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Macquarie Group SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

Last Updated : Sep, 2020
Macquarie Group Limited established in 1969 is an Australian based global financial services company. Macquarie has offices in 28 countries across the globe and employs over 14000 people. It has total assets of $A182.9 billion as on March 2017.... Read More

AMP Limited SWOT and PESTLE Analysis

Last Updated : Sep, 2020
AMP Limited is a financial services company located in Australia which deals in wealth management and protection, financial planning and advisory, investment management, banking, superannuation, property and allied services and solutions. It... Read More

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

Last Updated : Sep, 2020
The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is an Australian multinational bank. CBA was founded in 1911 by the Australian Government under the Commonwealth Bank Act with its first branch in Melbourne. From 1920 till 1960, CBA served as the central... Read More

Coles Group Limited SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

Last Updated : Jun, 2021
Founded in 1914 by George Coles, Coles has grown large to be one of the largest Australian supermarket chains. The company’s headquarters are located in Hawthorn East, Victoria, Australia. It operates mostly in the form of retail and departmental... Read More

Woolworths Limited SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

Last Updated : Sep, 2020
Woolworths, founded in 1924 and also known as ‘Woolies’ is the largest Supermarket chain in Australia. It is owned by Woolworths Limited. It began operating fresh food stores 60 years ago with advances in refrigeration technology and... Read More

Woodside Petroleum SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

Last Updated : Sep, 2020
Woodside Petroleum is an Australian company operating in the oil and gas industry. It was founded in 1954 and operates in end to end value chain specializing in exploration, development, production and supply. It generates around 70% of its revenue... Read More

Telstra Corporation Ltd SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

Last Updated : Sep, 2020
Telstra is a leading telecommunications and technology company with a growing international business, and a heritage that is Australian. They offer a broad suite of connectivity, media and content to consumers and businesses in Australia, cloud and... Read More

Qantas SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

Last Updated : Jan, 2022
Qantas Airways or Qantas is the largest domestic and international airline of Australia. The company has a strong dominance in Australian domestic market and has a presence in Americas, Asia, Europe, South Pacific and Middle East. It is... Read More

GPT Group SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

Last Updated : Sep, 2020
GPT Group is one of the Australia’s largest groups with diversified interests in Fund Management, high quality Office & Logistic property and retail. The company operates mostly in Australia. It is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Most... Read More

Westfield Group SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

Last Updated : Sep, 2020
The Westfield Group first began as a shopping centre in the western suburbs of Sydney. Westfield Corporation came into existence in the year 2014, when the Westfield group got divided in terms of area of operations. Westfield Corporation is one of... Read More

BHP Billiton SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

Last Updated : Feb, 2021
BHP Billiton is an Anglo-Australian mining behemoth formed as a merger between BHP and Billiton, which were two mining companies formed in mid-1800s. BHP Billiton is nicknamed as “the Big Australian” as it is one of the largest companies in... Read More

QBE Insurance Group SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

Last Updated : Sep, 2020
QBE Insurance Group is one of the world's top 20 General Insurance and Reinsurance Companies. The firm is headquartered at Sydney. It has operations in all the key insurance markets like Personal Insurance, Compensation of workers, Business... Read More

National Australia Bank (NAB) SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

Last Updated : Sep, 2020
The National Australia Bank (NAB) is one of the 'Big Four' Australian banks which was established in 1982 and is headquartered in Melbourne. It has close to 1,600 branches and service centres across Australia and New Zealand and has over 35,000... Read More

Stockland Corporation SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

Last Updated : Sep, 2020
Stockland Corporation was founded in 1952. Initially it was named as Stocks and Land. It is headquartered at Sydney, Australia. It deals with the development and management of retail, office, industrial and office park properties in mainland... Read More

Brambles SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

Last Updated : Sep, 2020
Brambles was founded in 1875 and is headquartered in Australia. The company specializes in the pooling of unit-load equipment and the provision of associated services, with a focus on the outsourced management of returnable pallets, crates and... Read More
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