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Under Armour SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52342653| Jan 2018


Business Sector :Retail

Operating Geography :USA, North America

About Under Armour :

Under Armour Inc. is a multinational firm found in 1996 by Kevin Plank. They sell sports shoes, accessories and apparel. In 1998, they moved to a new headquarter and warehouse in Baltimore. Under Armour Inc. went public in 2005. In 2007, they opened their first branded retail store in Annapolis, Maryland. They have acquired many fitness companies like MapMyFitness, Endomondo, MyFitnessPal, etc. which have strengthened their presence in fitness training domain. They have a workforce of about 15200 spread across North America, Asia and certain countries in Europe.

Under Armour Revenue :

$4,825,335,000 (2016)

Competitive Analysis of Under Armour

The SWOT analysis for Under Armour is presented below:
1. Broad product portfolio
2. Multiple distribution networks
3. Growth in revenue and bottom line
1. Limited operating experience
2. High investment expenditure
1. Growing Markets in Asia-Pacific region
2. E-commerce popularity
3. Positive outlook in the US athletic footwear market
1. Threat of substitutes
2. Bargaining power of suppliers
3. Rise in wages in Asia
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Under Armour



1. Broad product portfolio: Initially, Under Armour offered a variety of products in clothing product line, but currently they offer a wide range of products across apparel, footwears, accessories, etc. The broad spectrum of products minimises the risks of being dependant on a particular product category. Third-party companies in collaboration with product development teams produce these products. This methodology helps them to direct their efforts towards product development, fit, climate and end use. In the FY 2016-17, revenue from apparel, footwear, accessories, licencing and connected fitness was 67%, 21%, 8%, 2% and 2% respectively.

2. Multiple distribution networks: Under Armour sells its product through various distribution networks. About 65% of the revenue came from wholesale distribution whereas 31% was from direct-to-consumer sales. This trend has been associated with 19% growth in wholesale revenues and 27% growth in direct-to-consumer sales. The sale via licensing and connected fitness is 4% for past financial year. In countries where Under Armour does not have operations, they sell their products via licensing. The multiple distribution networks help the company to expand its market presence.

3. Growth in revenue and bottom line: Under Armour has recorded revenue of $4,825,335,000 with CAGR of 27% for last five years. There has been 21% growth in 2015 revenue. The income from operations has grown at CAGR of 21% over past five years with an income of $417,471,000 in 2016. To continue the growth, they are planning to restructure the company around category management to streamline the operations. This integrated global model will lead to shared accountability between categories, regions and functions.


1. Limited operating experience: About 83% of the revenue comes from North America region, hence there is need to expand in other parts of the world to reduce over-dependence on North America region. Under Armour has limited experience in markets outside North America because they have not expanded much since the inception of the company in 1996.

2. High investment expenditure: The company’s investment expenditure has been more than its cash from operating activities. The investment expenditure for last three years has been $381,139,000; $847,475,000 and $152,312,000 respectively. The investment will be considered as positive if it can generate revenue for the company. The huge investment expenditure may limit Under Armour’s ability for any new acquisition. The restructuring plan announced in August 2017 will further increase expenses for the company thereby reducing available cash with them.


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This section is available only in the Complete report on purchase.

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