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Toll Group SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52251453| Jan 2018


Business Sector :Logistics

Operating Geography :Australia, Global

About Toll Group :

Toll Group was founded in 1888 by Albert Toll. It provides integrated logistics solutions across 55 nations around the world and is one of the largest logistics service providers in the Asia-Pacific region today. The headquarters of the company are located currently in Melbourne. There are over 40,000 employees working with the company. The gamut of businesses working under the group are Toll Global Resources & Government Logistics, Toll Global Logistics, Toll Global Forwarding, Toll Global Express, Toll Domestic Forwarding, and Toll Specialized & Domestic Freight. The company provides services that fall under the categories of document parcel and courier service, freight services, warehouse logistics, aviation, maritime & fleet services, remote & resource logistics, business support and consultancy and project services.

Toll Group Revenue :

$8.8 billion

Competitive Analysis of Toll Group

The SWOT analysis for Toll Group is presented below:
1. Strong Financial position which could be attributed to with new contract wins.
2. Making its presence felt through increased CSR activities.
3. Post take over Toll will have access to the huge customer base in Asia and will also have capital being infused by Japan Post’s banking arm.
1. Underperformance of some of the businesses due to overwhelming expansion.
2. The relatively weaker presence of Toll Group in the online delivery market
1. Strong requirement of logistics services in the mid and long term as predicted by the Managing Director-Toll Group.
2. Restructuring and Cost saving initiatives.
3. Acquisition by Japan Post.
1. Not being able to break in to Australia Post’s market of online deliveries.
2. Possible loss of contracts due to acquisition by Japan Post.
3. Existing Customers restructuring
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Toll Group


1. Strong Financial position which could be attributed to with new contract wins: Though this capital intensive company has been incurring losses in some of its businesses in certain geographies, it has also been steadily winning deals/contracts which are off-setting the losses incurred. Toll Energy, a part of Toll Global Resources won a $90 million INPEX-operated Ichthys LNG project contract for 10 years. Toll Energy was also awarded the $100 million contract by Chevron Australia Pvt. Ltd. For a period of 5 years. Toll Energy also cracked a series of crucial deals with the oil and gas producing giant Santos limited for a period of 5 years. The estimated revenue that this deal is expected to earn is $275 million (official media release by Toll Group). Toll remote logistics too won important contracts with New Zealand, Australian and US Defence Forces. Toll’s Singapore-based government business group too won a number of clients in the healthcare sector of Singapore.

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Toll Group SWOT analysis has been conducted and reviewed by senior analysts from Barakaat Consulting.


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Toll Group SWOT & PESTLE Analysis
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