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ID : 52166653| May 2019


Business Sector :Banking and Financial Services

Operating Geography :Europe, Switzerland, Global

About UBS :

UBS is a global financial service provider headquartered in Zurich which serves leading companies and institutions in more than 50 countries. UBS help them grow their business by managing their risks and advising about investments. In Switzerland, UBS provides a complete range of banking services extending from savings, credit cards to merger and acquisitions. Originally UBS stood for United Bank of Switzerland however after its merger with Swiss bank Corporation in 1998 the representational abbreviation ceased to exist. This Swiss multinational investment bank has a total of 62,500 employees working for it as of 2018. UBS’s USP or unique selling proposition lies in having a heritage of more than 300 banks with over 150 years of experience as the leading universal bank with personal advice for individuals and companies.

UBS Revenue :

CHF 29,067 million – FY 2017 (Operating Income) (year-on year growth of 2.96%)
CHF 28,320 million – FY 2016 (Operating Income)

Competitive Analysis of UBS

The SWOT analysis for UBS is presented below:
1. Strong capital position and capital efficient business model
2. Diversified wealth management presence
3. High digitization
4. Leaders in Switzerland
1. Seasonality of business
2. Limited presence in the global market as compared to other European banks
1. Wealth management in USA
2. Expansion in retail banking in emerging economies
3. Integrated business model
4. New digital partnerships
1. Regulatory framework
2. Recovery and resolutions
3. Low and negative interest rate
4. Global political uncertainty
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of UBS



1. Strong capital position: Starting from 2011 UBS has built its strategy upon a strong foundation of capital strength. During this time it has reduced its risk-weighted assets to half and also decreased the size of the balance sheet. This multinational diversified financial services company is one of the best-capitalized banks which has completely applicable Swiss SRB Basel III CET1 capital ratio of 14.3% well above the target of at least 13%. Capital quality keeps on being a key mainstay of its strategy. Their completely connected CET1 ratios are easily above the 2020 prerequisites. Since 2012, they have generously lessened hazard and asset report exposures, while expanding our aggregate loss-absorbing limit by around CHF 50 billion to nearly CHF 80 billion. The advancement and in general strength is reflected in the valuation compared with competitors, the FICO scores and, most imperatively, the trust the customers put. In the meantime, the more noteworthy deceivability on future capital necessities given by the Basel Committee toward the finish of 2017 empowered the company to refresh our capital returns strategy and plan all the more genuinely for the future.

2. Geographically diversified wealth management presence: After the financial crises of 2018 the UBS made changes to its business model by putting a limit to its investment banking division and expanding wealth management presence. Around 50% of the total value for UBS comes from wealth management. This service is a stable source of income also it has low revenue volatility as apart from performance fee which is linked to debt- and equity-market performance over a period everything else is recurring and fixed. From a geographic viewpoint, the company intends to develop in America furthermore, to strengthen initiative in their home market in Switzerland. In Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the company intends to use their capacities to develop our piece of the overall industry amid likely union. Asia Pacific, and especially China, introduces a critical development opportunity, given the financial development and rate of increment in the quantity of extremely rich people. UBS's focused position in Asia Pacific is solid and we are all around situated to catch openings in the district over our organizations.

3. High Digitization: The company intends to keep investing at least 10% of the Group's revenues in technology, adding around CHF 1 billion in tech spend over the next three years. The bank has made investments in upgrading its IT infrastructure and also improved its technology offering for its customers with m- and e-banking solutions. UBS was awarded for peer-to-peer payment app called “Paymit”. Also, it has introduced an online wealth management platform for customers in Switzerland and Europe international. Innovation Lab which operates as accelerator and incubator is exploring application blockchain and other disruptive technologies in the field of financial services. The company has innovation labs at Zurich as well as London. The company has UBS Y Think Tank. This creates a sustainable strategy for UBS by exploring the society and culture of the 21st century. Going far beyond the scope of traditional wealth management, it enables UBS to develop a deep understanding of tomorrow’s lifestyles and contexts. The Center for design excellence at Asia is focused on creating new innovative and user-centric products to meet the evolving needs of our Wealth Management clients in Asia Pacific and globally. The company has launched Client Experience 2020, a strategic digitalization program, which aims to strengthen the position as the leading universal bank in Switzerland and enhance the digital leadership position

4. Leading positions in all five business areas in Switzerland: UBS is one of the leading universal banks in Switzerland. It is the only country where the bank provides all 5 services i.e. wealth management, corporate and institutional banking, personal banking, investment banking, and asset management. The full commitment to home markets helps the bank in sustaining its global brand and profitability.


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This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.


This section is available only in the 'Complete Report' on purchase.

Key Business Segments / Diversification :

Wealth Management Personal & Corporate Banking Asset Management
Investment Bank Corporate Center (CC) – Services 
SWOT & PESTLE (combined)
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