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British Telecom SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 5282953| Sep 2020| 19 pages

COMPANY PROFILE -British Telecom

Business Sector :Telecommunications

Operating Geography :Europe, United Kingdom, Global

About British Telecom :

British Telecom Group (BT) is a multinational telecommunications services company dealing in TV, fibre, fixed and mobile primarily in UK and across 180 countries globally. The company was established in 1969 and is headquartered in London, UK and has around 106,000 employees as of 2020. The company was born out of the General Post Office in 1981 when it became independent and became known as British Telecommunications trading as British Telecom. It was privatized in 1984, with approximately 50% of its shares sold to public. The government sold its remaining stake further in 1991 and 1993. BT features on both the London Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange and is also a part of Footsie. Both subsidiaries, 'BT Global Services' which oversees telecom services to corporate and government bodies globally and 'BT Consumer' which supplies telephone, broadband and subscription services across United Kingdom are controlled by British Telecom. BT's businesses are sternly regulated by Britain's telecom regulator Ofcom. BT is gradually diversifying into information technology and digital products which are more profitable and has lesser regulation.

British Telecom's USP (unique selling proposition) lies in its being a legacy, one of the world's oldest telecom company with a global presence. BT group's mission statement reads "Our mission revolves around a total dedication to the quality of service and experience our customers receive from us: BT Retail is a customer-centric distribution business that will grow shareholder value and deliver an excellent, continuously improving, customer experience."

British Telecom Revenue :

£22,905 million – FY ending March 2020 (y-o-y growth -2%)
£23,428 million – FY ending March 2019 (y-o-y growth -1%)
£23,723 million – FY ending March 2018

Ownership / Major shareholders :

The major shareholders of BT as of 31 March 2017 include: BlackRock with 5.50% of total voting rights, T-Mobile Holdings Limited with 12% of total voting rights and Orange SA and Orange Telecommunications Group Limited representing 4% of total voting rights.

Competitive Analysis of British Telecom


The SWOT analysis report of British Telecom presents the internal analysis and external analysis of the Company with insightful details of the current market position and future growth strategy of UK's most popular telecom player. The SWOT analysis essays the detailed business case of British Telecom with insights into its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

BT has experienced considerable headwinds in the UK public sector and international corporate markets. Openreach, BT's subsidiary was also penalized by Ofcom after an investigation revealed loopholes in expected quality standards. But at the same time BT has performed well on integrating EE, the mobile company it acquired in 2016, improving customer experience and achieving great headway with BT Sports. Its competitive advantage lays in its well established brand which consumers can easily connect to and diversified offerings which are keeping pace with advanced technology. Although BT share price has remained flat, the telecom giant has illustrated sound ability in facing the current headwinds and with a planned business strategy, BT is well on its way to become UK's digital champion

1. Healthy balance sheet with strong financials and cash flow from operations
2. Strong base in UK with large number of customers
3. Wide spectrum of product and service offerings
4. Delivering strong customer experience through great product and services
1. Largely dependent on UK markets with limited presence in the high growth Asia Pacific Region
2. Separation of Openreach from BT will result in loss of branding and increase in costs
3. Large pension deficit and accounting scandal in Italian business to hurt finances
1. Development of 5G through strategic partnerships with Nokia and Huawei
2. Exclusive broadcasting rights to European football to help BT further expand its customer base
3. Launch of new products and services capitalising on synergy from EE acquisition
1. Intense competition and decrease in profits due to cheaper competitor offerings
2. Impact of Brexit and the subsequent devaluation of the British pound to hurt profitability
3. Pressure of government regulations and licenses
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of British Telecom



1. Healthy balance sheet with strong financials and cash flow from operations: : British Telecom has a healthy balance sheet with strong financials. Its FY19-20 revenues stood at £22,905 million and its FY19-20 profit before tax stood at £2,353 million. BT also had strong operating cash flows of £6,271 million in FY 2019/20 from external customers. Given situations where many companies don’t have the cash to meet their day to day obligations, BT's business model ensures there is a strong cash flow which is indicative of the Company's ability to adequately meet its working capital obligations.

