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Morrisons SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52270853| Jul 2020| 15 pages


Business Sector :Retail

Operating Geography :United Kingdom, Europe

About Morrisons :

Morrisons, the smallest of the four largest supermarkets (after Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda) in the United Kingdom, is a Yorkshire based food retailer organization operating in UK with over 500 stores and a robust online home delivery system. Their business is mostly into food and grocery with procurement mainly through its owned manufacturing facilities which helps the company in ensuring quality and build trust with its customers.
William Morrison, the founder, started the company as an egg and butter stall in Bradford, England in 1899. Until 2004, Morrisons was primarily restricted to Northern UK, and only after acquiring Safeway in 2004, the Company expanded its presence across England, Wales, Scotland and Gibralter. The company ranks fourth and is amongst the Big Four supermarkets of UK featuring on London Stock Exchange and Footsie.

Morrisons Revenue :

$17,735 million (FY ending February 2019) (Nil YoY increase)
$17,262 million (FY ending February 2018)

Competitive Analysis of Morrisons

SWOT analysis report for Morrisons essays the detailed business case covering strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of this retailer which has is determined to face all odds through its prudent business strategy of "Fix, Rebuild and Grow". As the Company by and large operates only in Great Britain, considerable headwinds are expected due to the consequences of Brexit and currency shifts as the UK consumer remains resilient so far. Morrisons is the smallest of Britain’s largest four retailers but has been brilliantly competitive and earned fat returns for its investors and shareholders. The SWOT analysis report presents an interesting business case and competitive analysis for Morrisons which believes that scale rarely defines retail winners and losers.
1. Food making skills with strong distribution network and an efficient supply chain
2. Highly customer oriented with ‘MyView” features and “More Card” programme
3. Large product portfolio and customization
1. Limited geographic presence
2. Delayed response to changes
3. Low customer recall of the product and weak loyalty programme
1. Establishing global presence and become largest grocery retailer in UK
2. Convenience, online and discount channels are fastest growing sectors in UK
3. Move into non-food retailing in the UK
4. E-commerce boosting growth in pandemic conditions
1. Changing rules and regulations
2. Growing competition
3. Increasing technological risks
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Morrisons



1. Food making skills with strong distribution network and an efficient supply chain: Half of the fresh food available in the store is made by the organization as the company has its own manufacturing facilities. This feature of in-store food making of Market Street acts as a point of difference. Morrisons has a vertically integrated business model which ensures greater control and closer relationships with its suppliers. They have simplified supplier arrangements from the insights gained via an independent supplier listening survey for building long term relationships with them. Also, they have a national distribution network that supports easier and faster movement of goods and services.

2. Highly customer oriented with ‘MyView” features and “More Card” programme: There is a clear understanding of changing customer buying behaviour and changes are implemented after collecting feedback from various channels like “MyView” customer panel. Customer experience has been enhanced by reducing time during checkout, availability of products and improved services. This has helped them earn high ratings on quality fresh food and store experience. “More Card” programme enables customers to enjoy offers, earn points and save more via in-store and online shopping.

3. Large product portfolio and customization: A wide range of products under “Morrisons Make It”, a fresh range of items made by specialist food makers, are added throughout the year while following “Price Crunch”, cutting down prices of everyday items lowest for as long as possible, programme. Last year, they launched 500 products and another 100 products during Christmas. The menu of cafés was influenced by customer feedback and meals having lesser than 600 calories were made available. In October 2015, with the launch of “For Farmers” range, they expanded their range to 15 product lines. The proceeds gained through the farmers range series, were given to the farmers.


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