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The Kellogg Company SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 5286153| Sep 2020| 15 pages

COMPANY PROFILE -The Kellogg Company

Business Sector :FMCG, Food Manufacturing

Operating Geography :North America, United States, Global

About The Kellogg Company :

Kellogg’s Company founded in 1906 is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of ready-to-eat cereal and convenience foods. Their principal products are ready-to-eat cereals and convenience foods, such as cookies, crackers, savory snacks, toaster pastries, cereal bars, fruit-flavored snacks, frozen waffles and veggie foods. The company is headquartered in Michigan, United States and has more than 33,000 employees as of 2017.
10 decades ago the company was founded by W.K. Kellogg, a man passionate towards people, quality and innovation. His firm belief in providing nutrition through better food for all, led to the creation of the very first breakfast cereals the Kellogg’s Corn Flakes® setting a benchmark in the entire food industry. Even today the company continues to operate on the founder’s core values viz., integrity, accountability, passion, humility, simplicity ,and a focus on success. After winning tons of awards in 2017, Kellogg’s company won the “Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality in 2018” by Human rights campaign foundation, under the Food Beverage and groceries category.
Kellogg’s mission statement reads “Nourishing families so they can flourish and thrive.” Kellogg’s vision statement reads “To enrich and delight the world through foods and brands that matter.” The USP or Unique Selling Proposition of the Kellogg’s company lies in it being the world leader in creating ready to eat nutritious breakfast cereals.

The Kellogg Company Revenue :

$12.92 billion- FY ending December 31st 2017 (y-o-y growth -0.69%)
$13.01 billion– FY ending December 31st2016

Ownership / Major shareholders :

As of Dec 2017, the major shareholders of the company are as follows –
1) Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co NA (19.56%)
2) Victory Capital Management Inc. (7.47%)
3) Vanguard Group Inc. (6.53%)
4) Capital Research Global Investors (5.69%)
5) Blackrock Inc. (4.85%)

Competitive Analysis of The Kellogg Company

SWOT analysis is a fundamental evaluation model that assesses the internal and external factors and their impacts on the company's micro and macro environment. Precisely the SWOT/TOWS analysis is a structure, utilized to evaluate a company's competitive position by recognizing its internal strategic factors like strengths and weaknesses, external strategic factors like opportunities and threats.
The traditional breakfast habit of having bacon and eggs in the US and UK drastically got substituted by a quicker and healthier option - Cereals. The Kellogg’s cereals were accepted worldwide for its nutritive value, quality and ease of consumption. The company’s innovative methods of introducing healthier breakfast alternative not only made the brand a strong market leader in the industry but presented the company with an edge over its competitors. The company’s target market consists of consumers looking for instant yet healthy breakfast meals.
Strong global presence, influential brand awareness, loyal customers, sustainable growth, imperative acquisitions, a market leader, excellent marketing strategies, high quality of cereals, varied flavors especially in Kellogg’s cereals are some of the greatest strengths of the Kellogg’s company.
Though Kellogg’s represents itself as a healthier alternative especially for breakfast, high sugar content and syrups in its meals are the key weakness of the company that has negatively influenced consumers. Occasionally it has attracted government agencies to scan their product’s nutritive value.
With an increasing urge amidst people to have healthier and easier lifestyle, the Kellogg’s company has huge opportunities to penetrate the market segments that demand varied healthy food products. Today, people in the urban areas are witnessing a frenetic and busy life schedule making them rely on ready-to-eat food options. Hence Kellogg’s can invest further in innovative and healthier food products and take full advantage of this scenario.
FMCG & Food industry is one of the highly competitive industries, with so many new entrants, existing big players and even local manufactures; Kellogg’s faces a stiff competition. Apart from high competition, a threat of counterfeit products and outdated products being sold in retail shops can damage the brand reputation extensively.
The SWOT analysis for Kellogg’s is presented below in the SWOT Matrix followed by detailed analysis:
1. Strong positioning in the minds of customers
2. Employee resource groups to drive business sustainability and organizational success
3. Multinational presence with global manufacturing and marketing capabilities
4. Strong commitment to nutrition
5. Effective marketing campaigns
6. Emphasis on sustainability
7. Efficient supply chain management
1. Lack of segregation in the product portfolio
2. Known majorly as a breakfast cereal.
3. Majority of the products in the portfolio is sold in North America only
4. R&D centers are limited to certain regions only
1. Venture into emerging markets
2. Expansion of product portfolio
3. Additional business models like E-business
4. Rapid market growth in ready-to-eat cereal category
1. Intense competition
2. Changing customer perceptions about breakfast and processed foods
3. Regulations by the government
SWOT & PESTLE (combined)
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of The Kellogg Company



1. Strong positioning amongst customers: Kellogg’s have successfully established themselves as a breakfast cereal brand and this has helped in the sales of the brand. There is top of the mind recall for the brand globally. Kellogg’s has also re-engineered their marketing strategy. They have focused on agile and hyper marketing that is real time in order to convey that they have evolved and changed according to the changing customer needs. Its latest ‘MasterBrand’ campaign focuses on re-connecting customers with household cereal names and creating advertising campaigns which emphasizes on the experience of having breakfast rather than just the product.

