areas such as antitrust legislations, data storage and privacy, labor laws, security and taxes. Several Europeans feel that the penalties the German automaker, Volkswagen had to face from the U.S. regulators wouldn’t have been so severe if the Volkswagen was an American firm. Amazon has been investigated by European Union regulators over antitrust settlement over book sales and its tax arrangements with Luxembourg. Further regulatory issues and controversies are not ruled out and these will cost the U.S. technology companies money and business.

2. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards in the EU: European Commission in 2016 approved and adopted the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will come in force in May, 2018. These regulations will majorly impact the cloud services offered by Amazon, AWS Cloud. The company will need to tweak its cloud service infrastructure to be compliant of the new regulations. The company will also need to deploy additional compliance experts, data protection specialists, and security experts to assist their customers and manage their business which will further increase costs.


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