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Beiersdorf SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52581353| Sep 2020| 15 pages


Business Sector :FMCG, Consumer Products

Operating Geography :Germany, Europe, Global

About Beiersdorf :

Beiersdorf AG is a 130-year-old German multinational company that manufactures skin care products and adhesives. The company’s headquarters is based in Hamburg, Germany. It was founded in the year 1882 by Paul C Beiersdorf, which the company bears its name. Beiersdorf has over 20,000 employees and more than 160 countries contributing to the success of the company. The 17 production sites spread across 12 countries help their products to be present in almost all the countries worldwide.
The company has a strong brand portfolio with their brands serving different consumer segments. These brands include NIVEA which is aimed at the mass market, La Prairie at selective cosmetic market and Eucerin at the dermo cosmetics segment. The company also has its presence in the field of plasters and wound care with their brands Hansaplast and Elastoplast. The brand Tesa which is also been managed since 2001 by Beiersdorf offers self-adhesive system and product solutions for industries, consumers and craft businesses.
Beiersdorf AG mission statement reads “We have four core values that guide everything we do at Beiersdorf. These are CARE,SIMPLICITY,COURAGE and TRUST – these apply to the way we run our business, the way we treat our employees and the way we want our colleagues to treat one another.
Beiersdorf AG USP or Unique selling proposition lies in its innovation for high potential skin care products, which is known for its global reputation in skin care expertise.

Beiersdorf Revenue :

€7,233 million – FY ended 31st Dec 2018 (year-on-year growth of 2.5%)
€7,056 million – FY ended 30st Dec 2017

Competitive Analysis of Beiersdorf

The SWOT analysis of Beiersdorf is presented below:
1. Strong skincare brand portfolio
2. Strong distribution and global network.
3. Importance to Research and Development.
4. Focused on long term success factors
1. Slow growth in particular markets.
2. Uneven performance in the brands.
1. Well positioned to grow in emerging markets.
2. Opportunity to increase the market share.
3. Demand for premium skincare products
4. Consumer centricity through digitalization
1. Increasing competition in skin care segment
2. Criticism and lawsuits may impact brand image
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Beiersdorf



1. Strong skincare brand portfolio: Beiersdorf AG brands are one of the most trusted and leading brands in the world. These brands target a wide range of consumer segments. The brand NIVEA is one of the most successful skin care brands in the global market. The brands like EUCERIN, AQUAPHOR, HANSAPLAST and ELASTOPLAST are recommended by dermatologist for extensive skin and wound care. Other brands like LA PRAIRIE, FLORENA, 8x4, SLEK and MAESTRO are some body care brands, which range from daily shower gels to ultimate luxury skin care, whereas the brand TESA provides self-adhesive and product solutions for industries and consumers. The strong brand portfolio can be inferred by the wide range of consumer segments targeted by the company. This helps the company to distinguish its consumers and respond quickly to the consumer requirements. The strong portfolio also helps in keeping a balance between the international and regional markets and its market leading brands such as Nivea give the company competitive advantages such as pricing power and better distribution deals.

2. Strong distribution network and global presence: Beiersdorf AG products are distributed to almost all the countries worldwide. This is closely achieved with the presence of 17 production sites spread across 12 different countries. Having such a good global presence helps in decisive competitive advantage, which will intern help in securing the brand and expand their market share on a long term. Beiersdorf have made some target investments to expand their local sites. Apart from these investments they have also improved the number of affiliates. With the rapid increase in digitalization, Beiersdorf have made some crucial partnerships with the e-commerce sector. Some of these partnerships are with the Chinese e-commerce providers and Alibaba. These partnerships help them with the online retail as a sales channel and also an important tool to gather consumer insights. The online presence helped in reaching out to more than 900 million consumers.

3. Research and Development a major success driver: Beiersdorf research and development has played a vital role in their business success. Beiersdorf invested €155 million for research and development in the year 2018. Over 850 global employees are working in R&D. In order to meet the consumer needs of specific region, laboratories are spread across Germany, Brazil, China, India, Japan, Mexico and the USA. This helps in tailoring the products closely to the specific region. Beiersdorf has over 300+ partnerships with universities, research centres and start-up companies worldwide. The company has conducted over 1740 studies worldwide with 43000 participants. Beiersdorf has over 86 patents for their innovative products. The research and development have immensely helped Beiersdorf to adapt to the changing markets. This helps in developing new products continually which meet the consumer needs.

4. Focused on long term success factors: Beiersdorf is keen on long term goals with their strong balance sheet and investors. Beiersdorf continuous investment in innovation of products will help it to grow and meet the market demands. Beiersdorf efforts to capitalize new markets and regions have always been their priority. Beiersdorf activity in India (new market) shows the potential of their long-term focus. Beiersdorf took 5 years to break even in Indian market. They have multiplied their net sales by 7 from the year 2011 to 2018. India has been one of the most successful countries in their bucket. The key to this success is due to the strategies like brand repositioning in the initial entry years. Later trying to Localize and meet the consumer needs of the region with the help of R&D. Lastly capturing the market with their truly local model.


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Major Brands :

  • Nivea
  • Elastoplast
  • Eucerin
  • Aquaphor
  • Labello
  • La Prairie
  • Florena
  • Hidrofugal
  • tesa
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