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Carter’s SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52644653| Apr 2020| 15 pages


Business Sector :Apparel, Baby Apparel

Operating Geography :United States, North America, Global

About Carter's :

Founded in 1865 by William Carter as the William Carter Company, the Carter’s Inc. was established in 2003 and continued to develop as the largest designer and marketer of baby and young children apparel in the United States and Canada. The company acquired OshKosh B'gosh, a rival company, in 2005 to increase its market presence and distribution channels to become the market leader in baby and child apparel. The company differentiates itself on ground of high-quality fabric with innovative packaging and presentation strategies. Carter’s Inc. along with OshKosh B'gosh operates via wholesale, retail stores in US and Canada and International franchise operated retail stores and online market in Mexico and outside North America. Various products like baby clothes, blankets, play clothes, sleepwear, sandals, diaper bags and many other baby and child usage items are sold under the umbrella brands of Carter’s, OshKosh B'gosh and their newly acquired Skip Hop brand via 18,000 wholesale locations worldwide which includes department stores, national chain stores, specialty stores and discount retailers.
The company clearly focuses on an integrated marketing approach with well-connected Omni-channel operating in US and Canada. As the target customers are the millennials and gradually shifting towards the post-millennials, the company primarily invests to strengthen and evolve their digital marketing and distribution program alongside formulate innovative designs in apparels to retain and attract customers all over the globe. Carter’s Inc. had over 20,000 employees on its rolls as of January, 2020.
Carter’s Inc. Mission statement is “To serve the needs of all families with young children.” Carter’s Inc. Vision statement is “To be the world’s favorite brands in young children’s apparel and related products.”

Carter's Revenue :

$ 3,519 million – FY ended 30th Dec 2019 (year-on-year increase of 2%)
$ 3,462 million – FY ended 30th Dec 2018

Competitive Analysis of Carter's

The SWOT analysis of Carter's is presented below:
1. Presence of well-connected Omni-channel in the United States
2. Growing international business in over 100 countries
3. Broad product portfolio covering major children apparel segments
4. Strategic expansion through M&A’s
5. Commanding market share in baby clothing and apparel industry
1. Product sourcing dependent on few Asian countries
2. Entirely dependent on limited wholesale customers
3. Substantial level of debts
1. Increased spending and growth in children apparel segment
2. Expansion into the Asian markets
3. More customer engagement via online channel
1. Subjugated under various law suits
2. Presence of highly competitive market
3. Impact from COVID-19 pandemic outbreak
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Carter's



1. Presence of well-connected Omni-channel in the United States: Carter’s Inc. controls its sales operation through five segments: Carter's Wholesale, Carter's Retail, OshKosh Retail, OshKosh Wholesale, and International Operation. The retail segment of Carter’s and OshKosh operates. The retail is however the major profit building center for the company as it earns above 40% of the total sales via more than 500 stores in US. The company operates nearly 18000 wholesale locations across the globe which includes department stores, national chain store and specialty stores, among which 1,109 Carter's and OshKosh stores are in North America.

2. Growing international business in over 100 countries: The recent international business segment includes sales through company and franchisee-operated retail stores, online e-Commerce sites, international wholesale accounts, and royalty income being generated from 34 international licensees of the Carter’s and OshKosh brands in 40 countries. In addition, Carter’s Inc. also operate an e-Commerce site in China, as well as it reaches out to consumers in approximately 100 countries through e-Commerce sites. International sales contributed to over 12% of Carter’s consolidated sales in 2019 and are expected to grow to 14% of sales by 2024.

3. Broad product portfolio covering major children apparel segments: Carter’s Inc. divides its Carter’s product portfolio into four basic segments as the baby-clothes, sleepwear, play clothes and other product segments. The baby clothes segment consists of bodysuits, pants, dresses, blankets, bibs, booties, sleep and play, one-piece rompers and jumpers. The products are mainly made of cotton and are sold in multiple compelling configurations. The company differentiates itself from its competitors by taking pride in their color, quality and configuration excellence. The play clothes and sleepwear division caters from new-born to 8 years old consumer segment. Carter's brand play clothes include knit and woven apparel while their brand sleepwear products include a full range of pajamas, fleece and poly-jersey. The other product segment include bedding, outerwear, swimwear, footwear, socks, diaper bags, gift sets, toys, jewelry, cribs, paper goods, and hair accessories. The OshKosh brand is best known for its play clothes products which it caters to a larger consumer segment till the age of 14. The brand’s play clothes primarily include multiple wash treated denim apparels. The Skip Hop brand is trademarked for its innovative diaper bags. It also sells various kinds of playtime and bath time home gear for kids.

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Major Competitors :

  • Nike
  • Gap
  • Cat & Jack
  • Garanimals
  • Old Navy
  • The Children's Place
  • Gerber
  • Disney

Major Brands :

  • Child of Mine
  • Simple Joys
  • Precious Firsts
  • Just One You
  • Skip Hop
  • Baby B'gosh
  • OshKosh
  • Carter’s
  • Little Collections
  • Little Planet
  • Rewarding Moments
  • Count on Carter's
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