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Saint-Gobain SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 5290553| Jan 2020


Business Sector :Construction, Building Materials

Operating Geography :France, Global

About Saint-Gobain :

Saint-Gobain, founded in 1665, is a French multinational company, specializing in the industry of Building Materials. Its product portfolio includes construction materials, production and retail, glass, ceramics, plastics etc. Saint-Gobain, the global leader for habitat, creates and delivers innovative and high-performance solutions to the growing energy-efficiency and environment markets. The company has its head office in Les Miroirs in La Defense and in Courbevoie.

Saint-Gobain Revenue :

€9,136 million

Competitive Analysis of Saint-Gobain

The SWOT analysis for Saint-Gobain is presented below:
1. Commitment to invest in R&D
2. Sustainable habitat strategy
3. Steady improvement in ROI and ROCE
4. Brand equity
5. Targeting like for like improvement
1. Struggling to establish in emerging economies
2. Risks of being a market leader
1. Unrivalled portfolio
2. EVP and employer branding
3. Solutions combining products and services
1. Economic slowdown
2. Pricing fluctuations in real estate sector
3. Competition
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Saint-Gobain


1. Struggling to Establish in Emerging markets: Though it is one of the European leaders in the industry it has yet to establish itself in emerging economies especially the Asia Pacific region.

2) Risks of being a market leader: There is scrutiny on how the company drives innovation and launches its products. The company has to practice caution with its marketing strategies and product lines.


1. Unrivalled Portfolio: Saint-Gobain is in a position to capture untapped markets and enhance existing customer base as it has a diverse portfolio which is largely unrivalled.

2. EVP and Employer Branding: The company is known for its wide range of CSR activities. Along with strong values and ethics Saint-Gobain is an attractive workplace. With a work environment that promotes intrapreneurial spirt and innovation it offers a good set of EVP as well.

3. Solutions combining products and services: The company can focus on utility. Designs that are innovative and that can improve day to day life that caters to all segments will be a major success.

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1. Saint Gobain Press Releases: Saint-Gobain Press release

2. Annual Reports:

3. Who are we?:

SWOT & PESTLE (combined)
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