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DBS Bank SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 529053| May 2018


Business Sector :Banking and Financial Services

Operating Geography :Asia, Singapore

About DBS Bank :

DBS is one of the largest financial services group in Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, it was established in 1968 and was earlier known as The Development Bank of Singapore. The group offers a range of services that include Personal Banking, Wealth Management and Business Banking. DBS has an employee base of around 24000 and is present in 18 markets globally, including six priority markets in Asia as of 2017. The group is one of the leading adopters of digital technology globally and brands itself as the ‘The Digital Bank of Singapore’.

Its mission statement states 'As we continue to expand, our goal is to embed a set of firm values into the organisation so that we will develop a distinctive DBS performance culture with PRIDE!. We want our people in DBS to be known for their commitment, innovation and sense of empowerment.' with a vision of “Make Banking Joyful”.

DBS Bank Revenue :

$2.94 billion - FY2017 (y-o-y growth 3%)
$2.86 billion - FY2016

Competitive Analysis of DBS Bank

The SWOT analysis for DBS Bank is presented below:
1. Leading banking player in Asia with diversified portfolio
2. Forefront in leveraging digital technology in financial services
3. Consistently delivering strong performance
4. Strong CSR Initiatives
5. Robust risk management and mitigation framework
1. NPA for DBS Group in oil and gas exposures
1. Forecasted increase of intra-regional trade
2. Opportunities in emerging markets such as India
1. Large "platform" companies and emerging fintech startups to challenge established players
2. Increased competition
3. Trade war due to protectionism policies
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of DBS Bank



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1. NPA in oil and gas exposures: DBS bank has been plagued by major exposure to weak oiland gas services. The bank had a total of SGD 5.1 billion of exposure in the sector as of 2017 of which it has recognized SGD 3.0 billion as non-performing on a conservative basis. The bank took the step to accelerate the recognition of residual weak oil and gas support service exposures as non-performing to remove uncertainty regarding its asset quality.


1. Forecasted increase of intra-regional trade: With the coming of ASEAN Economic Community since 2015, trade will increase among South Asian economies. This will provide an opportunity for cross-border financing and for expansions increasing business opportunities for DBS.

2. Opportunities in emerging markets such as India: India is being seen as an optimistic market with compelling growth opportunities. IT is one of the fastest growing economies and poised to be the third largest economy by 2028, overtaking Japan. DBS has already entered the market and with a strong digital platform, the group has the potential to make great strides in the country.


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DBS Bank SWOT & PESTLE Analysis
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