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BNY Mellon SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52152353| Nov 2019


Business Sector :Banking and Financial Services

Operating Geography :North America, United States, Global

About BNY Mellon :

BNY Mellon, founded in 2007, formed as a result of the merger of The bank of New York and Mellon Financial Corporation is the largest custodian bank, with more than $30.5 trillion assets in custody. It is into corporate banking, investment banking, global wealth management, financial analysis, private equity. The company is headquartered in Manhattan, New York, United States and has over 51,200 employees globally.

BNY Mellon Revenue :

US $1.72 trillion – FY ending Q3 2016

Competitive Analysis of BNY Mellon

The SWOT analysis for BNY Mellon is presented below:
1. Strong global presence
2. Asset leverage
3. Best depositary institution
4. Best private bank for new customer segments
5. Safest U.S bank in global finance magazine survey
1. Lower return on equity (ROE)
2. Lower dividend yield
1. Product and service expansion
2. Expanding sponsorship portfolio
1. Pricing and execution
2. Fluctuating market shares
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of BNY Mellon


1. Strong global presence: BNY Mellon provides investment management, investment services and wealth management with operations over 35 countries and over 100 markets including America, Europe, Middle east and Africa and Asia-Pacific. Being one of the first U.S financial institutions to invest in region’s vast potential, it has maintained its extensive operations in 16 APAC countries.

2. Asset leverage: With $30.5 trillion assets under custody or administration, $1.7 trillion assets under management and over 100 markets, it is the largest deposit bank in the world and the world’s largest custody bank. Within a challenging revenue environment, BNY was able to meet its three year performance goals set in late 2014 which was 3.5-4.5% and the 2015 actuals was 2% and the return on tangible common equity was 21% which exceeded 3% of their expectations.

3. Best depositary institution: Acting in partnership with more than 65 countries, BNY Mellon acts as depositary for more than 2600 American and global depositary receipts programs as of Sept, 2016. Covestro AG appointed BNY Mellon as the depositary bank for its sponsored American depositary receipt (ADR). It will help Covestro take its DR to the next level with BNY’s resources and market expertise. Twenty-one countries over a period of last three years have appointed BNY as their sponsored depositary. .

4. Best private bank for new customer segments: BNY Mellon is ranked 2017 best private bank for the new customer segments. It has uniquely addressed the undeserved such as minorities, women and other segments according to the study. The study also included inputs from the industry analysts, executives and users of private banking services. It has been able to identify its specific client groups who are the next generation wealth entrepreneurs and have been successful in connecting with their clients.

5. Safest U.S bank in global finance magazine survey: BNY for the fifth year was ranked safest bank in U.S and the survey and evaluation was done on the basis of long-term credit ratings from the principal credit agencies and the total assets of 500 largest banks worldwide. This reflects the bank has worked very hard on its business model focussing on capital creation and prudent risk management. The financial strength of the bank has helped power global investments. Acording to forbes, BNY Mellon stands at 161 rank in Global 2000 where it is 567 according to sales, 187 according to profit, 80 in assets and 212 in market value according to a recent survey as of May,2016.


1. Lower return on equity ratio (ROE): The current ROE of the company is 5.63% which is lower than the industry median. The ROE ratios are generally considered in the range of 15-20% by the analysts for attractive levels of investment. The revenue improved 2% which was $3.69 billion while $3.81 billion was expected by the analysts. In late 2011, Hassel targeted a ROE of 10% but it fell short over three years and the return was only 9.4% over an improvement of 6.1% a year earlier

2. Lower dividend yield: The company reflects a strong balance sheet and has good cash that allows the company to give out dividend payouts which is $0.17 per share and is much lower than the industry average which is 3.21%. Some of the factors which are escalating the concerns are slowdown in China, oil price volatility, Brexit and delayed Federal Reserve (Fed) rate hikes.


This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.


This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.

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