Japanese cars

Japanese automakers Honda, Toyota, Suzuki Motor and the competition faced from Korean giants- Hyundai and Kia

September 21,2019

Honda Motor Company, Is a multinational corporation known for its reliability and high-quality production of automobiles, motorcycles and power equipments. Consumers perpetual favorites are included in its vehicle line up . Its vehicles have an aver
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bmw digital Innovation lab

Major digital innovation initiatives undertaken by BMW

September 20,2019

In modern day world, technological and digital advancements are revolutionizing the automotive industry. The auto industry must keep pace with the changing times in order to meet the demands of the consumer offering an experience that is digitalized
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How has Volkswagen’s business strategy evolved post the emissions scandal?

July 08,2019

“We’ve totally screwed up,” claimed the Volkswagen America boss Michael Horn, while the group’s chief executive officer at the time, Martin Winterkorn, said the company had “broken the trust of our customers and the public”. On 18 September 2015, th
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