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Swisscom SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52245053 | Aug 2017


Business Sector : Telecom, Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

Operating Geography : Europe

About Swisscom AG : Swisscom AG (Swisscom) is a well-established, integrated telecommunication service provider in Switzerland and holds a name in its neighbouring countries. Swisscom offers a variety of services and products related to mobile handset & its services, fixed and Internet protocol (IP) based voice and data communications. Swisscom offers Digital and analog service access and broadband services over already existing subscriber lines. This company offers services in Information & Communication Technology (ICT) that is predominantly for IT infrastructure outsourcing and management services for communications infrastructures. Swisscom variedly offers its services to residential customers and SMEs in the country. The company operates network in other parts of Europe through its subsidiary FastWeb offering data, voice, internet and IP TV services.

Swisscom AG Revenue : 2,831 Million CHF (As on March 31 2017)

Competitive Analysis of Swisscom AG

The SWOT analysis for Swisscom is presented below:

1. Legacy of more than 160 years and a market leader
2. Governmental backing and customer centric
3. Differentiation among other competitors with strong product positioning and wide high quality distributed network
4. Information & Communication Technology (ICT) leadership in Mobile, Broadband and TV.
5. Fair Supply chain
6. Increased collaboration with start-ups
1. Reluctance in wholesome Expansion
2. Fluctuations and stagnant growth in capital markets
3. Increased competition with rise in number of players and cut throat pricing
4. Direct competition with small time cable operators
5. Convergent offerings by bundling of services may cut the profit ratio
6. Constantly falling revenues due to stagnation
1. Ventures into new product lines and diversification
2. Universal service license for the country from 2018 to 2022
3. Increase in consumer spending and economic positivity
4. Expansion of Fastweb into unexplored areas with Swisscom brand name and trust value
5. Expansion of ultrafast broadband network
6. Rise of Digitization
1. Drop in telephone line connections.
2. Stagnation of its conventional product line or the Telecom industry as a whole.
3. Falling margins triggered by an intense price war with competitors
4. Lawsuit: probe into Telecom Italia-Fastweb broadband deal
5. Penetration of Global market leaders in business solutions.
6. Different laws in different countries and continuous fluctuations regarding product standards

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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Swisscom AG

1. Legacy of more than 160 years and a market leader- Swisscom has a legacy of about 160 years and is a long-standing operator, having one of the largest market shares amongst its European incumbents. The company functions on a high-quality network, thereby justifying Swisscom's competitive positioning and differentiation. It has a fairly large market share in all three major sectors with 60% for mobile, 54% for broadband and 32% for television.

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Swisscom SWOT analysis has been conducted by Siddhi Pota and reviewed by senior analysts from Barakaat Consulting.
The PESTLE analysis for Swisscom is presented below:
1. Governmental coalition with company
2. Resistance against privatization of company
3. Regulations and liberal rules/laws can be influenced due to monopoly
4. The political decision-making is largely influenced in terms of the Telecom and information communication markets.
1. There is no deficit under Swiss law.
2. The effect of the economic volatility will likely be partially mitigated by the changes in accounting and economic policies.
3. Increased competition to weigh on the company's underlying revenue in the domestic market.
1. They have partners in the fields of ecology, social issues and media competence.
2. They are working towards social upliftment and skill growth.
3. They aim at growing with people and share the burden of social issues.
4. In Switzerland even the remote areas have excellent connectivity.
1. Swisscom's focus is the new age ultra-
2. fast broadband network
3. Other operating Segments apart from core competent
4. High-quality network supports Swisscom's competitive positioning
5. The digitalization of each and every aspect of business
6. The workforce of Swisscom is said to be one of the most technologically advanced
1. The Swiss mobile network operates on inculcation
2. Swisscom has to really be prepared with contingency for easy of business in other geographies in Europe.
3. The legal and regulatory obligations are different across European territories hence mitigation becomes difficult.
4. Following the trend of Strategic partnerships across geographies to curb legal inefficiencies.
1. Encourage the sustainability across vendors with minimum wastage.
2. The hoopla of Climate protection across industries
3. Carbon footprint monitoring
4. Waste and recycling, disposal and monitoring of hazards.
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Detailed PESTLE Analysis of Swisscom AG

1. Governmental coalition with company- Swisscom enjoys strong governmental backing as The Swiss Confederation owns 51.0 percent of Swisscom AG. The company thus eliminates chances of heavy losses upon the basis that the government will bail it out in times of financial crisis. Moreover, the fact that Swisscom’s strategic goals coincide with those of the confederation allows it to enjoy the benefits of political aspirations and declarations.

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Swisscom PESTLE analysis has been conducted by Siddhi Pota and reviewed by senior analysts from Barakaat Consulting.
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