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Orange S.A. (France Telecom) SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52129553| Feb 2019| 15 pages


Business Sector :Telecommunication Services

Operating Geography :Europe, France, Global

About Orange S.A. :

Orange S.A.(France Telecom), is one of the world's leading telecommunications player providing varied services like fixed line telephony, mobile communication services and internet services in Europe and Africa. Previously popular as France Télécom S.A, it gained autonomy in 1990, but the French Government continues to hold 27% stake in it. As of 2017, it has 152,000 employees worldwide with 93000 strength in France alone. With a strong customer base of 269million, Orange operates in 29 countries and believes in bringing digitization to the masses. It is also a global leader in corporate telecommunication services where it operates under the brand Orange Business Services. Its new business strategic plan "Essentials2020” places customers at the heart strategy with the aim to benefit from the digital universe. Orange features on both the Euronext Paris (symbol ORA) and on the New York Stock Exchange (symbol ORAN).

Orange S.A. Revenue :

€40.9 billion (FY 2016)

Competitive Analysis of Orange S.A.

The SWOT analysis for Orange S.A. (France Telecom) is presented below:
1. Vast physical assets for fixed and mobile networks and continued focus on improving quality
2. Strong international presence
3. Huge customer base
1. No presence in emerging Asian markets.
2. Highly reliant on French markets
1. Capturing Asian markets
2. Scope in Africa for expansion
3. To provide services reflecting today’s service lifestyles
4. Orange Bank is all set to boost mobile banking
5. Booming Corporate requirements
1. Security and privacy
2. Stiff competition in domestic as well as international markets
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Orange S.A.



1. Vast physical assets for fixed and mobile networks and continued focus on improving quality: Orange S.A (France Telecom) depends on its ultra-high speed network, which spans upto 18,000 km of fibre optic cable in France and globally (Europe, US and Singapore). By the end of 2015, 13 million homes in France, Spain, Poland and Slovakia had been connected by fibre optic broadband services. It has a huge coverage in Africa and is a part of people's life by improving electricity supplies in rural and isolated areas. Orange S.A (France Telecom) has additionally invested 15 billion Euros in fixed and mobile networks between 2015 and 2018 which include 4.5 billion in FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) and 5 billion in mobile by which Orange S.A (France Telecom) aims to triple consumer's average data speeds by end 2018.The Company invests in 4G and Fibre and believes that converging services which include a combination of broadband and mobile tariffs are the need of the present hour and prove to be the real catalysts for growth. The Company has set a target of covering 4G for more than 98% of its European operations by 2018, whereas by end of 2016, 10 of the African and Middle East markets were already running 4G. Fibre contracts accounted for 75% growth in 2016 and is witnessing rapid acceleration in Spain and France with 3.3 million customers.In July 2016, ARCEP awarded Orange S.A (France Telecom) France number one for the 6th consecutive year for voice quality of service and data speed.

Orange S.A (France Telecom) is continuously working on modernization of its network by moving it to Cloud so it could be dynamically custom programmed in real time. With Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) and the Software Defined Network (SDN), automation could be introduced in network behaviour through software interfaces where consumers would be able to control services via web applications. This will help decline costs generated by the Group's networks.

2. Strong international presence: Orange S.A (France Telecom) has clocked record sales in France, strong presence in US and Canada and emerged as a market leader in Europe in the telecom sector.Orange S.A (France Telecom)’s ability to differentiate along various segments has helped increase its customer base. Having high presence in a country like France where customers spend an average of 2 hours and 27 minutes on their smartphones is a great competitive advantage. France is shifting from an average of more than seven connected devices per residency in 2016 to 13 in 2022, obliterating the difference between fixed and mobile usage.Europe, where Orange S.A (France Telecom) operates in 8 markets including Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Spain, contributes 70% of the consolidated revenues, 45% of which comes from France alone.Orange S.A (France Telecom) is present in 21 countries in Africa and Middle East and one in every ten Africans is an Orange S.A (France Telecom) customer.

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