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Talanx SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52523653| Jun 2019| 15 pages


Business Sector :Insurance

Operating Geography :Germany, Europe, Global

About Talanx :

Talanx, a NBFC (non banking financial corporation) is a major player in the European insurance landscape. It is the third largest insurance group in Germany. Headquartered in Hannover, Talanx is active in more than 150 countries. Talanx operates as a house of brands and focuses on B2B insurance. Some of the major brands of the Talanx Group are Ampega, CiV Life, Hannover re, HDI. Together the Talanx Group conducts business insurance, reinsurance and other financial services. Amongst all the brands under Talanx Group, Ampega functions as an investment and asset management company. As of early 2019, the Hannover-based Group employs more than twenty thousand people worldwide and is widely renowned as a multi-brand provider in highly promising segments of the insurance and financial services industry.
Talanx Group’s USP or unique selling proposition lies in being Germany’s third-largest and one of the seminal European insurance groups by premium income. Talanx amassed premium income to the tune of EUR 34,9 billion for the year 2018. Talanx Group’s. Talanx Group’s vision statement reads “Talanx is the leading global B2B insurance group”. The Group’s mission statement reads “Optimised cooperation between our divisions enables us to take advantage of promising opportunities wherever they arise on the global insurance markets – to the benefit of all our stakeholders.”

Talanx Revenue :

Gross written premiums
33.06 Billion Euros – FY ending 31st Dec 2017
34.1 Billion Euros – FY ending 31st Dec 2016

Ownership / Major shareholders :

As of 2019, the largest shareholder of Talanx AG with a stake of 79.0 percent is HDI V.a.G., a mutual insurance company. The remaining 21 percent of shares are in the free float.

Competitive Analysis of Talanx

The SWOT analysis of Talanx is presented below:
1. Well defined customer segmentation
2. Broad portfolio of brands
3. Robust risk management
4. Increasing Operating Profit
5. Anti-corruption and money laundering prevention measures
6. Systematic Performance management
1. Dependency on local market
1. Embracing digitalization to improve business
2. Offer B2C products in emerging economies
1. High competition from national and international players
2. Terrorism, natural calamities and disaster
3. Political Instability
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Talanx



This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.


This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.


This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.


1. High competition from national and international players: Some of the biggest insurance companies all over the world are AXA, Allianz, China Life Insurance Company, Tata AIG. These company are some of the many competitors of the Talanx group. They offer products and services that are more or less similar to that provided by the different brands under the Group. Some companies may also come up in the near future that would be direct competitors of the Talanx Group brands. The financial service provider brand of the Talanx group, Ampega has competitors like HSBC IB, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley which provide multiple financial products and services and are pioneers in their respective domain. Therefore the Talanx Group has to come up with innovative solutions and products to keep its competitors at bay and retain market share. In the European Market, the share of the Talanx group by GWP (Gross Written Premium) is 6.02% and that of the market leaders Allianz and AXA are 21.7 and 16.74 respectively. In the German market, Talanx stands third with respect to GWP. Its market share stands at 21.69 %.

2. Terrorism, natural calamities and disaster: Some of the biggest nightmares of the insurance sector companies are calamities and disasters. Every year many countries lose billions of dollars due to hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and tsunamis. These loses are mostly borne by the insurance companies. Most of the remunerations goes to the industries and companies that get their property insured by the like of Talanx Group brands. Paying for such high scale damages affect the operational income of the insurance companies drastically. In the 2017 alone the Talanx Group lost millions of euros due do calamities and disasters. Although the losses were absorbed by the risk management system and positive gain was registered by the Group, but the risk of major unforeseen losses always looms over the company as most of the disasters are unpredictable. Now-a days, rise in terror attacks are also causing major losses to insurance companies.
Three category 4+ hurricanes along with Californian wildfires and Mexican earthquakes led to largest ever insured losses of around 135 billion US dollars in fiscal 2017. The impact was largely concentrated in North America which accounted for 93% of the total losses. 2017 was a year of two halves in terms of the loss burden. The months leading to the end of August were calm. The impact of large losses was so small that Talanx Group presented the half-year results at the start of August and increased its forecast for Group net income from around EUR 800 million to around EUR 850 million Yet, just one month later, “Harvey,” “Irma” and “Maria” had torn through the Caribbean en route to the southern US states and Mexico had been rocked by two earthquakes, causing devastating damage in the areas hit. Overall, the impact of large losses increased to EUR 1.6 billion, with the natural disasters in August and September incurring EUR 1.1 billion of that total.

3. Political Instability: Political stability, an external economic factor, is very important for any company of any sector to conduct business in any country. Countries like Kenya, Iraq, and Syria are some of the countries with high political turmoil and thus are unfit for any company to enter. Talanx operates in hundred and fifty countries but most of its operations lies in Europe and its neighboring countries. In the United Kingdom, the current Brexit scenario, will lead to a change in the current financial management risk framework which may or may not be advantageous to the division of the company operating the UK.

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