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Koc Holding SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52224753| Mar 2018


Business Sector :Retail

Operating Geography :Istanbul, Turkey, Europe

About Koc Holding :

Koc Holding is Tukey’s largest conglomerate which was founded in 1963. It is Turkey’s only entry in Fortune Global 500 list. It has headquarters in Nakkestepe, Istanbul and is controlled by the Koc family. The group comprises of 113 companies, 90,000 employees and 14,000 dealers as of 2018. Its mission is to ensure customer satisfaction and sound growth by providing products and services of universal quality and standards. Koc Holding is committed to being a symbol of trust, continuity and esteem for all its stakeholders: its country, customers, shareholders, dealers, and suppliers.

Koc Holding Revenue :

TL 98.86 billion – FY ending December 31st2017.

Competitive Analysis of Koc Holding

The SWOT analysis for Koc Holding is presented below:
1. Only Turkish company in Fortune 500 global ranking
2. Strategically positioned in lucrative businesses
3. Highly diversified and transparent portfolio
4. Market leader in almost every business they operate
1. Exposure to insolvent companies
1. Positive expectation from export markets
2. Turkey becoming growing energy transit hub
3. Increase in the per capita income and decrease in the tax burdens
4. Expected growth of car rental sector
1. Recession to continue in commercial vehicle segment
2. Contraction of automotive industry due to increased special consumption tax
3. Environment of highly geopolitical risks and domestic policy uncertainty
4. Economic slowdown and downfall of lira
5. Changing consumer expectations and behaviours
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Koc Holding



1. Only Turkish company in Fortune 500 global ranking: Koc Holding is Turkey’s leading investment holding company and largest industrial and services group in terms of revenue, employees, exports, and taxes paid. It ranked as one of the world’s largest 500 companies among the Fortune Global 500. Further, the company’s market capitalization was close to 19% of Total Market Capitalization onBorsa İstanbul as of December 2017.

2. Strategically positioned in lucrative businesses: Koc Holding has leading positions in strategic and lucrative businesses with strong competitive advantages in various sectors like energy, consumer durables, automotive and finance. The strategy of increasing market share in existing markets and also expanding into new ones maintained their leadership position among Turkey’s top exporters in 2016.

3. Highly diversified and transparent portfolio: Koc has a highly diversified portfolio with business in four major sectors like Energy, automotive, consumer durables and finance. They have 90% of their NAV in the listed companies and have achieved successful results with this diversified and balanced portfolio structure, strong cash position and prudent risk management.

4. Market Leader in almost every business they operate: They maintain their leadership positions in every sector they operate like Tupras and Aygaz in energy sector, Ford Otokar, Fiat Tupras and TurkTraktor in Automotive sector, Arcelik in consumer durables and YapiKredi in Finance sector. Koc huge size can be judged from the fact that its 2017 revenues were close to 75 of the Turkey’s GDP and the group contributed to 10% of the total Turkey’s exports in 2017. The company also benefits from economies of scale and brings added value to the investors with high growth potential with leading positions in sectors with low penetration and advantages of economies of scale.


1. Exposure to insolvent companies: KocHolding in past have been exposed to number of companies and suppliers which became insolvent. Koc Holding Oil Company has planned to shut its Singapore business because of series of exposure to insolvent companies in the past.


This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.


This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.


1. Koc Holding Annual Report 2016:

2. Koc Holding Factsheet 2016:

3. KPMG Turkey 2016 Automotive Executives Survey:

4. Turkey crisis: how will oil and gas supplies be affected? :

5. Moody's affirms Koc Holding's Baa3 ratings; positive outlook:

6. Crumbling Lira Pressures Turkish Retailers as Economy Slows:

7. At a tipping point: A currency crisis roils Turkey's economy:

8. Growth in Turkey to Recover in 2017 says World Bank:

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