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Dollar General SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52675353| Nov 2020| 14 pages


Business Sector :Retail, Discount Retailer

Operating Geography :United States

About Dollar General :

Dollar General Corporation is an American chain of retail stores selling consumables, seasonal items, home products and apparel. Dollar General’s headquarters are located in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. The variety stores foster cozy shopping options for daily needs offering a carefully curated assortment of popular brands at attractively discounted prices. As of April 2020, Dollar General employs over 1,35,000 people and runs over 16,000 stores in 46 states across the United States. Dollar General’s various subsidiaries include Dolgencorp, Dollar General Global Sourcing and Dollar General Literary Foundation. The company was formerly recognized as J.L Turner & Son and later converted their name to Dollar General Corporation in 1968. Dollar General was established in 1939, family-owned by two brothers with an initial investment of $5000 each. After years of perseverance, its annual revenue now amounts to almost $23.5B annually. Fortune 500 acknowledged Dollar General in 1999 and recently in 2020, the Company reached 112th position. Dollar General is among the largest discount retailers in the United States by the number of stores. The company runs on a simple business model aiming to provide a wide base of customers with their essentials, every day and household needs, enhanced with a variety of general commodities, at low prices, in easily accessible locations.
Dollar General sells a wide range of products from some of America’s most-trusted brands such as Clorox, Energizer, Procter & Gamble, Hanes, Coca-Cola, Mars, Unilever, Nestlé, Kimberly-Clark, Kellogg’s, General Mills, and PepsiCo. Additionally, the company stocks high-quality private brands to equip customers with more options to purchase products at tangible discounts. Dollar General's private brands incorporate Clover Valley®, Good & Smart®, true living®, DG Home®, Gentle Steps®, Studio Selection™, DG Health®, DG Office®, Comfort Bay®, Bobbie Brooks®, Smart and Simple® and more.
On the 7th of March 2020, Dollar general celebrated the opening of its first store in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming, extending its national presence. This is anticipated to be followed by the grand opening celebrations for stores in Washington that are currently scheduled for early spring 2020.
Dollar General Corp.’s unique selling proposition or USP lies in being the largest small-box discount retailer in the United States. It also ranks among the largest retailers of top-quality brands made by America’s most trusted manufacturers. Dollar General’s mission statement reads “Serving others; by placing our customers at the center of what we do, working every day to deliver value and convenience.”

Dollar General Revenue :

US$ 27.8 billion – FY ending Jan 31st 2020
US$ 25.6 billion – FY ending Feb 1st 2019

Competitive Analysis of Dollar General

Conveniently located stores, quality brands, wide range of general commodities, and low prices are the core competencies of the Dollar General, also presenting the company with a competitive advantage over its peers. Dollar General's business model is driven by its motto "Save time. Save money. Every day", which focuses on endeavoring its customers with a convenient and easy buying experience. Dollar general's biggest strength is its huge, diverse, frequently used and every-day-based product line. Under the parasol of America's most trusted brands and Dollar General's quality private brands, the portfolio includes everyday products such as food, snacks, health and beauty aids, cleaning supplies, basic apparel, housewares, and seasonal items at reasonable prices in nearby neighborhoods. Furthermore, the SWOT report substantiates a discussion on all the internal and external factors and their impacts on the company's micro and macro environment. Precisely the SWOT analysis is a structure, utilized to evaluate Dollar general's competitive position by identifying its internal and external strategic factors like strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats respectively.
Besides its diversified product portfolio, strengths like a strong foothold in the US, strong employee base, DG-label as a well-known private brand for low-priced goods, brand publicity through word-of-mouth, sponsorship of motorsports, exclusive retailer for Rexall (pharmaceutical drug store) products, renowned for its goods at discounted prices, etc. are success factors and growth drivers of Dollar General corporation.
Lack of global penetration compared to its competitors is one of the key weaknesses of Dollar General. However, to overcome this weakness Dollar General could tap on the opportunity of entering international markets, particularly the emerging economies.
Dollar General focuses on capturing growth opportunities via its high-return, low-risk real estate growth model. For the year 2020, the company intends to open nearly 1,000 brand-new stores, refurbish 1,500 older stores and relocate 80 stores and seek the opportunity to serve both novel and existing consumers across the nation. Dollar general faces stringent competition threats from its top competitors like Target Corporation, Walmart, Costco Wholesale.
The SWOT analysis for Dollar General is presented below in a matrix followed by the detailed analysis report:
1. Same-store sales growth for 30 consecutive years
2. Established position as a low-cost operator
3. One of the largest discount retailers spread widely across the United States
4. Everyday low prices for national and private brands.
5. Successful in leveraging economies of scale
1. Penalty and reputation damage for selling expired items
2. Offering mostly processed packaged foods with limited options of fresh produce
1. Investment in employees to gain competitive advantage
2. Growth in their low risk real estate model
3. Partnership with FedEx to increase customer footfall
4. Expanding into more states by opening more stores
5. Expansion in private label categories
1. Highly competitive discount consumer goods market.
2. Effect of Covid-19 to defer imported merchandise from China
3. Legislations against predatory proliferation of dollar stores
SWOT & PESTLE (combined)
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Dollar General


