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Casio SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52622153| Jan 2020| 15 pages


Business Sector :Consumer Electronics

Operating Geography :Japan, Asia, Global

About Casio :

Casio is a consumer electronics company which is Headquartered in Tokyo-Japan. The company has a variety of products such as electronic calculators, digital cameras, mobile phones, watches, etc. It was established in April 1964 as Kashio Seisakujo by Tadao Kashio. This 55-year-old company is showing strong sales with a Total Net sale of 314,790 Million yen in the fiscal year of 2018.
Casio is an organization that has grown due to innovation. It launched the world’s first electric compact calculator and made huge leaps in the advent of digital camera with its research and products. Casio is most commonly known for reliable electronic products and has tie-ups with several other organizations as their calculators and electronic goods such as printers and has a good client base that they have built over decades.

Casio Revenue :

Total Net Sales
298,161 Million Yen - FY ending March 2019 (y-o-y growth negative 68%)
314,790 Million Yen - FY ending March 2018

Competitive Analysis of Casio

The SWOT analysis of Casio is presented below:
1. Products driven by innovation
2. Strong technology expertise driving new businesses
3. Broad variety of products across consumer segments
4. Efficient marketing team and major sponsorships
1. Brand image stereotyped
2. Slow to launch products as per fast changing consumer needs
1. Youth centric approach in launching new products
2. Marketing and brand promotion
3. Adapting to new technology and creating new businesses
4. Expand growth in timepiece and educational scientific calculator business
1. Large Competitors in watch segment
2. Huge Competition for their most famous products
3. Fluctuations in economy can highly influence sales
4. Change in government policies on import export
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Casio



This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.


This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.


1. Youth centric approach in launching new products: Casio has newly launched a women’s line of watches through which they hope to build on their current image in the watch industry. Because of being stereotyped as only adventurous watches, Casio has a huge opportunity to add more consumers in women and youth. Young people prefer more features and modern designs, their preference would most likely be along the lines of stylishness along with sturdiness. Fasttrack completely changed the youth centric watches game with its style but Casio can attack this audience from technology by introducing smart watches in line with other mobile companies. It also has a line of mobile phones that are currently available only in Japan, this area is also something that can be explored to be made worldwide. They can also use this technical expertise to build laptops or tablets like Sony and Toshiba. The advent of high quality compact digital cameras by Casio if well-advertised can be a huge asset. With the right direction, Casio has ample opportunities to stay on top.

2. Marketing and brand promotion: Casio has a great marketing team that mostly focuses on watches and cameras. When we open the Casio online website, the initial page has only watch options instead of showing the users all websites. While watches are clearly the most famous product, Casio has a great variety of goods in other products such as printers, digital calculators, electronic musical instruments, projectors, scanners, etc. which also have a huge market especially in offices. When marketed directly to offices, these products can be sold in bulk and make huge sales. While they have used extensive campaigns for watches, Casio can use the same kind of extensive marketing for its other products. They could do a trial run for office products for a period of 6 months to 1 year and try to bring in more organizations where supplies can be sold in bulk. Hence, with the right marketing these technically strong electronics could bring in as much sales as watches and cameras.

3. Adapting to new technology and creating new businesses: Casio has always been known for its innovation. It was the first organization to introduce time zones in its watches, before they had to set the time difference manually for other watch brands. However, in recent times it has not entered the smart phones or watches market aggressively. It has a smart phone brand in Japan; however, it is limited only to that geographic location. Making it world wide would bring in a lot more revenue as the smart phone market will only multiply. Another market with untapped potential is the video games market. Casio was the pioneer in video gaming and designing consoles. But they have not had any technical advancements in the recent time. Casio’s competitor Sony has launched he play station series which only has one competitor in Xbox. Casio already has the required technical expertise in this area so it could use this opportunity to grow in the field of video gaming as well. Creating new business by coming up with new technology after anticipating the prospective needs of customers has been an important fact associated with Casio. Following the global trends throws light on the potential needs that could arise over time. Casio has tapped into this and developed its business by providing new experience for users and creating new markets in the process.

4. Expand growth in timepiece and educational scientific calculator business: The significance of scientific calculator in educational institutions is a well-known fact. Casio has utilized its technical prowess in this area and uses a business model that partners with local influencers and incorporates feedback. At this time when education is transforming from paper to digital, they develop e-education business in regards to Tests and Textbooks.


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Key Business Segments / Diversification :

Timepieces Language Education Educational Scientific Calculator
Musical Instruments DPJ and VI Business Unit
Systems Equipment
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