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L Brands SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52689653| May 2020| 15 pages


Business Sector :Fashion retail

Operating Geography :USA, North America, Global

About L Brands :

L Brands is an American company founded in 1963 by Leslie Wexner. It was formerly known as The Limited. The headquarters of the company are located in Columbus, Ohio, USA. The company is a fashion retail company selling products in the categories of lingerie, beauty, personal care accessories and apparel. It is well known mainly for its flagship brands Victoria's Secret, PINK and Bath & Body Works. Since its inception, the company has grown through invention and acquisition to have a strong global presence today. In February 2020 however, the company announced that it planned to sell a 55% controlling stake of the Victoria Secret line to Sycamore Partners. This will make Bath & Body Works the primary product line of the company.
The company has more than 80,000 associates and owns 3,000 stores spread across USA, Canada, UK, Ireland and Greater China. Its brands are sold in 650 franchisees across the world. The company has been given the ranking #248 on the Fortune 500 2020 list. The mission statement of L Brands reads, “to make our customers feel sexy, sophisticated and forever young, and we are committed to deliver on this promise by providing high-quality, safe and effective products.”

L Brands Revenue :

$13.237 billion - FY Feb 2, 2019 (YoY growth 4.8%)
$12.632 billion - FY Feb 3, 2018 (YoY growth 0.5%)
$12.574 billion - FY Jan 28, 2017

Competitive Analysis of L Brands

The SWOT analysis of L Brands is presented below:
1. Well poised for long term growth through the international business
2. Top brands representing aspirational lifestyle
3. Integration of digital and in-store experience
4. Strong product development and supply chain
1. Troubled Victoria’s Secret and Pink dragging the company down
1. Strategic divestiture for turnaround
2. High potential for Victoria’s Secret in the Chinese market
1. Seasonal fluctuations in sales, operating income, cash and inventory levels
2. High competition in women’s fashion
3. Fluctuations in costs of inputs, energy, paper and printing
4. Reduction of consumer traffic in malls and other retail centers
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of L Brands



1. Well poised for long term growth through the international business: L Brands has grown a lot since inception, from a single store in 1963 to 3,000 own stores and 650 franchisees across the world. Though a major focus initially was on growing the domestic market, the opening of own stores and franchises in other countries has put L Brands in a great position for long term growth through the international business. The first Victoria’s Secret store outside North America was opened in 2012 in UK. Currently these stores are opening up around the world. Ever since the opening of the first Bath & Body Works store outside North America in 2010, the brand has now expanded to include 250 stores around the world under license, franchise and wholesale arrangements.

2. Top brands representing aspirational lifestyle: The essence of L Brands lies in its 3 brands that have grown in popularity over the years: Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works and Pink. These brands represent an aspirational lifestyle in the eyes of the customers. Through these brands, the company is able to target various demographics around the world. The highly recognizable nature of the brands provides competitive advantage. Victoria’s Secret sells glamorous and sexy product lines in lingerie, fragrances, loungewear, beauty products, sleepwear, personal care accessories and athletic attire. Pink caters to the needs of female college students, selling lingerie, loungewear, apparel, accessories and athletic attire. Bath & Body Works takes care of the complete well-being of customers, providing them aromatherapy, shower gels, soaps, sanitizers, home fragrances and body care accessories.

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1. Decreasing R&D expenditure compared to industry rivals: Since the global recession in 2008 the R&D expenditure of Panasonic Corp has steadily decreased from more than $5 Billion to slightly less than $4 Billion in 2017. These figures seem to be small when compared to its industry rivals such as its South Korean counterparts Samsung, LG, and even some of the new Chinese entrants such as Haier. Samsung R&D expenditure last year stood just below $ 13 Billion whereas LG’s expenditure stood above $ 4 Billion with a steady growth rate of around 7%. The Japanese firms such as Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi and Toshiba that cater the white goods market segment have experienced stagnation in sales and revenues in the past decade because of low R&D expense.


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Major Competitors :

  • ThirdLove
  • Nordstrom
  • American Eagle
  • True&Co

Major Brands :

  • Bath & Body Works
  • Victoria’s Secret and Pink
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