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Clariant Chemicals SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52416053| Jan 2020| 18 pages

COMPANY PROFILE -Clariant Chemicals

Business Sector :Manufacturing (Speciality Chemical)

Operating Geography :Switzerland, Europe, Global

About Clariant Chemicals :

Clariant Chemicals is a Switzerland based company which specializes in chemical manufacturing. The business units are divided into four segments namely, Care Chemicals, Natural Resources, Catalysis and Plastics, and Coatings. The primary focus of the company is addressing the key areas like energy efficiency, renewable raw materials, emission-free mobility and conserving finite resources. The Clariant Group, headquartered in Muttenz, Switzerland, is widespread across the world with operations in 52 countries. The company has its presence in North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle-East and Africa as well as in Latin America. The Care chemicals mainly deal with industrial and consumer specialties like automotive fluids, the catalysts deal with products like custom catalysts, Natural resources deal with functional minerals, Oil, and mining services while the Plastics and coatings deal with products like additives and pigments. The company has an employee strength of 18135 as of beginning 2018.
Clariant Chemical’s USP or unique selling proposition lies in being a legacy brand in the production of care chemicals (consumer and industrial), catalysis, natural resources (oil & mining, minerals) and plastics & coatings. Clariant has a focused vision and mission - “Clariant aspires to be the globally leading company for specialty chemicals, and to stand out through above-average value creation for all stakeholders. To bring this vision to fruition, Clariant builds and maintains leading positions in its businesses and has adopted functional excellence as part of its corporate culture. Clariant’s mission is to create value by appreciating the needs of: “customers – by providing competitive and innovative solutions employees – by adhering to corporate values shareholders – by achieving above-average returns the environment – by acting sustainably”.

Clariant Chemicals Revenue :

6377 million CHF – FY ending 31st Dec 2017 (y-o-y growth 9%)
5847 million CHF – FY ending 31st Dec 2016

Competitive Analysis of Clariant Chemicals

The SWOT analysis for Clariant Chemicals is presented below:
1. Strong Financial Performance and Growth Strategy
2. Strong global presence
3. Strong brand value
4. Strong innovation and creativity platform
5. Strong R&D capability
1. Failed Mergers
2. Opposition from activist investors
1.Growing demand for pigments and paint industry
2. Expanding to new markets
3. Evolving Catalyst industry
1.Highly Volatile economic environment
2. Intense competition
3. Exchange rate and currency fluctuations
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Clariant Chemicals


1. Strong Financial Performance and Strategy: Clariant has been a consistent performer in terms of revenue with operating income in FY 2016 being 5,847 million CHF and growing to 6377 million CHF in FY 2017. The reported growth over 2016 is 9%. The company experienced the best growth in North America and Middle East & Africa of about 16%. In Asia, the growth was around 13%. Sales in Europe were seen to have grown by 8%. The Catalysts and Care Chemicals experienced growth of about 19% and 9% respectively. The sales in Natural Resources and Plastics & Coatings increased by 18% and 5%. The company follows a growth strategy which is focussed on Innovation and Sustainability. The primary Strategy is in line with three strategic implementations namely comprehensive restructuring, clariant excellence, and profitable growth.

2. Strong global presence: Clariant has developed its global presence over the years. Clariant has been expanding its global footprint by engaging in strategic acquisitions and partnerships. The company has diversified its presence across strong markets like United States, Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific. The company is diversified to 156 companies in 52 countries. The sales in North America was recorded at 1241 million CHF, in Asia 1632 million CHF, in Europe 2194 million CHF, in the Middle East 480 million CHF while in Latin America it was 630 million CHF. Recently the company has also shown interest to expand its market in China by opening up a catalyst office. The company has also opened up its new plastic plant in Maine.

3. Strong brand Value: Clariant overall global presence and reputation across various countries has led to its brand development over the years. The brand ranked 46 in “Switzerland 50”- The most valuable Swiss brands of 2017. Clariant is also a major player when it comes to color, additive concentrate and innovative performance solutions for plastics. The company is well recognized in major countries like India, North America, in European countries. The main strength of the company lie along the lines of performance, growth, and innovation. The company further invests to strengthen its brand portfolio across the world through innovative new product offerings. For example, recently Clariant launched a new brand Eqius for humidity control.

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Key Business Segments / Diversification :

Clariant Chemicals
Care chemicals (consumer and industrial) Catalysis Natural resources (oil & mining and minerals)
Plastics & Coatings
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