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Embraer SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52355053| Apr 2018


Business Sector :Aerospace and Defense

Operating Geography :South America

About Embraer :

Embraer is a Brazilian aerospace industry giant which manufacturers aircraft which specialises in designing and manufacturing aircrafts and selling them to defence, commercial and security markets. Their main clients are Brazilian air force and other armed forces from the countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America as of 2017.

Embraer Revenue :

US $ 6.2 Billion – FY ending Dec 2016

Competitive Analysis of Embraer

The SWOT analysis for Embraer is presented below:
1. Global Leader in 90-120 seats segment
2. Strong Research and Development Teams
3. Presence in over 60 countries
4. Leading Defence Aircraft Manufacturer
1. Performance in North America is weaker when compared to other parts of the world
2. Slow growth rate for executive jets market
1. Joint Ventures with other aircraft manufacturers
2. The emerging defense market in Africa
1. Chinese local aircraft manufacturers and regulations in china
2. Intense Competition
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Embraer



1. Global Leader in 90-120 seats segment: Embraer E-series aircrafts have been performing really well over the segment. The capacity varies from a 50 seats to 120 seats and the demand for the smaller size aircraft is really good. Embraer is the global leader for the 90-120 seats segments. Despite the scheduled new products in the future, the sale of the first generation of E-Jets, mostly the E175 and E190 models, has been beyond expectations with previous years. This reflects customers’ preference for these airplanes and establishes the decision of offering the aircraft sector within this capacity, within one family. Embraer finished 10 years of its service in 2016 and Embraer Executive Aviation celebrated the sales and delivery of its 1,000th jet, a Legacy 500. The model was also approved for operations at London City Airport, one of the most restrictive landing sites in the world.

2. Strong Research and Development Teams: Embraer have established teams in the South American region with the vision to work with and encourage the organisation that are developing new and progressive technologies and business models that can significantly lay a positive impact on the aerospace industry in the future. Embraer’s R&D team recorded an expenditure of 14.2 Million US$ in the third quarter of 2017, with a total expenditure of 50 Million US$ in the entire year. This gives an indication of the money that company expects to generate in future and better their services.

3. Presence in over 60 countries: Embraer is present in over 60 countries and that is a huge reach. Embraer has a hard pushing sales team that is aggressively trying to capture new clients. Embraer is the third largest aircraft manufacturer in the world with a net income of 21.43 Billion Brazilian Real (R$). Embraer aircrafts are sold in USA, Ireland, France, Portugal, UAE, Singapore, China, and Mexico to name a few. As a part of a study, Embraer found out that every ten seconds, there is an Embraer Aircraft which takes off in some part of the world or the other.

4. Leading Defence Aircraft Manufacturer: Embraer Defence & Security plays a strategic role in the Brazilian defence system and is the segment leader in Latin America. The A-29 Super Tucano turboprop was the business unit’s best-selling model for the year and already serves 13 air forces in tactical support missions, counterinsurgency operations, advanced training and surveillance. Such success stories are many for Embraer and their contribution for the Brazilian defence and other Latin American Countries.


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1. Joint Ventures with other aircraft manufacturers: Embraer is in talks with Boeing for a joint venture and the talks are still in progress, if this is the case and Embraer goes ahead with the joint venture, it will be a great step for the organisation to move into new territory and gain expertise in heavy aircrafts and interrupt the current status quo in the developing markets.

2. The emerging defence market in Africa: The African countries are the next big emerging markets for the entire world and for an organisation like Embraer, it is one of the most emerging markets, as the countries are continuously trying to strengthen their air force and Embraer can capitalize on their excellent sales force to tap new markets such as Egypt, South Africa and Nigeria.


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1. Embraer Annual Report 2016:








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Embraer SWOT & PESTLE Analysis
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