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Yara International SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52641253| Apr 2020| 15 pages

COMPANY PROFILE -Yara International

Business Sector :Agricultural Chemicals and Solutions

Operating Geography :Norway, Europe, Global

About Yara International :

Yara International is a chemical company incorporated in 1905 in Norway. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Yara has over 17,000 employees operating in over 60 countries and sales in over 160 countries covering the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia. It specializes in the field of nitrogen fertilizers and its industrial applications. Yara has an ambient work environment and adopts an open work culture of diversity among workers.
Yara comes with a mission to feed the world responsibly by developing digital farming tools and formulate sustainable eco-friendly solutions. Yara’s vision statement reads as “A collaborative society; a world without hunger; a planet respected.” The company has three working segments: Crop Nutrition, Industrial and Production.
The crop nutrition segment consists of a large distribution network for fertilizer products and agribusiness solutions. The Industrial segment is involved in developing and selling of chemical gases to non-fertiliser making companies. Production and sales of nitrogen chemicals, industrial explosives all come under this category which is primarily marketed at European production and global explosive industry.
The Production segment of the company manufactures nitrogen-based products and includes the production of finished fertilizers, ammonia and industrial products like nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium (NPK), urea, phosphate mining and nitrates. It also deals with the sale and transportation of ammonia all over the globe.
Yara has evolved throughout the years with innovative strategies to increase the value of service and provide quality food. It has positioned itself to drive towards more sustainable goals that are premium products, our agronomic knowledge, our services, and our digital technologies while providing customers with their needs.

Yara International Revenue :

Total Net Sales:
$12.9 billion – FY ended 30th Dec 2018 (YoY growth 13.1%)
$11.4 billion – FY ended 30th Dec 2017

Competitive Analysis of Yara International

The SWOT analysis of Yara International is presented below:
1. Strong brand name in niche market
2. High sustainability practices in operation
3. Innovative solutions with purpose
4. Operational Excellence
5. Innovative technological solutions with purpose
1. Weak Asian presence
2. Environment compliance hazards
1. High potential in emerging/developing markets
2. Industrial supply is highly elastic
3. Adoption of high-tech in agribusiness
4. Transformation to the crop nutrition company for the future
5. Developing high value and differentiated product portfolio
1.Currency depreciation causing loss
2. Volatile demand trends
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Yara International



1. Strong brand name in niche market: Fertilizer industry fundamentals are attractive, as long-term population growth seems evitable in every state of nations. In Agri 2018, Yara increased both production and deliveries, and EBITDA increased by 13 %. Second-quarter EBITDA excluding special items was USD 546 million, up from USD 321 million a year earlier, mainly reflecting higher production volumes and nitrogen upgrading margins. It is also expected that the agri-market will see the highest market share of Nitrogen liquid fertilizer within the forecast period due to its properties of providing nutrients which help in improving overall plant health. With its positioning of the products towards greater crop nutrition and improved fertilizer efficiency, Yara has made it through all challenges faced in agri-industry.

2. High sustainability practices in operation: Yara has continuously maintained the habit of sustainable practices towards the future of the world which moving rapidly inching towards climate changes. A $1.1 billion, five-year revolving credit facility recently signed by Yara is expected to help significantly in reducing its carbon dioxide output by linking the interest to be paid to its progress. This is expected to as an incentive to the company to reduce its carbon footprint. The goal of the company is to develop products which help in customer business growth while saving the earth resources. It has made it its mission to feed the world and protect them in a responsible manner.

3. Innovative solutions with a purpose: In line with the farmer-centric strategy, we are developing scalable solutions, such as digital farming tools, that can be applied and customized around the world to all types and sizes of farmers. Bringing an innovative solution to simplify operation has been a key strength of Yara. With an increase in green ammonia production, they have been gliding through innovative solutions in existing and new business areas. Today when the agricultural sector has growth potential but agricultural health providers expertise are limited, Yara has been able to provide with premium products, our agronomic knowledge, our services, and our digital technologies to create sustainable and scalable solutions that respond to our customers’ needs.

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