2. Strong base in UK with large number of customers: BT Group is the largest provider of consumer broadband and fixed voice telephony in the UK. They acquired the mobile operator EE in January 2016. This has landed BT 35% of the mobile consumer market share and a similar share of the UK's consumer broadband business. This has put them in a better position to meet the demands of UK’s customers. More than 560 communication providers use their network. BT's operations are spread across 3 target markets, business, consumer, and infrastructure. The consumer market, consisting of households, is catered to by providing fixed-line broadband and telephony services; the business market consists of 5.4 million businesses in the UK, and the infrastructure market includes firms building network infrastructure, data centers and mobile cell sites, where Ethernet connections and specialized services are the main areas of demand.

3. Wide spectrum of product and service offerings: BT has 6 customer facing business portfolios, Consumer, EE, Business and Public Sector, Global Services, Wholesale and Ventures, and Openreach, which will now be an independent unit but will be 100% owned by BT. They are the biggest provider of fixed line telephony and broadband services in the UK. They are also the second largest provider of Pay-TV sports channels and a leader in broadcasting technology. BT Broadband has approx. 5.83 million customers in UK (comprising North Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England). BT's offerings range from Broadband, TV, Sports, fixed –lines, mobile and bundles. BT is one of the leading networked IT service provider to global and domestic multinationals in India.

4. Delivering strong customer experience through great product and services: British Telecom has consistently emphasized on its strategy to improve and deliver every aspect of its customer experience. BT's core competency lies in its vast infrastructure offering differentiated services with customer experience at the heart of all initiatives. Initiatives undertaken by BT to improve customer service include weather proofing of its networks and registered a halt in the growth in network faults in FY16 after six consecutive years of increase. Global Services division has also helped in better monitoring of networks and IT applications. FY16 also saw BT launching BT Call Protect services free to all customers which would help to divert spam and nuisance calls to junk voicemail. The Consumer division upgraded its superfast broadband service from 38Mbps to 52Mbps to all customers where available. BT has also improved its “Right First Time” performance by 5.4% in FY2019/20 and has registered a cumulative improvement of 31.8% since FY2009/10.


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Major Competitors :

1.Vodafone 2. Sky 3. TalkTalk 4. Deutsche Telekom

Major Brands :

BT Mobile, BT Sport, EE

Key Business Segments / Diversification :

British Telecom
Fibre Television Content Mobility Voice Services
Broadband Cloud Services ICT services Network infrastructure

Recent Acquisition / Mergers / Alliance / Joint Ventures / Divestitures :

Open Table Preview
NameBusiness SegmentYearTypeObjective/Synergy Achieved
EEMobile Network Operations2015AcquisitionAcquisition of 30 million customers, revenue, costs and capital expenditure synergies
Wire One CommunicationsVideoconferencing support expertise2008AcquisitionStrengthening and enhancement of BT conferencing unit as video business unit
UfindusOnline business directory2008AcquisitionEnhanced its position in local information market in UK
Source: Company website and other reliable sources. The detailed table is available in the Complete Report.
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The British Telecom SWOT and PESTLE Analysis report will offer the following:
  • Gain competitive intelligence about British Telecom's business
  • Key competitive advantages the Company enjoys in the UK market
  • Evaluation of market growth and industry performance
  • Bargaining power of the Company in the telecom ecosystem
  • Key success factors driving growth
  • Gain a good understanding of British telecom's internal analysis which include strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify opportunities for growth
  • Identify potential threats which hinder growth prospects and performance
  • Benchmark British Telecom's performance against the telecommunication industry average
  • Gain and understanding of the micro and macro environmental factors.
  • Track key industry trends of the telecommunication industry at large and how these specific political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors impact BT
  • Get knowledge about the major acquisition and mergers and how they have profited the British Telecom brand
  • An understanding about the Company's ownership, its major shareholders
  • Gain insight into British Telecom's business horizons, product diversification, market segmentation
  • Major competitors and the threat they pose.
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