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Texas Instruments (TI) SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52394253| Jun 2018| 15 pages

COMPANY PROFILE -Texas Instruments (TI)

Business Sector :Semiconductors Industry

Operating Geography :Texas, United States, Global

About Texas Instruments (TI) :

Texas Instruments (TI) is one of the world’s leading manufacturing giants in the Semiconductors Industry. It is headquartered at Dallas, Texas in the United States with an employee headcount of 30,000, spread across 35 countries around the globe as of 2018. This Fortune 500 Company is a staunch advocate of change and is keen to help the world of semiconductors benefit from the positive change they bring. TI has also forayed into the world of high end consumer electronics like graphing calculators with a high computing capability. They are the industry pioneers when it comes to the analog and embedded systems related products while stressing on environment friendly methodologies in their production cycle.

The Company's mission statement reads "We're changing the world, one chip at a time. Our analog and embedded processing products power electronics across every industry and help to make the world smarter, safer, greener, healthier and more fun." TI's USP lies in being the world's largest company producing electronic chips, with over 44,000 patents, having tremendous growth potential in the current market scenario.

Texas Instruments (TI) Revenue :

$14.96 billion (FY Dec 2017)

Competitive Analysis of Texas Instruments (TI)

The SWOT analysis for Texas Instruments (TI) is presented below:
1. Innovative technology
2. Widest Product Portfolio
3. Maximizing Shareholder Wealth
4. Highly Integrated Market Channels
1. Dependency on third party dealer network
2. Limited success outside core business
1. Rising demand in Automotive sector
2. IoT driven applications
3. Renewable Energy Devices
1. Market Consolidation
2. Demand Volatility
3. Electronic Waste Concerns
4. Intense Competition
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Texas Instruments (TI)



1. Innovative Technology: TI is highly adept at employing the most up to date technology in rendering their products. Apart from manufacturing and designing equipment for the Semiconductor Industry and various integrated circuits, the company is also a renowned player in designing military electronic systems. The company is well established in the industry and many electronic design companies across the globe procure their IC chips from them. TI has grown from a commodity business to a highly innovative Internet of Things, or IoT, that produce applications for facilitating factory automation to wearable. It offers hardware, software, and the support to seamlessly connect almost anything to the Internet to make the assemble "smarter". Texas Instruments has always been acclaimed as one of the most innovative companies in the world owing to its cutting edge technology and operational efficiency. The latest innovation is the use of Gallium Nitride (GaN) in the order to deliver optimum power efficiency in Semiconductor Design. GaN has a better switching performance when compared to the conventional Silicon solutions.

2. Widest Product Portfolio: In terms of their Analog and Embedded systems, Texas Instruments (TI) has the broadest portfolio relative to its competitors. This has helped them carve a niche for themselves in the Consumer electronics space. Texas Instruments' business portfolio or key business segments comprise of three main divisions: Analog (64% of revenue), Embedded Processing (23%) and Other including TI products and software (13%). In fact, these segmentations are a defining trait of TI’s reputation so much so that they have earned their place in the company’s Mission Statement. The company has seen its revenue spike by 12.6% year on year in term between Feb to Sep 2017, with their fastest-growing segment being analog, with record profit margins of 46%.They have everything ranging from Semiconductor wafers to chips that are used in Laptops and Desktop computers. Mobile Interface components are also produced by the company. With over 100,000 customers globally employing Texas Instruments "chips", the range of applications is practically infinite.

3. Maximizing Shareholder Wealth: The Company is favoured among investors given the fact that they have been providing a constant increase in free cash flow growth to the tune of $4.7 billion and an 8% CAGR since 2004. This American technology company has beaten analyst estimates for the past seven quarters (with a consistent 12-13% beat for the past three quarters) as of Jan 2018. Last year, the dividend was raised by 24% and the company rolled out a share buyback plan of $6 billion. Maximizing their shareholder wealth or reinvesting has been one of the stances TI has taken to gain the customer’s trust. Currently, TI averages a CAGR of 23% that it is expected to sustain till 2021. TI share price has gone up by 15% this year after the 43% rise in their share price in FY 2017. TI has been consistent in ensuring that their profits exceed their revenue by a huge margin with dividend increases for the last 14 consecutive years. They are in the top 15% of free cash flow generating companies among the S&P 500 Companies.

4. Highly Integrated Market Channels: In the making of a product whose usage and success is dependent on the end user, Texas Instruments has mobilized its Workforce to ensure that their marketing channels are sufficiently equipped to listen to the customer and at the same time they are product-centric when selling their Integrated Chips to the Electronics manufacturers. Texas Instruments has set up MOU’s with many universities and co-created a curriculum for Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) as a Master’s Programme at a few universities. They have deployed their Digital Marketing Associates to monitor and actively pursue sales opportunities that are circulated via Social media Platforms. They have also set up several R& D centers in regions they are operating in and also where the customer operates from.


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