Sony PlayStation: How they are managing to stay at the top of the game

SONY Play Station

Founded in May 1946, Sony Corporation (or simply, Sony) is a Japanese multinational corporation with its headquarters in Minato, Tokyo. Its varied businesses proliferate the spheres of electronics, gaming, music and film and television entertainment. The PlayStation is a video gaming brand consisting of four home video game consoles and other equipment which when installed together provide the best gaming experience known to us. It was launched in December 1994 (originally in Japan) and is owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

In the era of manifold technological developments and intense competition in the market, Sony has through the decades managed to maintain a steady position. For this, Sony has maintained a dynamic front in all sectors constantly outdoing themselves and resetting benchmarks. There are many reasons that place Sony on the pedestal that it is today.

For example, Sony’s report of last year’s performance shows that gaming continues to be one of the paramount sectors in Sony’s multifaceted business order accounting for almost one fourth of the sales of the entire corporation. This favourable outcome owes itself to the phenomenal success of the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PlayStation 4 Pro. This “game-changing” gaming model was a hit from day one since its launch in 1994 and over the years updated versions have been launched. The Sony SWOT and PESTLE Analysis speaks of the huge demand for Gaming and Network especially PS4 which was released in 2013 and has since sold more than 80 million consoles with an ever increasing fan base year after year.

However, the good news for PlayStation fans lies in the fact that a talk of PS5 to be launched soon is doing the rounds. This next gen console will be released in 2020 however its development process has already begun. This is an interesting time for investors and stakeholders in the Sony business as a steep upward spiral is expected in the business. PS5 is expected to have exciting features like more horsepower, backwards compatibility, new virtual reality headset and an improved streaming service.

Aside from PS5 a number of games are also set to be introduced to and in the market soon. One of these games is “Days Gone” a game set in dystopia wherein a lonely biker is required to successfully ride through a global pandemonium. Set to a be a cross between successful games like “Sons of Anarchy” and “28 Days Later” the game will feature “freakers” a new character created that is a higher version of a zombie which are water-like beings that will be rushed in great numbers to disturb the rider and are capable of surviving a tsunami. The game will be released in April this year.

American video game developer which works under Sony is set to bring out their sequel game “The Last of Us: Part II”, sequel to the highly successful PlayStation game “The Last of Us”. This highly anticipated second part will feature the return of their main protagonists Joel and Ellie with a special focus on Ellie and her story which will be revealed as the game progresses. It will perhaps be released this year itself.

A very important aspect of these games is the fact that a connection is created between the gamer and the character whereby deeply involving the gamer in the game. Somewhere the fate of the character of the games also lies in the hands of the gamer; a responsibility taken very seriously by these gamers.

According to Sony SWOT and PESTLE Analysis, Sony has also branched into the online streaming and broadcasting service, the most and coming sector of internet entertainment. Much like Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube and Netflix to name a few, Sony dived into the business with their PlayStation Vue, an over-the-top television service. Launched in 2015, Vue offers a number of channels quite like those which are offered by their vMVPD competition. Within a span of 3 years, Vue has already begun to challenge its more established competitors. For example, Vue’s video streaming delivery runs at the rate of 4.59 Mbps, compared to the industry medial of 3.07 Mbps.

This is not to say that Sony struts completely unopposed. Companies like Xbox and Nintendo have launched rival products along the lines of console video gaming that have also been hugely successful. However, considering the cut-throat competition in the online entertainment sector and the gaming world where even one mistake can be fatal Sony has carved its own place and is unshakable. This is thanks to their dynamic product development, quality delivery and decades of trust that they have established with their customer base.

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