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AMP Limited SWOT and PESTLE Analysis

ID : 5240553| Apr 2019| 15 pages


Business Sector :Banking and Financial Services

Operating Geography :Australia, New Zealand, China, Global

About AMP Limited :

AMP Limited is a financial services company located in Australia which deals in wealth management and protection, financial planning and advisory, investment management, banking, superannuation, property and allied services and solutions. It commands leading market position in the Australian wealth management market. AMP has seen a lot of international activity with respect to mergers-demergers, acquisitions, investments and dis-investments in companies across the globe. It has a diverse portfolio of products which helps in reducing the volatility of its revenue to some extent. However, recent restructuring of costs has also led to a short term hit on the bottom line of the company.

AMP Limited Revenue :

A$ $8,286 million (FY ending December 31st 2018) (y-o-y growth of -55%)

Competitive Analysis of AMP Limited

The SWOT Analysis for AMP Limited is given below:
1. Strong competitive position due to presence of diversified products and services
2. First mover advantage in the Chinese Pension Funds Market
3. Leveraging its financial advisor network to gain business in other segments and reduce costs
1. Lack of investor confidence
2. Unstable profit margins due to losses in its insurance and wealth protection business
3. Allegations of corporate and financial misconduct
1. Driving business in emerging markets
2. Scope of expansion in the Chinese markets
3. Benefitting from growing pool of superannuation and fund management assets
1. Possible reduction in market share
2. Unfavourable demographic trends and integration and restructuring losses
3. Speculations on increasing tax rates in New Zealand
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of AMP Limited



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1. Lack of investor confidence: Despite of major investment and acquisition strategies in recent past, AMP has not been able to regain investor confidence. It has not performed well in the Australian Stock Exchange with its stock price playing around 3-4 AUD in recent times. The recent news of falling valuation its landmark Brisbane apartment development has led the stock to touch historic lows in 2018. Allegation of corporate misconduct further added to dent in investor confidence. On the contrary competitors like Westpac, Commonwealth Bank of Australia etc. have performed better. It can be manifested through the outflow of funds from equity assets into lower margin cash and fixed interest investments.

2. Unstable profit margins due to losses in its insurance and wealth protection business: AMP has been performing very well in its insurance business. The insurance operations suffered mainly due to higher-than-expected insurance claims and non-renewal of policies which resulted in decline in profits in recent years. In 2016 the company clocked a loss of A$344 million. Further in FY18 AMP’s underlying profit A$680m was down A$360m (-35%) from A$1,040m in FY 17. Wealth protection business of AMP disappointed for 3 consecutive halves before showing signs of recovery. A lot of this happened also due to the cancellation of large number of policies by its customers. This has also led to uncertain performance of the company resulting in lack of confidence in investors to put their money for AMP.

3. Allegations of corporate and financial misconduct: The Australian banking royal commission’s report in April 2018 has alleged that AMP has engaged in corporate malpractices and misconduct and has repeatedly lied to the regulator. This led to the resignation of AMP’s CEO, Craig Meller and has also severely dented stakeholder confidence in the company.


This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.


This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.

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