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C.H. Robinson SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52575653| Sep 2020| 15 pages


Business Sector :Transportation & Logistics

Operating Geography :North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Oceania

About C.H. Robinson :

Head Quartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, US, C.H. Robinson Worldwide was founded in 1997 and employs over 15,262 supply chain experts as of 2019. It is a 3rd party logistics company. It has 124,000 customers worldwide as of early 2019. The company provides freight transportation services and logistics services to a wide variety and size of companies. It follows a non-asset based model and has contracts with over 76,000 companies offering motor carrier, air and ocean carrier and rail road facilities for freight transportation. The tag line of the company is “We’re the original 3PL”. The operations of the company can be broadly segmented into North American Surface Transportation (“NAST”), Global Forwarding, and Robinson Fresh.
The sub brands of the company are:
1. Robinson Fresh - provides fresh produce supply chain solutions
2. TMC - provides Transportation Management Systems, like Navisphere and consulting services
3. FreightQuote - acquired by C.H. Robinson in 2015
4. FreightView -streamlines freight quoting, booking, tracking and reporting

C.H. Robinson Revenue :

US $16,631,172 (FY 2018) (11.8% YoY increase)
US $14,869,380 (FY 2017)

Competitive Analysis of C.H. Robinson

The SWOT analysis of C.H. Robinson is presented below:
1. Global Trade Tensions
2. USMCA to replace NAFTA
1. Growth in Developing Countries
2. Change in Global Value chain
3. Long Term Oil price stability
1. Diversity Inclusion
2. Consumer Behaviour
1. Advent of Unstructured Data and 5G
2. Risk of increasing cyber-attacks
1. ELD Mandate
2. Compliance with complex and Multiple sets of laws
1. Create transportation efficiencies to help reduce waste:
2. Short Shelf life of fresh produce and seasonality
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of C.H. Robinson



1. Brand Value and Early Mover advantage: A company that started in 1905, having a legacy of more than 100 years means it has seen the development of temperature controlled vehicles, the changes in laws and regulation, building of transport infrastructures and their demolition first hand and still holds its largest Truckload network in North America. Being an overall 3rd party Logistic Solution Company, it is still ranked 12th in terms of Ocean Freight movers in terms of volume and ranked #1 when it comes to non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) in Asia to US traffic. C H Robinson is one of the top players in LCL on the trans-pacific route. It has made to the Fortune World's Most Admired Companies list 9 times since 2010.
With astute knowledge in eight different service lines and multiple customer segments— and over 18 million annual shipments and $20 billion in freight under their stewardship— C.H. Robinson are peerless in experience and scale that lend great benefits to over 200,000 clients that engage in business with them on a global platform.
Even when Germany based DHL leads the list of Armstrong & Associates’ Top Global 3PLs and U.S based C.H. Robinson is trailing behind at 5th place, according to the statistics at Gartner Peer Insights statistics, both the companies stand at par. This makes the company have a strong reputation when it comes to consumer perception.

2. All in one tech driven solution: According to Flat world solutions, technology will be highly relied upon when it comes to connecting suppliers, customers and carriers. Big Data and cloud based technologies would be the source to perform analytics and detect ways to cut down costs and find new opportunities. Information exchange will be mostly facilitated through hand held devices. C.H. Robinson in 2017, launched Navisphere Vision which uses API technology to source all data from the clients, along with the data like weather, traffic in real time and it provides a graphical visual representation of all the information a client may need. Along with this it uses machine learning and AI to work on the data gathered to find out probable disruptions in the supply chain and also suggest measures to avoid them. Navisphere Carrier is an app providing this on android and Ios platforms. Transflow Express also allows uploading shipping documents using the phone camera. Navisphere Driver automatically updates the locations of freights without requiring any interference by the driver. What is important to note is this company uses multimodal ways of transport and converges and consolidates all the data required by a client over any geography over any mode into one single dashboard.
The company also has Transportation Management Service for Small & Medium Sized Business (SMBs) called Freightview which is self-service software aimed at reducing the time required to source different carrier webpages to gain insight into rates.
C.H. Robinson was allotted the position of a challenger in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant in Transportation Management Systems while it is actually a logistic company. The leaders include SAP and Oracle.

3. Multi-modal cheap offerings: The company has 225 offices in 39 countries, with over 15,262 supply chain experts, 76,000 active Contract Carriers and suppliers. With 18 million total shipments, C.H. Robinson has more than 200000 organizations connected to Navisphere and 55 million digital interactions per month. The company offers, flatbed trucks for long and short haul along with refrigerated trucks with different temperature ranges. The company offers intermodal logistics, encompassing rail, road, ocean, and air allowing the clients to choose the routes and modes. When it comes to oceans, it also provides Drayage and ware house facilities. Whether it is a Full Truck Load or less than Truck Load, Full container Load or LCL, the company offers Global freight consolidation services and even incorporates small parcel services reducing the overall price. It has also recently started its Last Mile Service enabling better reverse logistics and retail merchandising and home delivery. It also provides consulting services for trade compliance.
It provides consulting services for Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) which is a voluntary Public and Private partnership to enhance cargo security. It provides consulting for HTSUS classification and ECCN determination too.


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This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.


This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.

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