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ThyssenKrupp AG SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 5290153| Mar 2019| 15 pages


Business Sector :Engineering and Capital Goods, Technology

Operating Geography :Germany, Global

About ThyssenKrupp AG :

ThyssenKrupp, founded in 1842, is a European multinational conglomerate corporation based in Duisburg and Essen, Germany. ThyssenKrupp has a presence in over 80 countries and has more than 155,000 employees worldwide. The company has traditional strengths in materials, capital goods and service businesses.

ThyssenKrupp AG Revenue :

€39.263 billion – FY ending 30th Sept 2016

Competitive Analysis of ThyssenKrupp AG

The SWOT analysis for Thyssenkrupp AG is presented below:
1. Healthy balance sheet with strong financials
2. Innovation and technical expertise
3. Existing distribution & sales network.
4. Comprehensive product portfolio
1. High R&D cost
2. Limited presence in Asia Pacific Region
3. High production costs
1. Asia Pacific
2. Positive outlook for global automobiles.
3. Need for Eco-friendly & sustainable products
1. Sluggish global economic growth
2. Declining prices
3. Impact of Brexit
4. Labor unrest
5. German Renewable Energies Act
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of ThyssenKrupp AG


1. Healthy Balance Sheet with Strong Financials: Though the financial indicators show a year on year decline, Thyssenkrupp has managed to remain stable in a tumultuous global economy. Its revenues for 9 months ending on June 30, 2016 stood at 29.265 billion € which is a 9 percent YOY decline. This decline can be attributed to rebranding costs & increased R&D investments. The EBIT has also incurred a YOY decline of 13 percent.

2. Innovation & Technical Expertise: Owing to its technical prowess, the company has emerged as one of the largest steel producers in the world. Thyssenkrupp has been the major innovator in the Elevator Industry. The company is currently working on integrating Microsoft’s HoloLens technology in its elevator services operations worldwide.

3. Existing distribution & Sales network: ThyssenKrupp has sales & distribution network in more than 80 countries. It has a diversified global presence with the majority of its 2,200 production sites & offices located outside Germany.

4. Comprehensive Business Portfolio: ThyssenKrupp has a highly diversified business portfolio and offers carbon steel products like tubes, pipes, heavy plate, tinplate, hot strip, the automotive and construction machinery industries, wind turbines, the automotive and construction machinery industries, domestic and freight elevators, operators of submarines and surface naval vessels, potential operators of chemical plants, refineries, and other industrial plants.


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SWOT & PESTLE (combined)
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ThyssenKrupp AG SWOT & PESTLE Analysis
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