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Tyson Foods SWOT and PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52432853| Jul 2018| 15 pages


Business Sector :Consumer Goods & Food products

Operating Geography :United States, North America, Global

About Tyson Foods :

Tyson Foods Inc., also popularly known as Tyson Corporation is one of the world’s largest food companies serving its customers across United States and 115 other countries. It is headquartered in Springdale, Arkansas. The company was founded in the year 1935 and today has a broad portfolio of products and brands under it like Tyson, Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farm, Ball Park, Wright, Aidells, ibp& State Fair. The company operates majorly in the following four segments ranked on the basis of the revenues earned from each of the segment –Beef, Pork, Chicken, Pre-cooked and processed foods. All its chicken operations are vertically-integrated &sells its products through a vast distribution network which includesdirect sales to grocery retailers, grocery wholesalers, meat distributors, warehouse club stores, military commissaries, industrial food processing companies, chain restaurants or their distributors, live markets, international export companies anddomestic distributors. Tyson employs approximately 122,000 employees as of early 2018. Tyson Foods USP or unique selling proposition lies in being the world’s largest fully-integrated producer, processor, and marketer of poultry-based food products with some big brands under its umbrella.

Tyson Foods Revenue :

US$38,260 million - FY ending 30th September 2017 (y-o-y growth of 3.8 %)
US$36,881 million - FY ending 30th September 2016

Competitive Analysis of Tyson Foods

The SWOT Analysis for Tyson Foods is presented below:
1. Leader in protein based products in the world
2. Recognized brand name across United States
3. Customer loyalty through superior quality products
4. Association with big brand retailers in consumer foods segment
5. Strong presence with more than 300 facilities

1. Primarily dependent on independent contract suppliers
2. Undiversified customer portfolio
3. Frequent product recalls costing brand value
1. Market expansion in niche markets
2. More diversified Product portfolio
3. Scope for continuous product innovation
1. Fluctuation in commodity prices by suppliers
2. Inevitable outbreaks of livestock diseases
3. Acquisition of AdvancePierre might not be that profitable
4. Intense competition from cheaper manufacturers in niche markets

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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Tyson Foods


1. Leader in protein based products in the world: Tyson Foods is one of the world’s largest food companies and a leader in manufacturing and processing of a variety of protein based products. The firm’s high market penetration and brand loyalty is facilitated by its vertically integrated chicken operations as well as its recognizable packaged food brands such as Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farms, and Ball Park. All their products, including chicken, beef & pork are absolutely fresh, affordable and they strive in maintaining the highest quality possible. The Company is also a leading poultry breeding stock supplier in the world and believes in continually developing their product to make their proteins more sustainable.

2. Recognized brand name across the United States: The Tyson brand is well known in the United States for its largest and robust protein portfolios in the market and this helps keep the demand for its products high. The reason why the company has a competitive advantage over other companies lies in the fact that the company has efficiently managed to reduce its fixed costs through economies of scale. The Company has also proved itself as a leader in terms of 3% growth in revenues with $2,931 million in 2017 fiscal year & sales valuing at $38,260 million. The company has also been listed in Fortune’s “Most Admired Companies” for five consecutive years and has been named a leading company in “Faith Equality Index”

3. Customer loyalty through superior quality products: The organization has a customer base which is spread across 117 countries (with some of its major markets being Canada, Central America, China, the European Union, Japan, Mexico, the Middle East, South Korea and Taiwan) and is under constant pressure to provide all its customers the same fresh & affordable meat products. The Company controls all aspects of production “from egg to plate” with further processing being the focus of most of the Tyson’s production facilities. In order to achieve this, the company has its own Laboratory & Research services group which keeps a check on the production and quality of meat being manufactured and supplied to the retailers.

4. Association with big brand retailers in consumer foods segment: Tyson Foods Inc. sells its products to retail food distributors, grocery stores, supermarkets, club stores, and restaurant chains. Among them, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is the single largest customer of Tyson Foods in all four major segments, accounting for 17.5% of the company’s fiscal 2017 consolidated sales. No other customer claimed over 10% of Tyson Food Inc’s fiscal 2016 sales. Sanderson Farms, Hormel Foods, and Pilgrim's Pride recognize 17.5%, 13.7%, and 14.4% of sales respectively, with no significant (i.e. >10%) sales to any other single customer.

5. Strong presence with more than 300 facilities globally: Tyson produces and ships fresh, frozen & refrigerated products worldwide. Their distribution system extends to a broad network of food distributors and is supported by their own or leased cold storage warehouses, public cold storage facilities & a robust transportation system. Internationally, they rely on both rail & truck refrigerated transportation to domestic ports, where consolidation takes place to transport to foreign destinations.


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