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Eurocash SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52751153| Sep 2020| 13 pages


Business Sector :Wholesale Distribution, Retail

Operating Geography :Poland, Europe

About Eurocash :

Eurocash S.A. is a Polish corporate group holding numerous enterprises, including Eurocash Cash & Carry, Eurocash Serwis as well as the retail chains of ABC, 1 minute, Delikatesy Centrum, Groszek, Lewiatan and Mila. It was founded in 1993 by Mariusz Świtalski. It is headquartered in Komorniki, Poland. As of 2020, the company has around 22,000 employees. Eurocash is the largest Polish company in wholesale distribution of fast-moving products, household chemicals as well as marketing support for independent stores in the country. The company has been supporting entrepreneurs in Poland for over 20 years. It provides them with innovative cooperation models and effective business support tools. Eurocash Cash & Carry is a chain of 180 wholesalers throughout Poland, focusing on serving small and medium sized grocery stores. Their offer includes almost 5,000 products meeting the expectations of independent store owners and responding to the needs of their customers. Eurocash has also expanded its scale of operations in the area of e-commerce
The company’s mission statement reads, “To enable the owners of the local stores to meet the needs of their customers and develop their own business in accordance with the latest trends in retail. Eurocash’s USP or unique selling proposition lies in it being a leader in the wholesale distribution of FMCG goods which has a significant impact on the development of the Polish economy.

Eurocash Revenue :

PLN24852.24 million - FY ending 31st December 2019 (y-o-y growth 8.84%)
PLN22832.89 million - FY ending 31st December 2018

Competitive Analysis of Eurocash

The SWOT analysis of Eurocash is presented below in a matrix followed by the detailed analysis report:
1. Strengthening franchises through Eurocash tools
2. Building the business through mergers and acquisitions
3. Presence in both wholesale and retail sector
4. Largest wholesale FMCG distributor in Poland
5. Possessing both franchise stores and business partners
1. High dependence on basic groceries shows lack of product diversity
2. Lack of business diversity causing losses in the first quarter of every year
3. Trend of decline in margin and higher debts shortens the potential to expand
4. Encountered material losses due to VAT fraud

1. Enhancement of the group’s presence in retail chain
2. Expansion in retail chain through independent retail stores
1. Small format retail chains disrupted by the growth of modern distribution
2. High competition in the wholesale distribution
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Eurocash


1. Strengthening franchises through Eurocash tools: Eurocash has supremacy in FMCG distribution across Poland with almost 1/3rd of market share. The Group uses this advantage to scale in the retail chain circuit. It empowers small and mid format retailers as franchise of Eurocash. Asides supplies, Eurocash also provides the knowledge and various tools to grow as business so that it can create the largest retail chain with over 2400 outlets by empowering the traditional retailers and greenfield stores (with real state developers) thus, empowering Polish entrepreneur through low investment model. The Group imparts knowledge through four pillars to its partners through the Eurocash academy, where both entrepreneurs and their employees could be trained. The first pillar consists of e-learning portal The second pillar consists of hands-on training in workshops. The third pillar involves educational conference in September every year. The fourth pillar involves postgraduate study in business management in retail trade in collaboration with Warsaw School of Economics. Besides, the Group has also tied up with Education Development Center to provide skilled employers to not only its partners but to the whole Polish business fraternity. Apart from that, Eurocash provides CRM tool so that entrepreneurs can sync consumer demands with Eurocash distribution and thus, remain a trusted local supplier. The Group has a dedicated platform for fresh product distribution. The Group operates a e-grocery store,, through which end users may place orders and they would be allocated to the nearest Eurocash powered store.

2. Building the business through mergers and acquisitions: Eurocash works in the format of mergers and acquisitions to create a highly scalable business across Poland. The largest business of Eurocash is wholesale distribution, where the company has 100% proprietary rights over the distribution of 4Vapers (e-cigarette distribution), Cerville Investments (alcohol distribution), ECA Detal (alcohol distribution), Polska Dystrybucja Alkoholi (alcohol distribution), AMBRA (alcohol distribution), DEF (food wholesaler unit). Eurocash also has 75% stake in Eurocash Serwis (tobacco products' distribution). It owns brands, which execute in the model of providing franchiseships to independent retailers. Such brands are Lewiatan and its merger groups, EURO SKLEP, Groszek, ABC and Partnerski Serwis Detailiczny (50%). Other retail chains of Eurocash include Innmedio (50%), EKO, Delikatesy Centrum, Mila, etc.

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Major Competitors :

  • Hamar Poland
  • MPT Stanro
  • Hayet Trading

Major Brands :

  • Eurocash Distribution
  • Eurocash Food Service
  • Eurocash Tobacco
  • Eurocash Cash&Carry
  • Delikatesy Centrum
  • Delikatesy Centrum Own
  • EKO
  • Inmedio
  • Mila & many more
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