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Mylan SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52533753| Sep 2020| 15 pages


Business Sector :Pharmaceutical

Operating Geography :United States, North America, Global

About Mylan :

Mylan is a public company defined by the business law in Netherlands with its stocks listed under NASDAQ. The company is headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA while its main executive offices are located in UK. Founded in 1961 as a drug distributor company, Mylan ranks fifth among generic and specialty pharmaceuticals company in the world as per 2018 revenue figures. It has employed 35000 employees worldwide. Mylan was dragged into controversies in the last few years for their lack of patient-centricity. Few unsympathetic public comments from top executive, their questionably high salary, price inflation for EpiPen - an anti-allergy drug, and controversial advertisements has concerned Mylan shareholders. But, the company under CEO Heather Bresch is sustaining its competitiveness in the market. Despite of increasing regulations, Mylan has been able to avoid any lawsuit related to their generic products since 2000. Mylan has a mission to provide access to the best quality medicine all over the world. To create a new and better brand image, the company is focusing on innovation, integrity, and reliability from last year. They aim to be the global leader in pharmaceutical industry through their generic and branded medicines.

Mylan Revenue :

$11,433 million - FY ended Dec 2018 – (year-n-year growth of -4%)
$11,907 million - FY ended Dec 2017

Competitive Analysis of Mylan

The SWOT analysis of Mylan is presented below:
1. Expertise in generic medicines sector
2. Diversification and broad portfolio across products, markets and channels
3. Strong business model with collaborations and partnerships
4. Broad scientific capabilities with strong R&D
5. Focusing on continuous innovation
1. Mismanagement of EpiPen Crisis damaging Mylan’s brand image
2. Lack of shareholder confidence
3. Declining revenue and equity value
1. Better public relations
2. Volume-based revenue generation
3. Differentiation into non-medicine sector
1. Regulations from government agencies like FDA & FTC
2. Influence from Institutional Shareholder Services
3. Cutthroat competition in pharmaceutical Industry
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Mylan



1. Expertise in generic medicines sector: As per the Center for Justice & Democracy, New York Law School, 80% of every medicine that is prescribed are generic, and if available with the drug supplier, generic medicines are preferred 94% of the time. Hence, there is fierce competition in the generic industry. Still, with 58 years in the generic sector, often among the top five firms to produce generic medicines in terms of revenue, Mylan has a lot more experience and expertise in the field with respect to most of its competitors. Mylan also produces its own branded medicines. Soon after the patent period, they sell the same medicine’s generic to gain first-mover advantage at pricing. Their strategy to merge or acquire with other generic competitors helps them to avoid price-wars which is quite common in generic pharmaceutical industry. With 35,000 employee-base, Mylan is growing its generic research and development centers around the globe. Because of their strong and committed employees from same countries, and partnership with Indian (and other emerging markets) companies which particularly specialize in generics gives them a deeper insight into customer spending power and the need for generic medicines in the market.

2. Diversification and broad portfolio across products, markets and channels: Mylan products are sold all over the world. The revenue distribution is as such: North America – 40%, Europe – 35% and Rest of the world – 25%. Their global network of 47 operation facilities with state-of-the-art processes and systems enable them to supply efficiently to the global market. Mylan has diversified its product portfolio to provide cure for several health problems and diseases. They have more than 7500 products across franchises such as CNS and anesthesia, gastroenterology, oncology, respiratory and allergy, dermatology, women healthcare, infectious diseases, cardiovascular, diabetes and metabolism etc. They have 2500 more products in the pipeline with increased focus on medicines for infectious diseases, anesthesia and oncology. These products come in three types: Branded or physician prescribed medicines, Generics and Over-the-counter medicines (endorsed by physicians). Mylan is popular for its generic medicines in North America and other countries. In Europe, its branded medicines have a greater market. Important stakeholders in distributing these medicines include wholesalers, public health systems, individual pharmacist and physicians. Their generic market is driven by the cost-benefit analysis of public health systems of various countries. Physicians and wholesalers help in the selling of branded medicines. They distribute the products through wholesalers, retailers or through e-commerce. They also collaborate with hospitals and institutions directly through unique package offerings. Their vast portfolio of products and offerings with deep penetration into major markets and countries helps them stay ahead of the competitions.

3. Strong business model with collaborations and partnerships: Mylan has a vision to meet the unmet needs of the patients globally by ensuring access to quality medicines at the best possible affordable prices. To achieve this feat, they try to constantly innovate. They plan in long-term relation with their clients and end drug dealers. Hence, they give importance to reliability and excellent service to the customers. They have partnered with American schools through the Government-backed EpiPen Law so that all the students have access to anti-allergy medicine Epinephrine at the time of emergency. Mylan communicates their zeal to go for the right thing rather than the easier way out through their mission statement. To drive access Mylan has built a huge diversification into the commercial, operational and scientific platforms. This increases the durability of their business model through increased product complexity, penetration into more than 165 countries, using several types of channels such as tender, retail, hospitals, schools etc., a long product portfolio, and mix of branded and generic products. Better health for all stakeholders is what Mylan aims to achieve through its global social responsibility.

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Major Competitors :

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