2. Employee Resource Groups to drive business sustainability and organizational success: ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) offer Kellogg employees support, networking and development opportunities that contribute to the strength of their business. Currently there are eight ERG’s such as HOLA (Kellogg Latino ERG), Kapable (People with Disabilities & Supporters), KAARG (Kellogg African American Resource Group), KMERG (Kellogg Multinational ERG), KPride & Allies (LGBT & Straight Allies), KVets & Supporters (Military Service & Supporters), WOK (Women of Kellogg) and YP (Young Professionals).It has won awards like Forbes Best Employer 2016, LinkedIn Top 100 InDemand Employer, Forbes America’s Best Employers, etc.

3. Multinational presence with global manufacturing and supply chain capabilities: Kellogg’s currently has manufacturing facilities in 18 countries and the products are marketed in over 180 countries. Kellogg’s utilizes lean production system, just-in–time inventory management technique and effective deployment of technology for efficient distribution and restocking. The company's collaboration with firms like Transport Development Group (TDG) for logistics, and Food and Drink Federation (FDF), for environmental performance, has helped the company to build long-lasting relationships to value the end consumer.

4. Strong commitment to nutrition: Kellogg’s was among the first companies to include nutrition labelling and product information on boxes. It also has nutrition education programs and have partnered with several health and nutrition institutes across US, Australia, Canada and Mexico. School based initiatives like Mission Nutrition to encourage health and fitness in children, parents and other caregivers.

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Major Competitors :

Major Brands :

  • Corn flakes
  • Chocos
  • Krave
  • Froot Loops
  • Eggo
  • Crixpix
  • Coco Pops
  • All – Bran
  • Frosted Flakes
  • Special K
  • Fiber Plus
  • Pringles
  • Keebler
  • Cheez-It

Key Business Segments / Diversification :

The Kellogg Company
Breakfast CerealsCookiesCrackersToaster pastriesCereal bars
Fruit-flavored snacksFrozen wafflesVegetarian foods

Recent Acquisition / Mergers / Alliance / Joint Ventures / Divestitures :

Open Table Preview
Business Segment
Objective/Synergy Achieved
Chicago Bar CompanyOrganic2017AcquisitionThey make protein bar RXBAR. This acquisition helped in diversifying Kellogg’s organic offering. This deal was valued at $600 million.
Parati GroupConsumer goods2016AcquisitionThe Kellogg Company was buying companies overseas as it wanted to witness growth in the overseas market since the US was seeing a slump in the cereal business. This deal was worth $430 million.
Mass Food GroupConsumer Goods2015AcquisitionThis was Kellogg’s strategy to advance their growth in emerging markets and increase their brand internationally. The transaction was valued at $50 million.
Source: Company website and other reliable sources. The detailed table is available in the Complete Report.
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1. The SWOT and PESTLE analysis report of the Kellogg's company substantiates a comprehension of the intricate micro and macro factors influencing the brand and its operations.
2. The SWOT analysis report incorporates internal and external analysis. Internal analysis manifesting the Kellogg's strengths and weakness, external analysis helps to identify the opportunities for progress and threats that can hinder growth.
3. The Pestle analysis highlights the current trends in the cereal industry with an explicit depiction of the external factors and its influences on the industry and chiefly on the Kellogg's company.
4. A detailed portrayal of how influencers like political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors have shaped Kellogg’s innovative business model.
5. Perforations into Kellogg's business diversification, extracting its key business segments and highlighting its major competitors.
6. Review of the acquisitions, mergers, capital raising, equity transactions, alliances or partnership ventures that Kellogg's consented with deal valuations and the business objectives or goals that were achieved by them.
7. Comprehensive company analysis to gather information about company profile, number of employees, business model, business plans and marketing strategy, including an abstract information of Kellogg's founders, its corporate headquarters, owners & stakeholders, share price, value proposition and revenue jumps.
8. Understanding of Kellogg's USP or unique selling proposition, mission statement and vision statement that has set a benchmark in the cereal industry.
9. Insights into Kellogg's business model, along with further categorization and analysis of key business segments and business case study.
10. Crisp synopsis of the Kellogg's core competencies that added competitive advantage to the company over its major competitors.
11. Identifying the key performance indicators and success factors that contributed to the fullness of the company.
References used in The Kellogg Company Analysis Report
1. Kellogg’s Annual Report 2015:

2. Kellogg’s website:


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