1. Same-store sales growth for 30 consecutive years. In 2019, Dollar General achieved 30th consecutive year of positive same-store sales growth. This growth is mainly due to the compelling value that Dollar General provides to the customers. Also, the convenience proposition that Dollar General provides due to stores available to the customers at their location has helped it achieve this. Continuous evaluation of needs and demands of the customers helps it to gauge the customer needs properly in a timely manner and then Dollar General modifies the merchandise selections and pricing accordingly. Delivering highly competitive prices in convenient locations helps Dollar General create a unique shopping experience for the customers which provides them enough value to continue with Dollar General and helps in customer retention.

2. Established position as a low-cost operator: Dollar General, which enjoys the next-door store image is expanding rapidly in the United States by capitalizing towards cost-conscious shopping. It guarantees everyday low price which are lower than other grocery and drug stores. There are various factors that help in keeping the price low. It mainly operates in rural and suburban areas where operation cost is less. It carries the popular brands and hence the limited selection of products gives it more bargaining power with suppliers from whom it buys in bulk. Having fewer products in stock also helps in keeping the labor costs down. It also has limited stocks of fresh produce which helps in having strong margins.

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Major Competitors :

  • Dollar Tree
  • Aldi
  • Target
  • Lidl
  • Family Dollar
  • Walmart
  • Big Lots
  • 99 Cents only

Major Brands :

  • Clover Valley
  • true living
  • DG Home
  • DG Baby
  • DG Health
  • DG Office
  • Comfort Baby
  • Bobbie Brooks
  • Smart and Simple
SWOT & PESTLE (combined)
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USD 14.53
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1. The Dollar General Corporation's SWOT and PESTLE analysis report consists of a comprehensive analysis of all major pertinent internal and external factors shaping the brand and its operations.
2. The SWOT analysis report incorporates internal and external analysis. Internal analysis substantiates Dollar General’s strengths and weaknesses, whereas the external analysis helps to acknowledge the opportunities for improvement and threats that can restrain growth.
3. The PESTLE / STEEPL / PEST report highlights the current trends in the retail sector with a precise depiction of macro factors and its reverberations on the industry and largely on the Dollar General Corporation.
4. The PESTLE analysis helps in identifying the impact on Dollar General's business model by influencers like political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors
5. Scanning through the lens on acquisitions, capital raising, equity transactions, alliances or partnership ventures, deal valuations, and the synergies achieved by this retail behemoth.
6. Studying the latest mission statement and vision statement followed by its Unique Selling Proposition or USP that makes Dollar General Corporation one of the leading American chain of variety stores
7. Examining the Dollar General's business model and business diversification, with further categorization and analysis of key business segments and business case study.
8. Crisp synopsis of the Dollar General core competencies that strengthened and added a competitive advantage to the company over its major competitors from the Retail Industry.
9. Overall company analysis to infer information about company profile, business model, business plans and marketing strategy
10. Classifying the core values, key performance indicators, and success factors that contributed to sustainable growth and proliferation.
References used in Dollar General Analysis Report

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3. Where even Walmart won't go: how Dollar General took over rural America -
4. Dollar General opens new Halfway store, explores possibility of more stores in area -
The detailed complete set of references are available on request in the 'Complete report' on purchase.

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Dollar General SWOT & PESTLE Analysis
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