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Syngenta SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

ID : 52334853| Feb 2018


Business Sector :Chemicals and Agrichem

Operating Geography :Switzerland, Global

About Syngenta :

Syngenta is a leading agriculture company that is helping millions of crop growers with its innovative crop solutions to make better use of resources available to them and feed the rising population sustainably. Syngenta is a Swiss company and as of 2016, it has presence in over 90 countries where its 28,000 people are working to transform how crops are grown.

Syngenta Revenue :

$ 12.8 bn– FY ending Dec 2016

Competitive Analysis of Syngenta

The SWOT analysis for Syngenta is presented below:
1. Focus on R&D and innovation
2. A leading portfolio of products
3. Strong and unique global footprint
1. High Dependence on emerging markets
2. Reduction in sales
1. Growing demand for Technologically efficient methods of farming
2. Growing demand from developing countries
1. Global and Regional Competitors
2. Increasing environmental concerns
3. Market Conditions
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Detailed SWOT Analysis of Syngenta



1. Focus on R&D and innovation: Syngenta focuses on creating value for its customers and believes constant innovation is necessary to meet the growing needs of the farmers and address the ever-changing needs arising from situations like climate change, diseases etc. It has invested $1.3 billion in 2016 in research and development across 119 sites around the world.

2. A leading portfolio of products: Syngenta is a leader in innovations in biotechnology and a market leader in crop protection. It is the third largest seed company in the World with such scale and breadth of operations and a leading portfolio of products.

3. Strong and unique global footprint: With presence in over 90 countries and over 50 percent of group sales coming from emerging markets, it has strong and unique global footprint. The emerging markets are going to be the primary growth drivers for the next decade.


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1. Why invest in Syngenta:

2. Our industry 2016:

3. Syngenta Annual Review 2016:

4. Global Agrochemicals Market 2016-2022:

5. GlobalAgrochemicalsMarket2017-2021TopDrivers in Industry:

SWOT & PESTLE (combined)
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US $11.21
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