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Halliburton SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52368753| Apr 2018


Business Sector :Oil & Gas

Operating Geography :United States, Global

About Halliburton :

Halliburton is an American multinational energy firm which employs over fifty thousand people as of 2018; and has dual headquarters in Dubai and Houston. It operates in the petroleum and natural gas exploration and production domain in over 70 countries. It also offers digital and consulting energy solutions, volume optimizations, fluid systems amongst other services through its several subsidies. It has a strong corporate governance code and maintains high health, environment and safety standards within the firm. Its mission as a company identifies what it does today, why it does so and for whom. While its vision defines what it aspires to be like and give it an image of success.

Halliburton Revenue :

$15.9 billion as of FY 2017.

Competitive Analysis of Halliburton

The SWOT analysis of Halliburton is presented below:
1. One of the world’s largest providers of products and services in the energy domain
2. Strong technology arm with heavy inclination towards continuous innovation
3. Multiple product service lines (14) with Drilling, Production, Consulting being its key focus
4. Worldwide operations in across 70 countries with end-to-end service right from locating hydrocarbons to optimizing production
5. Strong brand value and constantly rated as the top firms in the oil and gas service sector
6. Strong CSR focus with initiatives including building schools, environment conservation etc. through the Halliburton Foundation
1. Highly dependent on the international crude prices with volatility impacting its profitability
2. Multiple and strict governmental compliances norms to be followed in energy and gas sector resulting in operational slowdown
3. International sanctions and trade restrictions impacts business both in terms of product and technology
4. High environmental clean-up costs and other liabilities due to environmental laws
5. Negative profit margin, underperforming when compared to its key competitors
1. New Fracturing operations opportunities with high demand for Shale gas
2. Utilizing latest patented technology to identify new exploration fields in times of depleting resources through its Landmark Solution subsidiary
3. Increasing support to oil fields based deep in the ocean bedrock in the backdrop of rapidly depleting land based oil wells
4. Improvement in the economy and better oil prices futures will increase firm’s profitability
5. Reduction in the oil product transport cost due to improvement plans in its supply chain
6. Increasing investments in unconventional resources like shale, tight gas, coalbed methane and heavy oil will diversify its portfolio
1. Indirect threat to oil prices from shale fracking would result in operational losses
2. Increased competition in the oil and gas industry will wipe out the profitability
3. Different liability laws in different countries exposes Halliburton to operational risks like stoppage of operations
4. Constant danger to its assets with Macondo incident (rig sinking) leading to high unforeseeable costs
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Halliburton



2. Utilizing latest patented technology to identify new exploration fields in times of depleting resources through its Landmark Solution subsidiary: Landmark is a subsidiary of Halliburton which is a technological solutions provider in the domain of exploration and production industry. It provides decision support which enable the energy companies to lower production costs, boost productivity resulting in economic gains. Landmark has grown rapidly and has acquired over 1100 patents in this field and its technology is heavily used in the Gulf of Mexico oil basin.

It claims to provide “last drop oil recovery” which essentially aims to design and build an efficient oil extraction system. With its latest geo-science mapping technology, Landmark also works in oil field exploration, optimizing well placements and maps out cost effectiveness of the reserve. It also assists companies to plan their investment and finances in order to reduce uncertainties in the projects and improve value expectations.

The firm also specializes in providing drilling solutions in extreme environments and creates sub-surface imagery for safer extractions. It follows the Halliburton’s strict code of health, safety and environment in its operations which allows for a sustainable development.

In 2017, Landmark worked with the Nigerian Government to develop a training centre equipped with oilfield operation tools. In the near future, as the number of players increase, there would be an increasing reliance on Landmark solutions especially by the developing countries with oil reserves.

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Halliburton SWOT & PESTLE Analysis
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