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Tata Motors SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 5287253| Mar 2018


Business Sector :Automobile

Operating Geography :Asia, India, Global

About Tata Motors :

Tata Motors is a leading automotive multinational manufacturing company headquartered at Mumbai, India, with employee strength of 76,500 as of 2018.

Tata Motors Revenue :

Rs. 2.69 trillion – FY ending March, 2016

Competitive Analysis of Tata Motors

The SWOT Analysis for Tata Motors is presented below:
1. Strong brand with diversified product portfolio
2. Strong performance of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) division
3. Leading supplier of defense mobility solutions to Indian Armed forces
4. Nano, world cheapest car from the reputed automaker
5. Efficient customer service support
1. Nano’s perception as a low-cost car kept away aspiring customer segment leading to low sales
1. Increasing per capita income fuelling aspiring needs
2. Tata Nano can tap developing markets in Africa and South East Asia
3. CNG and electric car models have promising market potential
1. Increasing competition from other automakers
2. Environmental measures to curb pollution a threat to Tata Motors product portfolio
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Tata Motors



1. Strong brand with diversified product portfolio: Tata Motors has a strong brand equity in the domestic and international markets. In 2016, the company became the second most valuable automaker in Asia outside Japan in terms of market capitalization.Tata Motors is divided into diverse portfolio of products like car and utility vehicles, trucks and buses, municipal solutions, defense and homeland security; and Jaguar Land Rover. It also offers a wide variety of services like customer care, finance and insurance, merchandise and accessories, pre-owned vehicles, corporate and institutional sales.

2. Strong performance of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) division: Tata Motors’, Jaguar Land Rover division posted a record sales of 604,009 vehicles in year ending March 2017, an increase of 16% of FY16. The growth was driven by strong demand in Chinese and US markets where sales jumped by 32% and 24% respectively. Sales also increased by 16% in the UK and 13% in Europe markets. New models such as Jaguar F-Pace SUV and older established models posted strong sales numbers. JLR may also broaden its range into smaller cars and other areas which is expected to further increase its sales.

3. Leading supplier of defense mobility solutions to Indian Armed forces: Tata Motors is renowned for its position as a leading supplier to the Indian army and has won multiple contracts over the years to supply trucks and jeeps to the forces. On 2017, the company was awarded a contract to supply 3192 units of the Tata Safari Storme 4×4 to the Indian Armed Forces. Tata Motors has also established itself as a supplier of specialist vehicles for UN peacekeeping missions. These contracts signify the trust in strength and capabilities of Tata Motors by leading national and international organizations.

4. Nano, world cheapest car from the reputed automaker: Tata Nano was positioned as the cheapest entry level car globally manufactured by a reputed automaker, Tata Motors. The Nano was launched with a price tag of Rs 1 lac (~ USD 1600) with India’s flourishing middle class as the target segment who would not be able to afford the existing cars available in the market.Nano was manufactured with affordability being kept in mind, both on the purchase and maintenance fronts. Tata cars are known for low maintenance costs and Nano is a perfect example. It is also highly fuel efficient with an average mileage of 25 kmpl which is amongst the best in its peer segment. The latest version of Tata Nano, GenX Nano has the most advanced features offered in its segment. The top-end variants come with automatic transmission, power steering, power windows, customizable interiors and digital information display system which are some of the best-in class features offered in the segment

5. Efficient customer service support: Tata Motors have been successful at delivering an enriching customer experience through a consistent quality of services. Some of them are Tata Alert (the road side assistance service program for ICV, M&HCV range of trucks and buses), Tata Fleetman (a telematics system which ensures a better integration with the vehicle systems), Insurance and beyond offering triple benefits to minimize the financial impact to the Tata CV customers, 4 year warranty (offerings for heavy trucks and higher GVW) & Extended service interval (covering the electrical and mechanical breakdown of the vehicles).


1. Nano’s perception as a low-cost car kept away aspiring customer segment leading to low sales: Nano initial positioning as a low cost car and cheapest in the market proved to be a strategic blunder and ultimately became one of its biggest weaknesses. In the Indian markets, buying a car is associated with a social status and symbol, something which Nano failed to provide with its cheapest car tag. The sales in FY 16 and FY17 have been just 21,102 and 7591 units respectively. Thus unless there is a sound turnaround strategy, the product would have to be shut down.


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This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.


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