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General Electric SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52360653| Mar 2020

COMPANY PROFILE -General Electric

Business Sector :Diversified

Operating Geography :Global

About General Electric :

General Electric (GE) is an American multinational conglomerate. It was established in 1892. It is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. It has a diverse product portfolio which includes oil & gas, power and water, aviation, transportation, financial services, lighting, energy to healthcare. GE is the global leader in power generation and water technologies for utilities. It has operations in 5 continents viz North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Europe in 130 countries. They are also the broad industry leader in oil and gas after merger with Baker Hughes. GE’s market cap is of US$132.42B (FY 2016).It had around 2, 95,000 employees in 2016. It is #11 in World’s Most Valuable brands and #14 in Global 2000 as per Forbes.

General Electric Revenue :

$122.1 billion (FY Dec 2017)

Competitive Analysis of General Electric

The SWOT analysis for General Electric is presented below:
1. Strong Performance in Power & Aviation
2. Sound Strategy
3. Significant Expenditure on R&D
4. Solid Brand Presence globally
1. Low earnings in Oil & Gas
2. Weak sales in Transportation
1. Growth Prospects in Emerging Economies1. Risk due to Global Economic instabilities
2. Risk of Cybercrime Outbreak
3. Operational Risk
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of General Electric



1. Strong Performance in Power & Aviation: In FY2016 GE’s revenue rose by 4% to $4.4 billion in Power and Renewable Energy due to higher capacity additions in renewable energy and acquisition of Alstom. Energy Connections and Lighting also showed positive growth due to increase in Alstom’s profits which rose by 16.8% in FY2016. In power segment revenue rose to $26.8 billion in 2016 and profits rose from $4.5 billion in FY2015 to $5billion in FY2016. In the Aviation segment, unit sale of commercial engines rose by 6.5%, revenue rose to $26.3 billion and profits by $6.1 billion with profit margins grew at 23.3% in 2016.Growth in this segment was driven by new product launches.

2. Sound Strategy: After profits squeezed in the FY2016, GE now intends to reshape its structure by splitting itself into independent trading units and will also sell off around $20 billion of businesses in the next 2 years. This will ensure that they maximize from their diverse product portfolio. They merger of its oil segment with Baker Hughes has yielded 14% growth in revenue worth $33.5 billion, in the third quarter of 2017.GE’s credit card operations may be clubbed with Synchrony Financial. They are also attempting to reduce costs up to US$3.5 billion by inventory management and cutting thousands of jobs and spending costs. Strategic mergers and acquisitions like the alliance with Arenko Group will scale up production and leverage advantage of better technology and realize economies of scale.

3. Significant Expenditure on R & D: General Electric has increased R&D over time to keep pace with the changing global needs. There was a 4% growth in R&D expenditure to 5.5 billion and filed 3000 patents. They have also made sustained efforts to increase productivity in new product development through their 10 Global Research Centres. It also supported the revenue growth in Healthcare segment due to 3.5% increase in its R&D. They have also created a Product Breakout Lab for developing new complex technology. It develops technology that captures more supply chain value and increases their competitiveness.

4. Solid Brand Presence globally: In FY 2016, GE’s international operations contributed around 57% to its revenue with $70 billion business and $230 billion backlog. Its European revenue rose from $16.8 billion to $21.6 billion, recording a 32% growth. It was driven by Alstom’s acquisition. It has strong footing in China where it is leveraging further growth through strategic partnerships, localizing capability, digitalizing its operations and creating local demand. The revenue growth in 2016 was 12% in Middle East, North Africa and Turkey (MENAT) and 35% in India. GE’s total assets rose in Asia by 8.3% and by 12.8% in other global regions.


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1. Growth Opportunities in Emerging Economies: General Electric has good potential to expand in economies whose economies are growing faster than the world’s GDP growth rate. It includes China which is the second largest economy, Australia, Asia; Canada; Latin America; Middle East, North Africa and Turkey; Russia and CIS; Sub-Saharan Africa; Greater China; South Asia; South East Asia (ASEAN). There are potential gains of expanding especially in power and renewable energy segment as global energy needs and demand is growing. They can also become industry leader in power segment in these economies by increasing market penetration with new technology.


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