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Softbank Group SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52545653| Sep 2020| 15 pages


Business Sector :Technology Services, Telecom, Defense, Investment fund, Robotics

Operating Geography :US, Canada, Japan and other Asian, European and African countries

About Softbank Group :

Softbank is a major multinational company spreading its operations globally. It operates in different segments like telecom, investments and distribution. Headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Japan, Softbank started in Oct 1984 in Japan as Japan Telecom Co. Ltd and established Railway Telecom Co. Ltd. Later, during 1991 it established Tokyo Digital Phone Co. and launched second generation mobile telecom services. In August 2002, it has released the first mobile handset in the world- J-SH09 for incorporating QR code reader function. In 2004, Softbank undertook two joint ventures, one with Vodafone Co. and the other with Yahoo (now Altaba Inc.) to fill the digital gap due to geographical constraints. In June 2014, they launched a flagship own robot “Pepper” for understanding emotions of others under Softbank Robotics Europe. In addition to this, they developed retail power businesses for corporate customers. Later, in May 2017, they started working as an investment fund with an aim to invest in technology companies.
With a total of 26 Joint Ventures, Softbank now moved its business from telecom to pure holding company business investing in various segments imbibing the future changes in technology and innovation. They have approximately 74,952 employees spread all over the world as of 2019.
Overall, they have 6 major segments namely
• Softbank Telecom segment
• Sprint segment
• Yahoo Japan segment
• Arm segment
• Softbank vision fund and delta fund segment
• Brightstar segment (distribution of mobile devices overseas)
SoftBank Group Corp. works with the vision of contributing to people’s happiness through Industrial Revolution and to increase its need globally by most of the people. They strive to achieve this with developing leading technology required for Industrial Revolution and future growth. “Try hard, have fun” is the core to Softbank’s values supported with ”Tenacity”, “Reverse Planning”, “Challenge”, ”Speed” and “No.1” as central values.

Softbank Group Revenue :

Total Net Sales:
¥ 3,229,845 million – FY ended 31st March 2018 (Net profit of ¥ 1,237,812 million)
¥ 3,193,791 million – FY ended 31st March 2017

Competitive Analysis of Softbank Group

The SWOT analysis of Softbank Group is presented below:
1. Brand Recognition Leverage
2. Wide Customer Base
3. Strong finances and deep pockets
4. Powerful Research and Development Capabilities
1. High Debt to Equity Ratio
2. Decreasing ARPU in Telecom segment
3. Mounting debt pile questions the Softbank’s creditworthiness
1. Increase in customer spending
2. Differentiated pricing strategy
3. Strengthening US Dollar
4. Increase in demand of 5G
5. Vision Fund set to fuel the transformative power of technology
1. Intense Competition
2. Loss due to natural disasters

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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Softbank Group



1. Brand Recognition Leverage: Over the years, Softbank is a major Telecom player and internet service provider in Japan. With the aim of promoting Industrial Revolution for contributing to the well-being of the society, they expanded their operations in Defense and Technology Services which created the overall brand of the company worldwide. This brand recognition helps the company to leverage for investment in other sectors like Investment fund, Robotics, Energy and Power sector, IT, online games and Sports too, having its own professional Baseball Team. Taking its Investment fund into consideration, it generated revenue of ¥2,851,854 which constitutes 22% of the total revenue generated by company (including other segments). This signifies the impact of strong brand leverage generating higher ROI.
At present, having IOT, Big Data and AI as major upcoming trends in the market, Softbank is directing its resources to this industry by investing in various start-ups and gaining stake of other major public and private companies like Flipkart, PayTm and OYO Rooms. This strong brand recognition helps Softbank to charge a premium as compared to its competitors.

2. Wide Customer Base: Since its inception in 1984, Softbank works on its corporate philosophy of “Information Revolution — Happiness for everyone,” as an invariable principle. This built a strong trust relationship resulting in a wide customer base. Softbank was the first private telecom company in Japan which revolutionized the telecom and mobile services industry. There was a steady increase of around1.38 million subscribers for Softbank’s three smartphone brands, SoftBank and Y!mobile and LINE MOBILE, which was brought onboard in April 2018 and 11,056 thousand units of mobile handsets were sold implying steady growth of customer base. Innovation lies at the heart of all Softbank’s businesses. In partnership with PayTm, an India-based e-commerce payment system and digital wallet company, Softbank has introduced PayPay, a smartphone payment service business which will attract more customer base in this smartphone driven market. This swelling customer base is due to high customer satisfaction, not only for its qualitative and trustable services but also for its CSR initiatives like Game de manaberu shuwa jiten, an application developed for easy communication by children with disabilities which can be used via mobile phones.

3. Strong finances and deep pockets: Diversifying its business into various sectors, generating revenues and reinvesting them into potential projects and investments, Softbank has secured a strong financial position and deep pockets. With reference to its Balance sheet, Softbank’s Cash balance has increased by approx. 53% in 2018 as compared to the previous year. Earnings per share of shareholders is ¥ 933.54 which itself signifies its rate of return on investment. Their retained earnings and capital surplus has increased manifold signifying strong financial position. With reference from MD&A of Softbank, company’s net sales, operating profit and operating margin has increased implying high financial capability.
Financial capability has been seen also by its investments in various startups and IT based companies. Recently, Softbank has announced its investment of $1.5 billion in Guazi, China’s largest used car trading sites valuing the five year old startup at $8.5 billion. It has also partnered with Toyota to facilitate the creation of new mobility services and plan to establish a joint venture company,” MONET Technologies Corporation.”
They have also invested billion dollars for Corporate Social Responsibility in form of disaster relief, providing education to children and many more.

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This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.

SWOT & PESTLE (combined)
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