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Union Pacific Corporation SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52143753| Oct 2018

COMPANY PROFILE -Union Pacific Corporation

Business Sector :Logistics, Railways

Operating Geography :North America, United States, Global

About Union Pacific Corporation :

Union Pacific Corporation (UNP), incorporated in 1969, is America’s leading rail transportation company. It is headquartered at Omaha, Nebraska. Union Pacific Railroad is the operating company of UNP. The company's railroad ships a variety of goods including agricultural, automotive, chemicals, coal, and industrial and intermodal products.

Union Pacific Corporation Revenue :

$19.941 billion – FY ending Dec 2016

Competitive Analysis of Union Pacific Corporation

The SWOT Analysis for Union Pacific Corporation is given below:
1. Brand recognition
2. Reliable infrastructure & network
3. Exceptional operational capabilities
4. Diversification in products
1. Decreasing revenue ton-miles for coal
2. High exposure to debt
3. Potential of work stoppages or strikes
1. Favourable present government
2. Growth opportunities in intermodal segment
3. Favourable growth outlook for North America
1. High litigation costs
2. Highly regulated sector
3. Climate change and high fuel cost
4. Few suppliers of locomotives and rail
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Union Pacific Corporation


1) Brand Recognition: It is America's one of most recognized companies and carries a brand name and trust of roughly 10,000 by delivering products in a safe, reliable manner.

2) Strong Infrastructure & Network: UNP connects 23 states by rail. From 2006-2015, UNP invested $33 billion in its network. It provides freight transportation, serving a lot of the fastest growing US population centres. Also, it also connects with Canada rail system and is the also serving all six major Mexican gateways.

3) Exceptional Operational Capabilities: UNP has witnessed robust cash flow from operations with operating expenses seeing a decreasing trend in the past few years. It has consistently focussed on improving the productivity by keeping the cost of transporting each carload in check by smart investments to increase the average speed, length, and reliability of trains.

4) Diversification in Products: UNP serves broad and diversified customer base, which includes intermodal, coal, industrial products, chemicals, agricultural and automotive. With the help of diversification, it is not only able to increase its revenue but also has been efficient in the diversification of the risk.


1) High Litigation Costs: UNP is at high risk in terms of any type of accident which results in the release or combustion of hazardous goods which could involve substantial costs and claims for injury, property damage, and environmental penalties and remediation.

2) Highly regulated sector: UNP is subject to governmental regulations. Failure to adhere to applicable laws and regulations could have an adverse effect on it. Governments or regulators may also change the frameworks within which it operate.

3) Climate Change and High Fuel Cost: Controls on emissions of greenhouse gasses could significantly increase its operating expenses. Government incentives encouraging the use of alternative sources of energy could also affect its product mix being carried.

4) Few Suppliers of Locomotives and rail: For a high percentage of its rail purchases, UNP utilize two steel producers. Due to high barriers to entry, if one of these suppliers discontinues operations it could experience both substantial cost increases for rail purchases and difficulty attaining sufficient rail for maintenance and other projects.

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