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Standard Chartered Bank SWOT and PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52427853| Jul 2019| 15 pages

COMPANY PROFILE -Standard Chartered

Business Sector :Banking and Financial Services

Operating Geography :United Kingdom, Europe, Global

About Standard Chartered :

Standard Chartered is a British multi-national bank established in 1969 after the merger of the Standard Bank of British South Africa & the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China and is headquartered in London, UK. It provides banking solutions which includes retail banking and financial services like wealth management to clients with high net worth. It has more than 86,000 employees and operates in more than 60 markets. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchanges and the Bombay and National Stock Exchanges in India. Standard Chartered Bank’s mission statement is “Driving commerce and prosperity through our unique diversity”. Standard Chartered Bank’s USP is their global footprint which is leveraged to provide best customer experience through easy, fast and convenient services by the virtue of their local expertise.

Standard Chartered Revenue :

$14,289 million – Operating Income (FY ending December 31st 2017) (y-o-y growth of 3%)
$13,808 million – Operating Income (FY ending December 31st 2016)

Ownership / Major shareholders :

Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited 15.68%, BlackRock – 5.11%, Standard Life Aberdeen plc– 5.05% (% voting rights as on 31 December 2017)

Competitive Analysis of Standard Chartered

The SWOT Analysis for Standard Chartered Bank is presented below in a nutshell.
1. Brand visibility and global footprint
2. Broad product and services portfolio
3. Financial strength
4. Sustainable growth strategies
1. High dependence on South-east Asian economies especially China
2. Low productivity of industries in developed nations affecting financials
3. Regulatory drag driving down profits
1. Strong Growth potential in emerging economies
2. Expansion opportunities with growth of SMEs
3. Growing demand for Micro financing
1. Treasury and capital risks
2. Fierce competition in market
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Standard Chartered


1. Brand visibility and global footprint: Standard Chartered is one of the oldest and largest banks globally which make it a trustworthy and valuable group. The group makes sustained efforts to retain customers through optimal product delivery to suit the changing market needs. It is able to acquire and retain high-spending, engaged and credit worthy card members. Its global footprint in all continents give it merchant acceptance which is leveraged to develop local market expertise. It also has significant trademarks, service marks and patents to leverage brand value in 63 markets which give it a competitive edge. It has both small and large business clients because of its ethical business practices and financial condition. It is one of the largest trade finance banks in the world. It is #83 in Forbes’ top multinational performers.

2. Broad product and services portfolio: Standard Chartered offers personal and business banking services like loans and mortgages, insurance and investment. It has two divisions, viz: Consumer Banking and Wholesale Banking. The Consumer Banking offers multichannel services across branches, call centres, online and mobile applications. It offers savings and accounts, investment advisory, foreign exchange trading, loans, mortgages, credit cards, currency deposits, mutual funds and employee banking. Wholesale Banking segment provides transaction banking, business protection programmes, wealth management & trade financing globally. Retail Banking Commercial Banking is provided locally and Corporate & Institutional Banking Private Banking is offered globally. Its innovative vision and flexible products supports banking needs globally and help in long term sustainable growth.

3. Financial strength: The group has a history of solid balance sheets. It had assets worth $600 billion at the end of FY 2017. Retail banking income grew by 45%This builds trusts among clients and provides long term trusted partnerships. The investment-grade clients have grown to 57 per cent of customer loans and advances which was 52 per cent in 2016. Strong financials buttress bank solvency and prevent crash-landing failures in times of economic crisis. It also helps in meeting leverage ratio and cash reserves in adverse scenarios during business cycle fluctuations. It helps in expansion, technological advancements and diversification of business to generate more capital. Its investment rose from $1.5 billion in 2017 and $1.6 billion in 2016.

4. Sustainable growth strategies: The group has developed its long term strategies using six long-term trends to drive commerce and prosperity across the world. Its effective risk management and close knit association with the local fabric gives them privileged understanding of its clients’ needs. It ensures a strong capital position as it leverages its global network’s capabilities. The balanced client and product portfolio provides long term profitable growth in returns-accretive businesses and improve productivity. Standard Chartered partners with the clients’ ecosystems which includes their networks of buyers, suppliers, customers and service providers. This broadens their network and improves earnings. This led to 91 new OECD clients & solid growth delivery from the next generation of priority clients


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This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.

Major Competitors :

DBS, HSBC, Barclays, RBS, Lloyds Bank, BNP Paribas, Wells Fargo

Key Business Segments / Diversification :

Standard Chartered
Corporate & Institutional Banking Retail Banking Commercial Banking Private Banking
Credit cards Mortgage loans Wealth management
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