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Michaels Stores SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52224153| Nov 2017

COMPANY PROFILE -Michaels Stores

Business Sector :Retail, Home Decor

Operating Geography :North America

About Michaels Stores :

Michaels Stores, Inc., was founded in 1973 by Michael Dupey. At present it is headed by Mr Carl S. Rubin. It is an American retail chain of wide range of art and crafts, ranging from kids crafts sets to home décor and floral supplies. The Company HQ is in Irving, Texas, USA. As of January, 2017, this company has 1223 stores and further 144 stores in other subsidiaries, employing more than 48900 employees.

Michaels Stores Revenue :

4.4 billion Dollars

Competitive Analysis of Michaels Stores

The SWOT analysis for Michaels Stores is presented below:
1. Number one arts & crafts specialty retailer in North America
2. Integrated distribution platform across retail, e-commerce and wholesale
3. Experienced management team with reliable promoters
1. Vulnerable against cyber threats.
2. Substantial financial leverage limits additional fund raising capacity
3. Major reliance on foreign suppliers
1. Market expansion in emerging economies.
2. Employing analytics and leveraging inputs from social channels
3. Using in store events to attract young moms
1. Competition from online players
2. Strong US Dollar may impact Canadian revenues
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Michaels Stores


1. Number one arts and crafts specialty retailer in North America: Michaels Stores is the market leader in arts and crafts specialty retail in North America clocking a sales of $5,197.3 million in fiscal 2016. Further the acquisition of Lamrite in 2016 helped Michaels Stores enhance its private brand development capabilities, direct sourcing initiatives and strengthen its B2B capabilities. The company operated 1,223 Michaels retail stores, 109 Aaron Brothers stores and 35 Pat Catan’s across United States and Canada as of January 2017.

2. Integrated distribution platform across retail, e-commerce and wholesale: Michaels Stores has established an integrated distribution platform across Retail segment consisting of Michaels’, Pat Catan’s and aaronbrothers brands; E-commerce segment consisting of, brands and wholesale segment consisting of Darice brand. Further the company’s vertical sourcing supports differentiated product development across all channels thereby increasing efficiency and leveraging economies of scale.

3. Experienced management team with reliable promoters: Michaels Stores has strong and dedicated management team with a highly experienced CEO, Chuck Rubin. Since he arrived on helm of Michaels Stores, Rubin has refined brick and mortar stores experience for the customers. The management team has executives with several years of experience in leading global retail companies. Further the company has strong backing of Blackstone and Bain Capital which are major promoters of Michaels Stores. The Blackstone Group who holds a 10.5 percent stake in Michaels Stores has seen a robust growth in their earnings in US share market. Bain Capital also holds a major portfolio in Michaels of 52.80 million shares.


1. Competition from online players: The Michaels Stores is majorly a brick and mortar retail chain. The retail arts and crafts industry is quite competitive and Amazon is the biggest threat as an internet‑based retailer. Further players like Amazon also have advantage of economies of scale with greater financial muscle and can offer a diverse range of products at competitive prices.

2. Strong US Dollar may impact Canadian revenues: Michaels Stores has a significant presence in Canadian markets through its subsidiaries. The USD has been particularly strong against the CAD over the last few years. Further strengthening of the USD will impact Michaels Stores revenues as the Canadian subsidiaries purchase inventory in U.S. dollars.

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1. Company Overview of Michaels Stores, Inc.-

2. #91 Michaels Stores-

3. Stephen Schwarzman And Blackstone: Wall Street's Unstoppable Force-

4. America's Largest Private Companies-

5. New Frame Of Mind: How Michaels Stores Are Crafting A Modern Brick-And-Mortar Experience-

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