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Al Rajhi Bank (مصرف الراجحي) SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52333053| Feb 2018

COMPANY PROFILE -Al Rajhi Bank (مصرف الراجحي)

Business Sector :Banking and Financial Services

Operating Geography :Saudi Arabia, Middle East.

About Al Rajhi Bank (مصرف الراجحي) :

Al Rajhi Bank (مصرف الراجحي) is one of the largest Islamic bank which was founded in 1957. With its base in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the bank has more than 500 branches. Internationally, the bank has expanded to Malaysia, Jordan and Kuwait. It has approximately $88 billion assets and more than 9600 employees as of 2017. It is the first foreign bank which has been awarded a full banking license by Bank Negara Malaysia.

Al Rajhi Bank (مصرف الراجحي) Revenue :

US $80 Billion

Competitive Analysis of Al Rajhi Bank (مصرف الراجحي)

The SWOT analysis for Al-Rajhi bank is presented below:
1. Compliance with Islamic laws
2. Full Banking License in Malaysia
3. Ladies banking facility
4. Has been awarded as strongest Islamic retail bank
5. High Income to Operating cost ratio
1. Less geographical reach as compared to other international banks
2. Restriction due to Islamic compliance
1. IPO for Al Rajhi REIT in Jan 2018
2. Entering in new markets
3. Increase financing in Non-Oil GDP
1. Dependency on Oil prices
2. New entrants
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Al Rajhi Bank (مصرف الراجحي)



1. Compliance with Islamic Laws: Islamic banking abides by the principle of Shariah. This law gives the Muslim community a facility to carry out the financial activities, who otherwise do not choose banks with conventional laws. Al Rajhi bank integrates the modern baking facilities like online banking and other financial facilities very well with the Islamic banking laws, which gives it the status of the most preferred Islamic bank.

2. Full Banking Licence in Malaysia: The bank has ventured in Malaysian market in 2006. With that, it has become the first bank ever to gain full banking license. Opening the branches in non-Islamic state gives the bank an opportunity to cater to a broader community (both Muslim and non-Muslim customers).

The bank also plans to roll out the country’s first artificial intelligence program for anti-money laundering. This would help the bank to bring down the cost by almost 50% (as anticipated by the senior authorities).

3. Ladies banking facility: The rules have always been very stringent for women in Saudi Arabia. With banks opening the facility of dedicated women bank, it has become easier for Women to get into new job opportunities and an ease to understand and take benefit of the modern banking facilities. The bank provides special credit card to its female customers which ensures privacy and offers distinction at various outlets which deals with women’s goods and services.

4. Awarded as strongest Islamic retail bank: Around 73% of the bank’s operating income comes from the retail sector. The bank provides a number of facilities like personal loans, cards, auto finance/leasing. Thus, it helps the bank to not only increase its overall business but also improve the brand visibility. Same is also supported with the CAGR of 5.4% in the deposits and 6.2% in its total assets. The bank is also the second largest bank in Saudi Arabia (asset wise).

5. High Income to Operating cost ratio: With high income to operating cost ratio (32.9%), the company establishes the fact that the system is turning efficient. The bank’s recent plan to introduce AI for anti-money laundering in Malaysia gives it a leverage to increase the efficiency further.


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1. IPO for Al Rajhi REIT in Jan 2018: The company plans to distribute 90% of its shares to raise the capital and in turn invest further in retail, warehouse and education sector. This can be looked as an opportunity to increase its investments which in turn can increase the operating income for the bank from 3%. Higher ROE % as compared to other banks (16.88% v/s 13.10%) will also give an advantage to the bank when they plan to attract the investors from different backgrounds. Also, the bank has an opportunity to open up its share to different qualified foreign officials so as to increase the bank’s visibility.

2. Entering in new markets: Al Rajhi Bank is the only bank to have a full banking licence in the Malaysian market which opens up many new opportunities to cater the niche segment of corporate and investment banking once it establishes in the retail banking sector. The bank can also look into expanding to other Asian markets in coming years. This in turn also comes in sync with KSA’s mission to reach in the top 10 when it comes to global competitive index.

3. Increase financing in Non-Oil GDP: Oil exports form a major part of the GDP in Saudi Arabia and therefore the country aims to shift its focus from oil GDP to reduce the dependency. Such scenario opens up opportunities for huge investments in different sectors which in turns will help the banking and financial sector to increase its base within the nation as well.


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