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ID : 52520553| May 2019| 15 pages


Business Sector :Telecommunications services

Operating Geography :Central and Eastern Canada, North America

About TELUS :

TELUS Corporation (TELUS) is a telecommunications company founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. It provides a range of products and services in Central and Eastern Canada in wireline and wireless segments. It operates through mainly 3 business units- Consumer Solutions, which cater to the wireline and wireless needs including voice, data, entertainment to households and Individuals; Business Solutions, which cater to the voice, data, internet, IT solutions to the public sector, multinationals and small businesses; TELUS Quebec which provides telecommunication solutions including wireline and wireless voice, data, internet to the Quebec marketplace. TELUS has around 58,000 employees as of Jan 2019.

TELUS Revenue :

C$14,368 million - FY ended Dec 31, 2018 (Year-on-year growth of 7.2%)
C$13,408 million - FY ended Dec 31, 2017

Competitive Analysis of TELUS

The SWOT analysis of TELUS is presented below:
1. Robust loading across both the wireless and wireline operations
2. Fastest mobile network in Canada
3. Strong PureFibre footprint
4. Telus Health for the booming healthcare industry
5. Integrated Solutions that differentiate TELUS from the competitors
1. Telus’ exclusive partnership with Huawei for the 5G network.
2. Loopholes in Business Model
3. Low investment in Research and Development
1. 3.5 GigaHertz spectrum Auction
2. Lower Operation Expense and advantage of Economies of Scale
3. Opportunities in healthcare services through Telus Health
4. Government subsidies in rural areas
1. The possibility of the ban of Huawei in Canada
2. Increasing Competitive Pressures
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of TELUS



This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.


This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.


1. 3.5 GigaHertz spectrum Auction: The auction of 3.5 GigaHertz Spectrum is an opportunity for Telus to increase their competitive advantage. Working closely with Government will enable it for the development of 5G infrastructure and acquisition of spectrum necessary for 5G rollout. Also, Telus is working closely with the Communication Security Establishment & Canadian government for enhancement and upholding a secure and innovative approach for management of safety equipment for all clients. Telus’s security framework consists of a series of protocols that prelude Chinese equipment from sensitive parts of the network known as core and limits the equipment with a less sensitive radio and antenna components.

2. Lower Operation Expense and advantage of Economies of Scale: Expansion of PureFibre Footprint and the corresponding customer base enhances efficiency in terms of economies of scale advantages and lower operation Expenditure. High revenue characteristics of PureFibre clients and lower churn results in elevated customer economics overall. Thus, Telus’ steps to increase and expand the PureFibre footprint to 75% with the same or even better operational excellence, customer service may prove very beneficial in terms of Economies of scale.

3. Government subsidies in rural areas: Telus' current focus is on B2B business where they are currently working and delivering phenomenal results that are being delivered to wireline. It is evident from the fact that there were 127,000 loads for 2018, which is 80000 loads year-over-year. But there are other areas to look upon. There may be rural areas where government subsidy programs are in the place where Telus can leverage and make the fiber more economical for the public there. The resource industries in those areas may make the economics for Telus attractive and there is definitely an opportunity for Telus to decommission copper in those areas for PureFibre.Accelerated capital cost allowances by the government would allow Telus to do a little bit pre-emptive exciting and meaningful leveraging 600 megahertz propagation characteristics in non-urban areas to bring 5G initially to rural.


This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.

Major Competitors :

  • Tbaytel
  • Eastlink
  • SaskTel
  • Videotron
  • Freedom Mobile
  • Bell Mobility
  • Rogers Wireless
  • Xplornet

Major Brands :

  • Koodo Mobile
  • Public Mobile
  • TELUS PureFibre
  • Optik TV
  • Pik TV
  • TELUS Mobility
  • TELUS Health
  • TELUS Business Connect
  • MedDialog

Key Business Segments / Diversification :

TELUS TV IP networks and applications for businesses Voice Contact center and BPO Hosting
Internet managed IT and cloud-based services Home security Healthcare
Unified Communications conferencing and collaboration

Recent Acquisition / Mergers / Alliance / Joint Ventures / Divestitures :

Open Table Preview
Business Segment
Objective/Synergy Achieved
AlarmForce (western Canada operations)Home security, monitoring, and emergency response2018AcquisitionThe acquisition will add customers, assets, and operations of AlarmForce Industries to TELUS in B.C., Alberta, and Saskatchewan.
Medisys Health GroupHealth and wellness services 2018AcquisitionThe acquisition will mark TELUS’s entry into workplace health and wellness services and help it leverage its world-leading broadband networks and digital tools
Xavient Information
IT consulting2018AcquisitionThe acquisition will broaden TELUS
International’s client base, and enhance its IT solutions and delivery capabilities
Source: Company website and other reliable sources. The detailed table is available in the Complete Report.
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