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Vodafone Group SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52277553| Sep 2020| 15 pages


Business Sector :Telecom

Operating Geography :United Kingdom, Europe, Global

About Vodafone Group :

Vodafone Group plc is a major British multinational telecom company which is headquartered in London, U.K. The profound idea of cellular boom began when Racal Electronics Plc. and Millicom Inc. partnered in 1984 to offer mobile telephone services, thus marking the start of the Vodafone brand. Vodafone Group plc was finally established as an independent company in 1991. It has a significant presence in the Asia Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.
Vodafone is an acronym for Voice Data and telephone, which symbolizes that the company strives to render voice and data services aloft the telephone. Operating in 25 countries, Vodafone offers a wide range of communication services to both consumers and businesses in multiple regions and ranks 4th in terms of mobile customers as of 2018. Their broad array of products and services include mobile services, IoT (Internet Of Things), Fixed broadbands, Cloud & Security, Carrier services and many others. Vodafone Group has an average of 92,000 employees as of 2019.
Vodafone’s mission statement reads “Our aim is to improve one billion lives and halve our environmental impact”. Vodafone’s Vision is to be “A converged communications technology leader, enabling the digital society”.
Vodafone’s USP or Unique Selling Proposition unfolds in being the second largest mobile network operator in the world after China Mobile in terms of subscribers and seventh largest in terms of market value.

Vodafone Group Revenue :

€43.6 billion- FY ending March 31st 2019 (y-o-y growth of – (negative)-6.43%)
€46.6 billion- FY ending March 31st 2018

Competitive Analysis of Vodafone Group

Vodafone is a communications technology company, connecting over 650 million people, and organizations of all sizes, to the digital ecosystem. The company aims at enhancing the future through technology and connectivity, hence improving millions of lives. The SWOT analysis tool is employed to assess the internal and external factors and their impacts on the Vodafone Group's micro and macro environment. Precisely the SWOT analysis is a primary evaluation model and a structure, utilized to evaluate a company's competitive stance by recognizing its internal strategic factors like strengths and weaknesses, external strategic factors like opportunities and threats.
Operating in 25 countries and partnered with another 47 countries, Vodafone enjoys a huge market share, making it one of the global leaders in the telecom industry. Vodafone is the second largest telecom provider in the world’s second largest telecommunication market, India which has a whopping 1.2 billion subscriber base of which 223 million are Vodafone users. Apart from its deep telecom roots, the Vodafone Company is further strengthened by factors like great marketing strategies with engaging campaigns of Zoozoo and PUG, huge subscription base, robust fiscal muscle and employee base, etc.
Despite all the internal strengths, there are particular weaknesses that curtail Vodafone’s growth. Drop in brand valuation, high dependency on mobile services for revenue, dwindling subscribers, etc., continue to affect the brand and its operations.
Unlike most of its competitors, Vodafone is functioning merely in urban areas and lacking penetration in rural markets. This is a long-term expansion opportunity for the company if it can set its footprint even in the rural sector. Also, the telecom industry has witnessed rising internet and mobile users in recent years which is a golden opportunity for Vodafone as well. The company can focus on its core values, new strategies and initiatives to increase its number of subscribers.
Vodafone company encounters a major threat from its rival brands endeavoring better products and services like speedy internet service, better network coverage, low pricing plans, etc. With competitors offering better plans and services users are more likely to switch their network to more lucrative providers vai MNP (Mobile Number Portability).
The SWOT analysis for Vodafone is presented below in the SWOT Matrix followed by the detailed analysis:
1. Extensive market coverage
2. Innovative advertising strategies
3. Success of M-Pesa
4. Improved financials
1. Declining subscriber base
2. Weak performance in European markets
1. Proposed merger with Idea Cellular in Indian markets
2. Rising investments to drive revenue growth
3. 5G to bring seamless connectivity and market growth
4. Huge potential in Africa
1. Impact of Brexit and the subsequent devaluation of the British pound
2. Intense competition across markets
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Vodafone Group


1. Extensive market coverage: Vodafone Group enjoys a significant customer base spread all across the globe. It operates in more than 30 different countries and has partner operations in many more additional places. Thus, it enjoys a significant share of the telecom market in most of the countries that it operates in. As of 2017, Vodafone Group occupies 50.9 %, 22.7 %, 22.6 %, 32.3 % and 33.9 % of the market share in South Africa, India, UK, Italy and Germany respectively. It was ranked the 6th most valuable global telecom brand in 2017.

2. Innovative advertising strategies: Innovation has always been a part of Vodafone Group’s advertising strategy. Vodafone was the first to partner with Yahoo in mobile advertising back in 2006. The company had roped in Ogilvy in 2017 to launch its “youth brand,” VOXI in United Kingdom which offers endless data on social apps. Further starting from the Hutch re-branding with Vodafone Group with a pug as their brand ambassador and punched with the famous tagline, “Wherever you go, our network follows” to the launching of Zoozoos using IPL 2 as a platform In Indian markets, which was an instant success with the masses and gave a huge boost to Vodafone Group’s brand. Vodafone Group has always managed to attract customers through its unique advertising strategies.

3. Success of M-Pesa: M-Pesa is the world’s most successful money transfer service. It enables millions of people who have access to a mobile phone, but do not have or have only limited access to a bank account, to top-up airtime, send and receive money, make bill payments and much more. Vodafone Group offers M-Pesa services in several counties in Africa and Asia and Eastern Europe. It was revealed that a record 614 million M-Pesa transactions were processed during December 2016. M-Pesa’s impact in Kenya put mobile money services on the global map.

4. Improved financials: The group total revenue stood at £47.6 billion, as per the 2017 annual report of the company. The organic adjusted EBITDA increased by 5.8 percent to £14.1 billion. The dividend also increased by 2 percent to 10.03c. Vodafone Group delivered a free cash flow of £4.1 billion in 2017. Simultaneously, the company has improved its fixed assets efficiency.


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This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.


This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.

SWOT & PESTLE (combined)
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USD 12.53
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• The SWOT and PESTLE analysis report of Vodafone Group provides a detailed analysis of all the internal and external factors that govern and influence the brand and its operations.
• The SWOT analysis presents comprehensive, Internal analysis manifesting the Vodafone's strengths and weakness, external analysis helps to identify the opportunities for progress and threats that can hinder the growth
• The PESTLE analysis highlights the current trends in the Telecommunications industry with a precise depiction of the external factors and its impact on the industry and particularly on the Vodafone Group
• A thorough explanation of how influencers like political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors have developed Vodafone’s innovative business model.
• Extracting Vodafone's key business segments by scrutinizing its business diversification and highlighting its major competitors
• Review of the acquisitions, mergers, capital raising, equity transactions, alliances or partnership ventures that Vodafone complied with deal valuations and the business objectives or goals that were achieved by them.
• Comprehensive company analysis to collect information about company profile, business model, business plans and marketing strategy, including abstract information of Vodafone's founders, its corporate headquarters, share price, value proposition, and revenue jumps.
• Overall Company review of Vodafone to understand its USP or unique selling proposition along with Vodafone’s mission and vision statement.
• Insights into Vodafone's business model, along with further breakdown and analysis of key business segments and business case study.
• Crisp synopsis of Vodafone's core competencies that added competitive advantage to the company over its major competitors.
• Evaluate key performance indicators, core values and success factors for Vodafone.
References used in Vodafone Group Analysis Report

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The detailed set of references are available on request in the 'Complete report' on purchase.

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