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Lloyds Banking Group SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52147953| Oct 2019| 15 pages

COMPANY PROFILE -Lloyds Banking Group

Business Sector :Banking and Financial Services (BFSI)

Operating Geography :Europe, United Kingdom, Global

About Lloyds Banking Group :

Lloyds Banking Group is a financial services group headquartered in London. It was established in 2009 through the acquisition of HBOS by Lloyds TBS which was established in 1995. It offers retail and commercial financial services serving millions of UK customers with a presence in nearly every community. It has an approximate employee strength of around 75000 as of 2018. It has various brands like Lloyds Bank, Halifax, Bank of Scotland and Scottish Widows. It is listed on London Stock Exchange & New York Stock Exchange where it has a secondary listing.
Lloyd’s purpose is to “Help Britain Prosper” & aims at becoming the best bank for customers, colleagues & shareholders. Lloyd Banking Group’s USP or unique selling proposition lies in being one of the UK’s Big Four banks, boasting of the biggest private shareholder base in the country. With over 30 million customers it is UK's leading provider of current accounts, savings, personal loans, credit cards and mortgages. Almost 33% all lending on UK new-build properties is funded by Lloyds Banking Group.

Lloyds Banking Group Revenue :

£ 34,237 million– FY ending on 31st December, 2017 (y-o-y growth (negative) -13.6%)
£ 39,611 million– FY ending on 31st December, 2016

Competitive Analysis of Lloyds Banking Group

The SWOT analysis for Lloyds Banking Group is presented below:
1. UK’s largest digital bank, branch reach and customer franchise
2. Remuneration linked to Strategic Objectives
3. Strong footing in UK
4. Solid Capital Generation
5. Consumer Understanding and supporting processes
1. Impact of Absence of subsidiary on future Costs
2. Great exposure to UK economy
1. Diversification options
2. Opportunities to enhance customer experience and gain traction
1. Political & macroeconomic uncertainty
2. Threat of cyber attack
3. Competitive banking sector
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Lloyds Banking Group



1. UK’s largest digital bank, branch reach and customer franchise: Lloyd Bank is UK’s largest digital bank with commendable scale and reach across the Kingdom serving 27 million customers, with more than 13 million active online users and having a presence in nearly every community. Digitization has rapidly transformed our living and the pace of adoption continues to surpass expectations. Lloyd has invested heavily in technological advancements to enhance customer experience for personalization while altering the manner in which customers interact with banks. The increasing use of intelligent systems is a laudable way to respond to customers’ growing expectations for personalization and relevance. Technology also ushers in organizational benefits in terms of efficiency, ability to respond to an evolving operating environment, as well as aiding risk taking decisions and mitigating fraud. As the UK’s leading financial services provider, Lloyd is playing a vital role in shaping UK’s economy. The financial house is also UK’s largest corporate tax payer.

2. Consumer Understanding and supporting processes: Understanding of consumer needs and processes to support the needs has been an important aspect for Lloyds. A comprehensive multi-channel distribution network along with the customer focused strategy and adapting to new digital capabilities is helping to address the changing consumer needs. Lloyd offers a wide basket of services through differentiated multi-channel approach which addresses different customer segments by giving seamless experience across all channels. It offers commercial financing, insurance, risk management, investment, lending services & also takes deposits. It is also personalizing customer propositions through data driven experiences to gain market leadership. This will also attract new customers and improve group’s earnings.

3. Solid Capital Generation: Lloyd stands on solid a capital base that ensures regulatory compliance. It generated 2.45 per cent of CET1 capital on a pro forma basis before ordinary dividends. The highly capital generative nature strengthens its position to implement Basel III norms & meet any changes arising. It also creates a scalable and resilient banking infrastructure. Its leading capital position in the banking sector also gives it a competitive edge. This is because of operational efficiency which provides cost advantage & prudent yet low risk participation choices that benefits both customers and shareholders. CET 1 capital generation was 55 bps more than 2016 level & the capital returns also increased. Capital generation is expected to remain solid with an estimated 170-200 basis points of capital generation per year pre dividend. Lloyd’s financial strength has translated into great capital position which is the strongest in the banking sector worldwide.

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