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Dassault Aviation SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52622953| Jan 2020| 15 pages

COMPANY PROFILE -Dassault Aviation

Business Sector :Aerospace and Defence

Operating Geography :France, Europe, Global

About Dassault Aviation :

Dassault Aviation, an aircraft manufacturing company based in France, produces military, regional and business jets. It was established in 1928 by Marcel Bloch as Societe des Avions Marcel Bloch or “MB”. With more than 100 prototypes in last 100 years, the company has delivered more than 10,000 aircraft to 90 countries.
The Company is known for its design, manufacture and sale of combat aircrafts and executive jets. It has Falcon family, Mirage 2000, Rafale and Neuron aircrafts under its portfolio. Dassaut Aviation offers a range of services which includes technical support, maintenance and repair of airframe equipment and parts. Dassault aviation’s subsidiaries are located in Europe and Northern America, including DFJ-Liitle rock, Sogitec Industries, DFJ Wilmington Corp.,DFJ Teterboro, Dassault Falcon Service - Le Bourget, Aero-Precision Repair & Overhaul Co., Inc, Dassault Procurement Services Inc., Dassault Aircraft Services and Midway Aircraft Instruments Company.
Dassault aviation’s vision statement reads “"Higher together": every day, this desire is becoming more of a reality”. Dassault Aviation’s USP or unique selling point lies in being a key player in the Frencha nf global aerospace industry having dual expertise in the manufacture of military and business jets.

Dassault Aviation Revenue :

Adjusted net sales:
EUR 5,084 million – FY ending 31st Dec 2018
EUR 4,876 million – FY ending 31st Dec 2017

Competitive Analysis of Dassault Aviation

The SWOT analysis for Dassault Aviation is presented below:
1. Dual expertise in civil and military aircrafts and robust business line-up from both sections
2. Centre of the aviation industry ecosystem
3. Invests heavily in talent development
4. Exemplary stability of corporate management
5. Customer Support: Anytime, Anywhere
6. Robust Falcon support network
1. High percentage of ageing workforce
2. Tarnished brand image due to involvement in large scale scams and tax evasions
1. Growth in Business Jet Market
2. Expanding the aircraft portfolio
3. Rising adoption of new technologies and venturing into the Space industry, artificial intelligence for tomorrow’s air systems
4. Strengthening the A&D supply chain into APAC regions which are poised for strong growth in 2019 and beyond.
5. Future Combat Air System
1. The US – China Trade spat
2. Soaring fuel prices
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Dassault Aviation



1. Dual expertise in civil and military aircrafts and robust business line-up from both sections: The dual civil-military experience of Dassault Aviation limits its vulnerability to fluctuating economic conditions. The company designs and produces military and business aircrafts in the same divisions and facilities of construction as a project integrator and designer.
The Raphale export trend started in 2015 combined with the upcoming French military spending bill for 2019-2025has boosted the defense business significantly. There have been several programs which affect the company directly like the Rafale, Mirage 2000, special-mission Falcons, ATL2, drones and nuclear deterrence. There was also a program announced for the development of the F4 standard which is to be implemented by 2022-2024. An order for 36 Rafales has been placed by Qatar Airways, the delivery of which was commenced in February 2019. The Ministry of the Armed Forces’ plan for through-life support reform has also been initiated though new support proposals for France’s Rafale and ATL2 aircraft.
This leading French A&D Company’s civil aviation business benefits from the company’s state-of -the-art technologies developed for defence. For example, revolutionary security technologies, such as fly-by-wire systems, advanced aerodynamics, composites, and data fusion, have been applied to the business jet family of Falcon. In response, new production processes and new certification and flight safety technologies have been inspired by the civil aircraft industry. The 6X is being developed as per schedule with delivery being initiated in 2022. The Falcon 6X is expected to improve the company’s long-range business jets. The work on these finally culminated with the Falcon 8X which made a spectacular non-stop flight of 14 hours between Singapore and London.

2. Centre of the aviation industry ecosystem: Dassault Aviation unifies major suppliers in the aviation industry as an industrial designer and application integrator. With developments in the United States and Asia, for instance, the company takes a pragmatic approach to managing collaborations and alliances, whether in Europe or in a wider international context. This approach encourages long-term relationships based on complementary skills, quality and efficiency. Dassault Aviation plays a key role in future combat systems by working together with European partners on various programs: the New-Generation Fighter by FCAS, MALE RPAS and Space Rider. With 2100 Falcon jets, 1K combat aircrafts in service, creator of more than 100 prototypes in the last century, with over 10,000 aircraft delivered to 90 countries, 18 specialized facilities, including 13 in France, 500 partner companies, this French aerospace company shapes the future by designing and building military aircraft, business jets and space systems.

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1. Growth in Business Jet Market: An industry research suggests that the business jet market will expand at a CAGR of 3.6% from USD 24.7 billion in 2019 to USD 36.4 billion by 2030. An increasing number of high net worth personnel and the roll out of new aircraft programs are expected to drive the growth of the market.
Based on the type of aircraft, the large segment is expected to lead the demand for business jets during the forecast period. This rise can be traced to the luxury of large business jets. Large jets consist of standard heavy jets and ultra-long-range heavy jets, which are priced far higher than small and medium-sized jets. The delivered amount of large jets is 1/3rd that of total business jets, and its price is more than twice the average business jet price, contributing to a larger market share. It is projected that North America will account for the largest share of the jet market in 2019 accounting for the largest share of the global market in 2019. This can be attributed to the maximum number of high net worth individuals in the region and the presence of major jet manufacturers in the region, such as Textron (US), Bombardier (Canada), and Gulfstream (US), among others.

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