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Skyworks Solutions SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52640453| Oct 2020

COMPANY PROFILE -Skyworks Solutions

Business Sector :Semiconductors

Operating Geography :Woburn, Massachusetts, Global

About Skyworks Solutions :

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. is an American company that has revolutionized the wireless networking segment. It was founded in 1962 as Alpha Industries and merged with the wireless communications division of Conexant in 2002. The headquarters of the company are located in Woburn, MA, United States. The company conducts its operations in Asia, Europe and North America. Their highly innovative analog semiconductors are connecting people, places and things together. Technology is also used in a number of new and existing applications within the broadband, aerospace, automotive, cellular infrastructure, industrial, medical, military, connected home, smartphone, tablet and wearable markets.
The company has received many awards over the years for exceptional performance. In 2019, the company was given the award of “Best Strategic Partner” by Xiaomi, to whom it provides advanced front-end solutions. It was also given the award of “Global Excellent Partner” by ZTE for best technology, service and supply in 2019.
The mission statement of the company reads, “Connecting Everyone and Everything, All the Time”. The vision statement of the company reads, “We are empowering the wireless networking revolution, connecting people, places and things around the world”. As per early 2020 records, the company employs around 9000 people across its offices.

Skyworks Solutions Revenue :

$3, 376.8 million – FY ending 27th Sep, 2019
$3, 868.0 million – FY ending 28th Sep, 2018

Competitive Analysis of Skyworks Solutions

The SWOT analysis of Skyworks Solutions is presented below:
1. Large product portfolio with multiple applications
2. Diverse geographic supply chain
3. Consistently Strong Financial
4. Transforming Connectivity through 5G Performance
1. Association with apple and Samsung
2. Operating in a highly cyclical industry
3. Weak performance compared to peers
1. Growth in Internet of Things
2. Fast development of autonomous cars
3. Emerging economies
1. Foreign exchange risk
2. Geopolitical risk
3. The slowing of Moore’s Law and EUV
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Skyworks Solutions



1. Large product portfolio with multiple applications: Skyworks offer a large range of products with latest technologies like Innovative Sky5TM Platform. It is Skyworks’ unifying platform that is providing power to revolutionary 5G applications, it provides good performance and transforming the way people live, work and educate. This product has high performance transmit/receive front-end solutions for new spectrums. In august 2018 Skyworks acquired smart interface innovator Avnera Corporation which has disrupted the market with its technologies like ASoC solutions for audio, video, AI, speech and sensor. Through this acquisition, Skyworks has also grabbed prominent position in wireless connectivity. Skyworks is estimating to have 75 billion devices by 2025 throughout the world. Its high performance analog semiconductor solutions support applications of different industry like aerospace, automotive, broadband, cellular infrastructure, connected home, industrial, medical, military, smartphone, tablet and wearable. Skyworks also deliver vital medical equipment such as blood sugar monitors, hearing aids, pacemakers, heart monitors, hearing ads and MRI scanners. Skyworks also provide smart house connecting devices. It also comprises devices that consume low power and emits high voltage.

2. Diverse geographic supply chain: Skyworks has been recently expanding its abilities within three major areas, customer base, addressed markets and products. The company is combining its expertise regarding core analogs with mixed signal technologies to develop a better set of solutions that will cater to the needs of an increasingly diverse end markets and customers. It is rapidly moving beyond mobile phones, thanks to 5G technology and the almost constant emergence of newer applications, to enter other high-performance analog markets like home and factory automation, medical, smart energy, automotive and wireless networking. In the mobile phone segment, it is already supporting all high end mobile manufacturers as well as key baseband vendors. With the expansion into new markets, Skyworks will be able to increase its scale, global distribution network and intellectual property. The scope of the company currently stands at over 3,200 customers and over 2,500 analog components.

3. Consistently Strong Financial Performance: Skyworks’ investment in fiscal 2018 was much higher compared to fiscal 2017. The company not only upgraded its equipment but also purchased significant stake as marketable securities. A number of acquisitions were made in 2018 to strengthen the capabilities of the Company and promote growth. Cash flow also increased during fiscal 2018 as compared to 2017. There was limited liquidity due to the purchase of stocks. With a market capitalization of US$14.8b, Skyworks Solutions is a large-cap stock, which is considered by most investors as a safe bet. Overall annual revenues of the company have also been consistently rising within the last decade. The Non-GAAP earnings per share of the company are seen to have gone from $0.69 in FY2009 to $3.24 in FY2014. Since then growth rates have accelerated greatly, allowing the company to reach $7.22 in FY 2018. This translates to a compound growth of as much as 19% within the last nine years.

4. Transforming Connectivity through 5G: The demand for high speed data at low costs will rapidly surge as people are increasingly becoming dependent upon cloud usage and connected devices. The emergence of 5G has had a major role to play as it has the ability to facilitate communication between larger machines than ever before. Experts within the industry speculate that 5G will be connecting over 75 billion devices by 2025. Skyworks Solutions has a very good opportunity in place as it can leverage its 5G technology knowhow to offer customers with a wider range of options than its competitors. Skyworks has been a pioneer in developing 5G, underscored by state-of-the-art performance and scale across a wide portfolio of offerings like the millimetre wave, BAW filters, TC-SAW, ultra-high band, expanded family of MIMO and diversity receive modules. The early engagement of Skyworks with 5G has put it in a unique position that allows it to provide customers with integrated RF front-end systems that will take 5G from the device level to an infrastructure level.


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This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.


This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.

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