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Micron Technology SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52554853| Sep 2020| 15 pages

COMPANY PROFILE -Micron Technology

Business Sector :Semiconductors

Operating Geography :North America, Global

About Micron Technology :

Micron Technology is an American global corporation and S&P 500 company headquartered in Boise, Idaho. Its products include many types of semiconductor devices like Dynamic RAM, Flash Memory, USB flash drives and solid state devices. All its consumer products are marketed under the brand name Ballistics and Crucial. It is also having a joint venture with Intel called IM Flash Technology which produces NAND flash memory. The American global corporation engaged in several mergers and acquisitions, the most crucial one being the Lexar brand which it handled from 2006 to 2017, before selling it off to Longsys, a Shanghai based company. The company’s international competitors include Intel (USA), SK Hynix (KOR), Samsung Electronics (KOR), Infeneon Technologies (DEU), and Xilinx Inc. (USA). The company is one of the top players in the semiconductor market and data storage technology of the world. It deals with both B2B and B2C market and runs a workforce of nearly 36000 people as of 2019.
The company faced a tragedy in 2012 when it’s then CEO Steve Appleton died in a plane crash in Idaho, and since 2017 Sanjay Mahrotra is the company’s President and CEO. In 2018, the company introduced QLC NAND memory to increase storage density and with that it ranked 150th among Fortune 500 list of largest US corporations in terms of revenue. In the year 2019, the company has achieved a remarkable feat of launching the world’s first Micro SD card with a storage capacity of 1 TB.
Micron Technology’s USP or unique selling point lies in being the industry leader in innovative memory and storage solutions. Through their global brands – Micron®, Crucial®, and Ballistix® and superior storage technologies, including DRAM, NAND, NOR Flash and 3D XPoint memory, the company aims to transforming the way people use information to enrich life.

Micron Technology Revenue :

Total revenue:
US $ 30.39 Billion – FY ending August 30th, 2018 (YOY growth: 49.5%)
US $ 20.32 Billion – FY ending August 31st, 2017

Competitive Analysis of Micron Technology

The SWOT analysis for Micron Technology is presented below:
1. A strong and reputed brand portfolio
2. Reliable network of Suppliers
3. Increased manufacturing scale through successful acquisitions, expansion, and partnerships
4. Formidable basket of patents and licenses
5. Highly skilled workforce
6. Development and integration of advanced product and process technology
1. Inefficient demand forecasting mechanism
2. Need more investment in technology
3. Unique structure of Micron’s acquisition of MMJ
4. Under pressure to meet debt obligations

1. New inflow of customers from online channels
2. Government’s Green Drive initiatives around the world
3. Innovative technologies to boost revenue
1. Number of lawsuits in different geographies
2. The semiconductor memory and storage markets are fiercely competitive
3. Micron’s sales in China to face heat in light of escalating US China Trade tensions
4. Threat of defective or incompatible products
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Micron Technology



1. A strong and reputed brand portfolio: Through its global brands like Micron, Crucial and Ballistix, the company is able to offer the industry’s broadest portfolio of memory and storage products for the latest application in a variety of fields. Over the years, nearly a period spanning over four decades, the company has been able to build this strong brand portfolio which is helping people to transform the way they use information in their daily life. This rich product diversity is extremely useful to the organization for its expansion plans into new product categories. With swelling demand of storage and technology solutions in diverse fields of automobile, Virtual glasses, smart watches, 4K televisions, Industrial IOT, High end mobile device sophistication, Networking solutions in-between devices, Cloud computing and Large servers, there is massive growth potential in some of these high scope areas where Micron can gain market share and continue to leverage its expertise through its world class brands.

2. Reliable network of suppliers: Micron Technology practices very stringent Suppliers Quality Requirement protocols which it diligently follows. It works towards a mutually profitable relationship that reduces risk, provides for compliance and business continuity, and goes beyond competitive pricing. All its suppliers follow RBA standard of labor, health, safety, environment, ethics and management system, regardless of the local laws or customs cradled by any supplier. The company even claims to address strongly any conflict material sourcing that may be directly or indirectly supporting civil disobedience or human right abuses in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or adjoining countries. Every year the American technology giant runs the Micron Technology’s Award program for encouraging its suppliers to better business in future and reinforcing its relationship with them for long term sustainability and seamless business operations.

3. Increased manufacturing scale through successful acquisitions, expansion, and partnerships: Micron Technology manufactures their products at state-of-the-art, wholly-owned and joint venture facilities located in Taiwan, Singapore, the United States, Japan, and China and also employ subcontractors to run specific manufacturing processes. In recent years, the Company has ramped up manufacturing scale massively by engaging in successful acquisitions and joint ventures. Right from its flagship major acquisition of Toshiba’s commodity DRAM operations at Dominion Semiconductor, LLC (Subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation of Japan, located at Manassas, Virginia) in the year 2002, the company has conducted a series of successful mergers and acquisitions which are highlighted below. The acquisition of Numinyx B.V. from Intel in Feb 2010, helped Micron to further diversify its business amid the booming mobile device market as smart-phones nurse a growing need of expanding memory. Again in 2013, Elpida Memory Inc. and Rexchip Electronic Corporation was acquired which improved the production capacity of the company by 45%. Fiscal 2015 was a year full of acquisitions after the company was named #1 in Top 50 Employers by Electronic Design Magazine some of which are Tidal systems, Convey Computer, and Pico Computing thus strengthening its market space, particularly in DRAM. Micron Technology was successful in merging all these different companies into itself very smoothly. The Company even strategically divested Lexar - one of its famous brands to stay focused on its core and upcoming businesses. The company in the last few years had been able to streamline its operations and supply chain through vertical integration and has reached the #150 spot among fortune 500 American companies in terms of revenue.

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SWOT & PESTLE (combined)
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USD 12.53
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